Monday, 20 February 2012

Inspirational Mondays - Sh! workshops

Last Wednesday I went down to London to visit Sh! – the lovely women’s sex emporium – who put on fabulous (and very useful) workshops which I have attended in the past. This one was called ‘Spanking’ but is a bit of a misnomer in that it wasn’t just about hand spanking particularly, but they were using this as an umbrella term for various sorts of implements designed to hit that part of your body, namely, whips, floggers, crops and so on.

As I have had absolutely no experience using any of these but love writing about them I thought it would be very useful research. But the others who attended were those that were interested in using these toys in their ‘play’ and wanted to know more about how to use them safely. If only more people were as creative and sensible.

Generally I didn’t learn anything new – which is good because it confirms what I am writing is accurate and I’ve done enough homework before writing my books! - such as communication is important, as is trust, practice with the implements and to be safe.

However, here are a few more hints:

  • People might like doing it (or having it done) as a good way to release tensions after a stressful work da
  • It is useful to ask the spankee to rate the hits/spanks on a rating 1-10 so the person doing it knows how soft or hard they are being
  • Don't do it if a person is injured or ill so must check if this is their first time
  • Similarly don't spank/hit the boobs if they have had a boob job
  • The narrow the implement the more likely it is to mark
  • The spanker needs to warm the other's bottom up to get the blood flowing with some mild hits
  • Rubber can sting more than leather (but depends on the implement)
  • The shorter the implement the easier it is to manage
  • Using a blindfold on the sub enhances their other senses particularly hearing as you can strike the implementagainst your hand or the chair besides them to build their anticipation
  • If using a flogger try rolling up the ends to give more control
  • (I already knews these) but some items you can use in the home include a ruler/a wooden spoon/a hairbrush
  • Bondage tape is made of PVC and will bind to itself but undoes very easily whilst restraining in the first place. Be careful if using other things and knotting them in case they are too tight and restrict blood flow (have surgical scissors handy just in case)

I would recommend to anyone to visit this store and/or their terrific workshops.


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