Friday, 12 December 2014

Weekend reading

Here’s your choice: a male trapped in a body for over 100 years, an old lover or a dominant lawyer….

Title of book: A Devil in Daylight
Name of author: Marcus Damanda

Genre: Horror, teen drama

Description of main characters:

High school freshman Audrey Bales, returned recently from the psychiatric ward at St. George's, ready to try for a new start. Hair blonde, age 14.

Jack Maddox, a handsome, charming junior at the same school—but with a veritable closet full of secrets, and a hidden agenda that includes revenge on Audrey's behalf—and murder ...

Setting: Battlefield Secondary School, a frozen over lake, a mysterious near-abandoned house by the wide of the woods.

Length: 50, 000 words (approx. 160 pages)

Blurb: Audrey Bales comes home from the suicide prevention wing at St. George's, eager for a fresh start and a chance to remake her life. Only two things stand in her way: the bullies who drove her over the edge to begin with, and her new friend that wants to kill them all ...

What's hot?: In order to be released from the body that has held him captive for 103 years Jack Maddox must seduce, and win, a girl that reminds him of the lady that drove him to suicide in his mortal youth ...

Title of Book: Scorpio Awakens

Name of Author: Lilith Darville

Genre: Erotic Romance

Description of Main Characters:

Connor, 5'10", 140 lbs, gray-green eyes, medium brown hair with longish curls

Katherine, 5'3", 105 lbs, small bone structure, chestnut brown eyes, black curly hair, mulatto - French and African-Canadian

Setting: Toronto, Ontario

Length: 70,324 words

A submissive emerges and explores her hidden desires!
If you ran into a lover from your youth, one who had stolen and then broken your heart, would you run?
Seduction isn’t necessary. We’re both Scorpios. Our sex is electric, just like the promise of what we started so many years ago. Will she run again?

What's Hot?: Ménage, dominance and submission!

Title of book: The Submission Challenge

Name of author: Jennifer Denys

Genre: BDSM/MF

Description of main characters:

Rebecca – long straight thick black hair down her back. Deep blue eyes. Beautiful. Very short in height but voluptuous. Lovely legs for her height. Aged around 27. Independent, a control freak. Runs an art gallery business with Ellie, sister of the hero.

Jon – dark-haired but not black hair. Tall around 6ft. Well-muscled and hunky. Very good looking. Grey eyes. Aged around 30. A Dominant by sexual preference. A naturally controlling person with everyone around him. Works as a lawyer.

Setting:  modern day, mostly in the hero’s house

Length: 23k

When independent Rebecca derides Jon for being a Dominant he scoffs that she could never understand the lifestyle and challenges her to be his submissive for 24 hours. Rebecca agrees determined to show him she could be submissive yet remain detached emotionally. However, things don’t go to plan.

What's Hot?: Massage in the garden on a hot day (and everyone gets hottttt!)

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  1. Thank you, Jennifer--some other hot titles this week I see!

  2. All three titles sound so awesome! I have read The Submission Challenge and really enjoyed it.