Monday, 9 September 2013

What's Doing? - Second Anniversary

I have just passed the second anniversary of becoming a published author! Two years already - and don't forget to check out my anniversary competition. There's only two days left to take part! 


Just Good Friends (book 1 of Friends & Acquaintances series – a romantic comedy with light BDSM)

The Submission Challenge (book 2 of Doms & Acquaintances series and cross-over characters with Friends series - BDSM)

Friendly Seduction (book 2 of Friends & Acquaintances - romantic comedy with light BDSM)

Submissive Training (book 2 of Doms & Acquaintances – BDSM)

Friend or Foe (book 3 and final of the Friends & Acquaintances trilogy – romantic comedy)

The Sub who Switched (book 3 and final of the Doms & Acquaintances trilogy – BDSM)

Wife for Three (book 1 of Duoterra series – sci-fi/futuristic – ménage)

Chasing Emily (book 2 of Duoterra series – sci-fi/futuristic – ménage)

Collared by Wolves (book 1 of The Haunt of the Wolves series – paranormal/werewolves – ménage)

Retraining the Sub (book 1 of the Battle of Wills series – BDSM)

The Last Werewolf (book 1 of the Weres of Europe – paranormal/werewolves – ménage) written with co-writer Susan Laine

Guest blogs/interviews (I’ve probably done others!):

For Lea Barrymire with a character interview for Collared by Wolves -

For Sh! women’s sex emporium about writing sex scenes -

For Erin Leaf’s ‘Tantalising Tuesdays’ -

Some reviews:

For Friendly Seduction from Coffee Time Romance

I loved, loved, LOVED Friendly Seduction! At times I found myself sighing because of the pure pleasure Matt took in discovering Lissa's body. Other times, Ms. Denys had me laughing so hard at the less-than-stellar sexy performances that the words seemed to be jumping around on my eBook Reader. Reading this book was such a pleasure and I enjoyed each erotic encounter, whether it was pure sexual or had the humorous scenarios that made me fall in love with this tale. I want to read more by this author and I can only hope that her other stories will grip me from the getgo like this one has.

For Submissive Training from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

I kept imagining myself in Kat's place as I read this story. What an adrenaline rush being blindfolded for the first time in a room full of potential subs and Doms looking for new trainees. If only I knew where to find clinics like the one in this story, I would be all over it! The author gives a great take on what it is like to be vulnerable when you are newly introduced to the lifestyle and how overwhelming it can be for some. The jealously and possessive instincts Ben feels for Kat are fun to imagine as he tries to be harsh and she constantly shows her determination. Even when he tries to say no to her, he simply melts when she embraces her place. While it is a quick read, you will not be disappointed! Spankings, threesomes, subspace, oh my! I can't wait to read more as this series continues!

For Retraining the Sub from The Long and Short of It Reviews

Retraining the Sub is fast paced and filled to the brim with bratty sub antics and a Dom that is determined to have the last word.

The tension in Retraining the Sub was well done. The trust and abandonment issues were prevalent and you could see how early events in the book shaped the character growth of Lucas and Ann. The fact that they both ended up at the same club trying to work out their issues was interesting, as were the exercises Lucas put Ann through to strengthen her skills as a sub. Ann's overall journey was harrowing, but I wanted to hear less complaining. The dialogue was strong and the sex scenes were terrific. Writer Jennifer Denys did an excellent job of expressing to the reader exactly what was taking place, especially in the ménage scene.

The cover art on this book was absolutely yummy. Master Lucas clad in leather pants, a studded belt and a single tail whip was sexy and made me want to read this book before I even knew what it was about. Sour Cherry Designs did a superb job. If bratty subs and the Doms that tame them are your game, then Retraining the Sub will be right up your alley.

For The Last Werewolf from Delphina Reads Too Much

The Last Werewolf was a very different were story. Not just because of the non traditional relationship, although that is not very common. It was different because the writers really took into consideration the animal nature of a were. There were subtleties throughout this book that really made it seem more like it was about weres than it was about people who happened to have a magical ability to change once and while. I really enjoyed that about this book.

I also enjoyed watching the characters struggle with who they were and who they wanted to be. Each character was very different from the other and they all had things they needed to work through or decide. Watching them do this as they dealt with the "evil" that you know has to be in any good were story was so spellbinding that I read this story in one night. I was so tired the next morning, but it was worth it.

For The Submission Challenge from a reader's review on Amazon

I have read so much rubbish recently! I usually prefer US writers of erotica but the last few books I have read have been by British authors. Some have been co-written and I have been wondering why it takes two people to write such drivel. I am happy to say Jennifer has renewed my faith in UK writers. This was a lovely story and I want Jon for myself. Lucky Becca! The book was well written and edited and I read it quickly because I wanted to find out if it was a HEA although from the tone of the story I thought it would be. Just my kind of book. I loved it."

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