Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Eroticon 2014

I'm back from Eroticon 2014 and had a fab time!

This is the third year - but, shock horror, no Eroticon in the UK next year :( - but it was still terrific meeting up with old friends including Janine Ashbless, Lily Harlem, Victoria Blisse, Lucy Felthouse, Jacqui Brocker to mention a few, introducing new friends to Eroticon, namely Bella Settarra, and meeting lots of new friends like Vida Bailey.

Some brilliant sessions and I learnt lots of things:

1. If a person is prone it means lying face down not just lying down as I had assumed. So a guy's erection cannot spring forth from that position.......

2. Straight women are the biggest buyers of gay erotic romance - and I'm not talking lesbian!

3. Due to the UK's obscenity laws it is actually illegal to write about some of the acts that we write about, even in private texts or emails!

4. Dominant titles like Master, Mistress, Dom, Dominatrix or Domme are gender specific - but submissive isn't' .....

5. I even learnt how to add a photo to a tweet on twitter :)



  1. Never fear, Smut is here! There will be a Smut event in the UK next March for all those suffering from lack of eroticon UK.

    1. Looking forward to the Smut events :)

  2. Interesting some of the things you learned!