Coming Soon/Works in Progress

Works in Progress

'Captive of Two Princes'. Second in the Captured in Space series. It will be about Tianna. About 1/8 written.

'Lion's Mate' - fantasy using the images from Portmeirion so it features a Lionman, a fairy and a mermaid. Plotted.

Third in 'The Haunt of the Wolves' series will be include Rafe from the last book. Just started.

Friends & Dom ten years on - title to be determined - this brings together all six couples from the Friends & Doms series and tells their stories ten years on. Has life gone the way they expected? - about a quarter written.

Comedy sci-fi - title to be determined - based around all those alien kidnap stories where a human woman is kidnapped to be mate to the hero. In this case the comedy follows the idea of what happens if they kidnap someone like me - a menopausal woman past child bearing who is fiercely independent! Early stages.

The sequel to 'The Last Werewolf' co-written with Susan Laine will be mostly set on the Yorkshire Moors and is a follow on to the previous book. Still plotting.