Monday, 28 July 2014

Commonwealth Games and Scotland

I am on leave this week – in Scotland to watch the Commonwealth Games

In between my Games tickets I am off to Inverness for hiking, relaxing, watching for the Loch Ness monster…

I’ll tell you all about it next week. Do check out my blog as I have other news to tell you.


Friday, 25 July 2014

Weekend reading

This week’s suggestions including sexy aliens, girls masturbating, and hot headmasters!

Title of book: Zane’s Choice (The Doms of Club Mystique 4)

Name of author: Mardi Maxwell

Genre: Contemporary erotic romance with elements of BDSM

Description of main characters: Zane Ramsey, age 29, 6’4”, black hair, hazel eyes.

Ravyn Templeton, age 25, 5’6”, black curly hair, soft gray eyes.

Setting: Dallas Texas and the Ramsey Ranch in Rendezvous Texas.

Length: 223 pages / 68110 words

Blurb: Ravyn Templeton saw Zane Ramsey at a BDSM club three years ago. He’s haunted her dreams ever since. When they finally meet Zane finds Ravyn irresistible. He’s an up and coming Assistant District Attorney. She might be on the wrong side of the law. Can their love survive the truth?

What's hot?: Zane likes to play games so there’s a really hot headmaster / naughty student scene.

Title of book: Alien Manhunt

Name of author: Jennifer Denys

Genre: Short story/Sci-fi/MMM

Description of main characters:

Greg – human, dark haired, blue eyes, aged between 28-30. Tall about 6ft.

Taran – from planet Cinattra, long red hair in a plait, reptilian species so is humanoid but has scales down the sides of his arms, body, legs and a tail. Dark eyes.  Red skin. Aged about 22. Very short about 5ft 3in but very muscular.

Suva – from planet Espoorn, fair hair, loose to the shoulders. Very very tall about 6ft 6in. Amber eyes. Pale skin. Wears yellow clothing, boots, shirt, trousers, very very long coat to his calves. Imagine an elf lord.

Setting: In space

Length: 8k

Blurb: Abducted and forced to run for his life in a manhunt comprised entirely of human men, Greg spies the two aliens fiercely competing to capture him, and he begins to lust after both of them. Taran, a hunky humanoid/reptilian, and Suva, a tall, beautiful, slender creature, are both desperate to get to the human first, while being attracted to each other. Back on Earth Greg was the dominant one, but the situation has changed now. What do they want with him? Sell him, torture him or make him into their sex slave? Each one keeps their innermost desires secret. But is the truth finally out?

What's hot?: Three hot, sexy men from different planets enjoying hot, sexy sex!

Title of book: Sacrifices of the Siren (Sirens & Sailors 6)
Name of author: Bella Settarra

Genre: Fantasy erotic romance

Description of main characters:

Melantho  (heroine) - Mousy brown hair, long, straight, often tucks it behind her ears.  Big brown eyes. Petite. Shy, quiet, helpful. Pretty.  Age 24 years.  About 5’5” tall.

Blandon (hero) – young sailor, 26 years old.  Very handsome, smiley face with perfect teeth.  Green eyes.  Light brown (sandy-coloured) straight hair to shoulders. Very muscular build, particularly arms and chest.  Tanned body, generally doesn’t wear a shirt. About 6’ tall.

Setting: Mythical Island of Refrainia and also Eastland (mythical mainland)

Length: 54,000 words

Blurb: Melantho’s hopes of a happy future with Blandon are thwarted when Hermandine blackmails her into living on Eastland as her servant.  When the young girl’s miserable secret is finally revealed she has to decide whether to sacrifice her past once again or forgo her future on Refrainia with Blandon.

What's hot?: Two girls masturbating while watching two guys have sex

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Excerpt for Alien Manhunt

My first gay story (and also my first short story) ‘Alien Manhunt’  is now out!

Here is the blurb and an excerpt:

Abducted and forced to run for his life in a manhunt comprised entirely of human men, Greg spies the two aliens fiercely competing to capture him, and he begins to lust after both of them. Taran, a hunky humanoid/reptilian, and Suva, a tall, beautiful, slender creature, are both desperate to get to the human first, while being attracted to each other. Back on Earth Greg was the dominant one, but the situation has changed now. What do they want with him? Sell him, torture him or make him into their sex slave? Each one keeps their innermost desires secret. But is the truth finally out?

It had been a hard run to get to this small town, so it was a good thing he worked out in the gym. Running a nervous hand through his dark hair, Greg hoped none of the hunters was following him. He glanced around, looking for someone who could help, hoping they would protect him from those chasing. There didn’t appear to be anyone around.
Greg darted into one building, opened a few doors, and grimaced. On the one hand, it was good that the town was deserted, as anyone living there might have recaptured him. It had been a calculated risk when he spied this place. On the other hand, there didn’t appear to be any vehicles he could steal or any method of communication, as the buildings appeared to have been stripped bare.
“This was a waste of time.” He bit a nail as he considered his options. “Can’t stay here. I could try hiding out in one of these rooms. Nah, that’s too obvious, if anyone is on my heels. Dammit. How can I get to a big city to get away?”
Running up the street, he tried some random buildings, running through one shop and out the back, cursing when it was just as empty as inside.
Noticing a low shed-like building, he climbed onto the roof to spy out the vicinity. Swiftly clambering onto the flat surface, he trotted over to the edge.
Greg dropped to his stomach in a trice, keeping his head down. There were two aliens approaching. He gingerly lifted his head again to suss them out. The one in front was staggeringly tall and extremely beautiful, with golden locks that swung around his shoulders as he ran. He remembered seeing him back at the compound before they were released. Greg’s blue eyes had locked onto the alien’s deep amber ones and he’d been sucked in, very nearly laying down then and there, and saying, “Take me.”
Back in the present, Greg’s chest felt tight and he breathed deeply to ease the sensation. “Forget him. You can’t have him. He probably just wants you to be his servant, his slave.”
When he looked at the other alien who was fast catching up with the first, Greg’s whole body tensed in shock. The one following was so muscular and sexy, Greg felt his cock throbbing in anticipation of a tussle in bed with him.
With a sigh of frustration, he slithered down the roof, landing heavily on his feet.
“Stop it, you idiot. You can’t be attracted to aliens who want to capture you for God knows what reasons.”
He was still in the dark as to why he had been captured originally. None of the red-skinned aliens talked to him. This setup where they let him go only to chase after him reminded him too much of hunting for animals back home.
Dammit. They probably want to kill me and then eat me.
Greg closed his eye in horror at the thought, and leaned back against the wall to avoid pissing himself with fear. He focused on his breathing, calming himself. Except it didn’t work. His heart pounded, and sweat trickled down his back as he tried to think through his choices.
“Okay. There are other things they might do, like take me prisoner. Maybe this hunt is a way of showing who is the strongest.”
He laughed harshly. It could be an intergalactic version of a game show with the winner getting him as their prize. It was such a contrast to his normal life. Back on Earth he was the dominant type, the one who chased after others.  One night stands were something he often did in the past, his pick-ups doing exactly what he told them to do.
That made him sit up and think. “Christ, whoever captures me might want to make me into a sex slave!”
Part of him really liked the idea of being subjugated by either of the two hunting him. Better them than some of the other aliens who stared hungrily at him in the compound. There was one who looked like a giant pig in leathers and another with a mouthful of sharp teeth in his crocodile-like body.
Having said that, from the looks of the muscular alien chasing him he appeared to be reptilian, too, but since he hardly wore any clothes Greg could see his scales were limited to the sides of his red-skinned body. Okay, so he also had a tail. However, the rest of him appeared human-like, if somewhat demonic.
The alien looked rather short, probably shorter than he. Greg reckoned, with the creature’s bulging muscles, that once caught, Greg would never get free. He’d be held down, his wrists tightly clasped as the reptilian lowered his wide chest onto his, crushing the breath out of him. He wouldn’t be able to move beneath him.
Does he have fangs? Greg imagined the alien biting his neck, his chest, his nipples, causing delicious torment as he went. In an instant, he’d be flipped over and the demon would start biting his buttocks, moving his hand between Greg’s legs to tightly clasp his hard throbbing cock.
“I’ve got you, at last!”

Monday, 21 July 2014

Cover reveal!

Got my cover for ‘Alien Manhunt’! It is due out on Weds – look out for an excerpt then.

This is my first gay story – it feels odd not to have a woman on the cover! As you can see it involves three guys, two of whom are aliens (one with long fair hair, not that you can see it from this cover – I envisage him as elf lord-like - and the other has long red hair and scales down the sides of his red-skinned body which you can see in the cover) and one dark haired human.

And the aliens are hunting the human……

Friday, 18 July 2014

Weekend Reading

Today’s weekend reading includes desk sex, two hunks in front of a fire, and sex in a pool on top of a mansion!

Title of book: Deceiving Her Billionaire Bosses

Name of author: Jan Bowles

Genre: Erotic romance/contemporary/ménage a trois (MFM)

Main characters:
Matt Granger (38) and Conrad Dee (38), two billionaires who run Grandee Security, and Jennifer White (29) who becomes their new PA

Setting:  New York

Length: 34,800 words

Desperate to change the way she feels, Jennifer applies for the position of personal assistant at Grandee Security—a thriving company run by Matt Granger and Conrad Dee.
Jennifer is well aware that she doesn’t hold the necessary qualifications, but she figures she has nothing to lose.  Will her gorgeous bosses discover her deception? 

What's Hot?: Sex with two hunks in front of the fire. Definitely hot if you forget to turn over!

Buy link:

Title of book: A Ticket To Love

Name of author: Rebecca Brochu

Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy, GLBT, Contemporary, M/M

Description of main characters: Luke Hill:  Tall, lean, black hair, brown eyes.  Café owner who wears thick framed glasses and large sweaters.

Grayson Harkess:  tall, broad shouldered, dark brown hair and eyes.  A traffic cop.

Setting: Modern Era/Unnamed City

Length: 10745 words

Blurb: When Grayson Harkess arrests the wrong socialite’s son and is busted back down to traffic duty by his captain, he's understandably upset and angry.  Miserable and frustrated Grayson doesn't see an upside to his situation.  Not until he tickets a sports car for double parking and bumps right into the man of his dreams.  

What's hot?: Desk sex!

Title of book: This Time When We Touch

Name of Author: Tina Donahue

Genre: Contemporary erotic – paranormal elements (reincarnation)

Description of main characters: Jade, early thirties, Brazilian,
dark brown hair, green eyes, sexy, sultry, voluptuous.
Patrick, early thirties, tall, lean yet muscular, black hair, dark brown eyes, hot as

Setting: Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval

Length: 51,789

Blurb: Throughout time, Jade has reunited with her lover briefly, only to have
fate tear them apart. During this, their final reincarnation, she has
forty-eight hours to meet and tempt her lover, now known as Patrick. To
cheat destiny, she must convince Patrick of their timeless bond or lose
him forever.

What's hot?: Sex in a pool on the roof of a secluded mansion

Buy link:

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Character Profiles for 'Wife for Three'

This month’s character profiles are from ‘Wife for Three’

Name – Brianna Thorpe

Book – Wife for Three

Love interest – The Hollis brothers – Adam, Curt and Eric

Age – 23

Hair/eyes – Dark blonde hair/brown eyes

Height/weight – 5ft 3in

Looks – Beautiful – naturally! Big bust, heart shaped face/shy

Other – They lived on the colonised planet of Duoterra in the distant future. Brianna was raised by her uncle/tone deaf.

Name – Adam Hollis

Book – Wife for Three

Love interest – Brianna Thorpe

Age – 35

Hair/eyes – Very fair hair/blue eyes

Height/weight – 6ft 3i, muscular

Looks/personality – Silent, brooding, moody

Other – Runs a ranch with his brothers of wilderbeast/loves raw plum-apples

Name – Curt Hollis

Book – Wife for Three

Love interest – Brianna Thorpe

Age – 32

Hair/eyes – Very dark brown hair/pale blue eyes

Height/weight – 5ft 11in, Slighter than his brothers

Looks/personality – Impatient, cocky

Other – Runs a ranch with his brothers of wilderbeast/a ladies’ man – nearly married Kerry

Name – Eric Hollis

Book – Wife for Three

Love interest – Brianna Thorpe

Age – 26

Hair/eyes – Light brown hair/grey eyes

Height/weight – 6ft 1in, stockier than his brothers

Looks/personality - Fun loving, sweet, smiles a lot

Other – Runs a ranch with his brothers of wilderbeast/sews badly

Blurb: Wife wanted to share between three brothers. Could Brianna answer the advert of the Hollis brothers on this planet of Duoterra, colonized for sixty years? Due to a lack of women, all single females have to sign marriage contracts with one or more men. Not liking anyone in her town, and her uncle making a deal to sell her, Brianna runs away to find the Hollis brothers.
Rescuing her from a nasty encounter, her meeting with brooding elder brother, Adam, is not good. When her first night with Adam is a disaster, it takes the efforts of the other two—impatient, cocky Curt and sweet, fun-loving Eric—to make her stay. In the following weeks she gets to know them better, but Adam stays aloof.
When her uncle arrives claiming breach of contract with the man he had promised her to, is this the opportunity for Brianna to leave?

Review on Amazon: Unlike a lot of this type of book, the story was intriguing and engaging. The love scenes were well written, but the story could have stood alone without them which is a big plus. I'd certainly read more from this author.

Buy links:

Monday, 14 July 2014

Something you never knew about me....

Something you never knew about me….. I have OCD.

If I am in a meeting/classroom, the desks have to have the grain going the same way! My team at the day job laugh at me and occasionally change them around just to see what my reaction is.

Or if I am on a regular bus journey I always ring the bell at a certain point and get VERY annoyed if someone rings the bell instead. And wow betide anyone who tries to mess with the way I do things….

On the other hand you can guarantee things will get done if they fit in with the way I do it! LOL