Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Character Profiles

This month’s character profiles are from ‘Chasing Emily’ – the second in the Duoterra series:

Name – Emily Dubois

Book – Chasing Emily

Love interest – Finn and Robin

Age – 45

Hair/eyes – Dark with red tones – long and curly/grey eyes

Height/weight – Voluptuous – big bosom and hips

Looks – attractive

Other – Owns the bar in Frontier, is a widow, has a son - Derek

Name – Finn Taylor

Book – Chasing Emily

Love interest – Emily

Age – 34

Hair/eyes – Blond with a fringe that flops into his eyes/green eyes

Height/weight – Short and wiry

Looks – good looking

Other – Is a travelling musician

Name – Robin McPherson

Book – Chasing Emily

Love interest – Emily

Age – 29

Hair/eyes – Dark brown, short/brown eyes

Height/weight – Tall and well built

Looks – good looking

Other – Is a carpenter in Frontier

Blurb: On the colony planet of Duoterra, unattached women are expected to marry one or more men. But Emily Dubois, a widow in her forties who owns the bar in Frontier, loves her independence too much and the freedom to have sex with whomever she wants—particularly the young men of the area. When she is caught in a compromising position with fun-loving, cocky Finn Taylor, a travelling musician with a commitment-phobia, the Judge insists they marry, much to her horror. However, the ceremony is interrupted by another lover—serious, protective, hunky Robin McPherson, who’s been in love with Emily for years, but she keeps rejecting his proposal as she had such an awful first marriage. Both younger than her, the men are jealous and fight over Emily, but ensuing events mean that they have to work together to keep their woman from fleeing them. Can they do it? 

Review on Bookstrand: I love the older woman, younger man books. This series I so enjoy and look forward to reading more. Emily is a strong woman who doesnt want a man like her deceased husband. BRAVO! Jennifer - I cant wait for another

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