Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Is it difficult to write sex scenes?: the ups and downs of an erotic romance writer

Hi everyone

That is possibly going to be the title of a talk I am going to give on 17 March at Sh! - a shop for women in London. They promote themselves as the first female sex shop in the UK as an antidote to the way the sex industry views women's sexuality.

I visited them last month to attend one of their excellent workshops (good research for my books!) and afterwards I asked them if they would like me to give a talk on becoming an erotic romance writer and they have accepted!!!

I am now deciding what I am going to talk about and how easy (or difficult) it is to write sex scenes will certainly feature in my talk! That, and how to admit to friends and family the sort of book you are writing.  Why erotic romance over other genres is another item I will talk about. There will be plenty of time for question and answer at the end but I will talk about how to submit your stories, what is involved when you get your first edits back and whether you really want to read any reviews.

It is very exciting and I am looking forward to it. If you are interested in attending do check out the Sh! website and book a place when they start to advertise it but let me know you are going so I can look out for you.


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  1. Wow, that's great Jennifer! I hope you have loads of fun and it goes well!