Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wednesday Writing

Following on from Monday’s blog 79% of me loves to experiment with BDSM. I have often said “I’ll try anything (most things) once” – and I feel if I am to ask my hero/heroine to try these things out I should try them out myself…..

The handcuffs was problematical when I tried to lock them by myself …. And then couldn’t open them. (After nearly giving myself a heart attack I did get out of them). Bondage tape was dead easy to get out of but gentle on the wrists. Haven’t really tried rope restraints or shibari other than to see how the hero could tie the heroine up by trying it out on myself (sort of!) but I am always amazed at some pics of people tied with shibari and how beautiful it can be.

As for impact play I’ve tried floggers, paddles, crops and spanks (yet to try a whip). My lovely fluffy flogger is my favourite but it is more sensation play than pain play. Don’t forget you can use home grown objects such as a wooden hairbrush for a paddle rather than paying out a fortune. Just be careful that the item is up to the job and doesn’t break and cause injury.

Ice play was cold! Hot massage oil was hot!! But out of the two, definitely prefer the latter (haven’t tried hot wax specifically made for this purpose). If you are into sensation play, definitely use a feather. Was surprised by how ticklish my shoulders are!!

Clamps are not really my thing, I’m far too sensitive. And would never consider piercings, although I love to see others with them.



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    1. It is lovely isn't it! I commend the person who did the rope work, and the person who had it done to them.

  2. Jen, I suggest you try a fire and ice session with both the hot oil (or wax) and the ice. Two extreme sensations that work well together. You could kick it up a notch with cinnamon oil but be careful. Have fun, Mike L.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Mike! Much appreciated.