Friday, 22 August 2014

Weekend Reading

My weekend reading recommendations is back! We have a sex slave auction, a web of sensual exploration and a steamy lesbian love scene. Enjoy!!

Title of book: Keeping Sarah, the third in the series begun by Loving Sarah and Owning Sarah

Name of author: Julie Shelton

Genre: Erotic Romance, MMF, BDSM

Description of main characters:

Jesse Colter, 36, part Native American, muscular, confident, all alpha, black hair, black eyes.

Adam Sinclair, 38, blonde, blue-eyed, muscular alpha male.  Both are 6'3", former SEALs, and Doms.

Sarah Marshall, 5'3", dark brown hair with lighter streaks and highlights, turquoise eyes with dark brown rims, she is beautiful, smart, and a lawyer.  She's also a sexual submissive.

Setting: A BDSM Club in a remote castle in the north of England.

Length: approximately 81,000 words

AN ALBANIAN BLOOD FEUD, A SEX SLAVE AUCTION, ATTEMPTED MURDER—YOU CALL THIS A HONEYMOON????  All that and more is in KEEPING SARAH, the third and final thrill ride in my roller-coaster, SUPER HOT, BDSM menage series that started with LOVING SARAH and OWNING SARAH!  All three books are available now! 
What's hot?:  Scorching M/M loving and sex games at an orgy.

Title of book: Scorpio Begins
Name of author: Lilith Darville

Genre: Erotic romance

Description of main characters:

Connor, 5’10”, 140lbs, gray-green eyes, medium brown hair with longish curls.

Meredith, 5’8”, curvaceous, sapphire-blue eyes, dark grown hair halfway down her back.

Setting: Summer, Kincardine, Ontario

Length: 28,327 words

Blurb: Join Connor McClane and Meredith Kincaid as they become entangled in a web of sensual exploration and emotion that leads to a cataclysmic confrontation. Enjoy lots of steamy hot sex while we learn about the boy who will become the billionaire in this prequel of The Scorpio Saga.

What’s Hot?: This book will stimulate your sexual imagination, and includes dominance and submission, sex toys and bondage. Feed your fantasies!

Title of book: The Beast of Birch Hill
Name of author: Naomi Clark

Genre: F/F paranormal romance

Description of main characters:

Emma, late 20s/early 30s, blonde, athletic, outdoorsy

Abi, late 20s/early 30s, Hispanic, curvy

Setting: contemporary small-town America

Length: short story – about 11,500 words.

Blurb: Wildlife photographer and cryptozoology blogger Emma Jordan came to Birch Hill expecting to find another urban legend. But when the evidence starts to pile up that Birch Hill really does have a killer cat on the loose, Emma finds herself caught in a confusing game of cat and mouse.

What's hot?: A steamy lesbian love scene!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Character profiles for 'Alien Manhunt'

This month’s character profiles come from the new book out ‘Alien Mahunt’

Name – Taran

Nationality – from the planet Cinattra

Book – Alien Manhunt

Love interests – Suva and Greg

Age – about 22

Hair/eyes – Long red hair tided back in a plait, dark eyes

Height/weight – 5ft 3in but very muscular

Looks – Is red skinned with scales down the sides of his body

Other – He is a virgin

(Actor Sam Heughan matches my image)

Name – Suva

Nationality – from the planet Espoornia

Book – Alien Manhunt

Love interests – Taran and Greg

Age – about 37
Hair/eyes – Long fair hair, amber eyes

Height/weight – Very tall (6ft 6in) and slender

Looks – Is very beautiful

Other – He is telepathic.

(Imagine elf lord from Lord of the Rings, something like Orlando Bloom only older and without the pointy ears!)

Name – Greg

Nationality – from Earth

Book – Alien Manhunt

Love interests – Taran and Suva

Age – About 28-30

Hair/eyes – Short dark hair, blue eyes

Height/weight – 6ft tall, average build

Looks – Good looking.

Other – Is dominant in the relationship

(Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyer is a close match to my image)

Blurb: Abducted and forced to run for his life in a manhunt comprised entirely of human men, Greg spies the two aliens fiercely competing to capture him, and he begins to lust after both of them.

Taran, a hunky humanoid/reptilian, and Suva, a tall, beautiful, slender creature, are both desperate to get to the human first, while dealing with a mutual attraction.

Back on Earth Greg was the dominant one, but the situation has now changed. What do they want with him? Will they sell him, torture him, or make him into the sex slave? Each one keeps their innermost desires secret. But is the truth finally out?

Review from Goodreads: For a short story, this piece of scifi is a gem. There's excitement, surprisingly deep characters considering the length, and a big, unexpected twist at the end. Nice I'm looking forward to more, hoping there'll be a series. Pretty please?

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Something you never knew about me

Something you never knew about me – I have been to the Maldives. I had a fabulous holiday there in December 2000.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Cover Reveal for 'Kink After Dinner'

This is the cover for my first story for Luminosity Publishing due to come out on 5 September. I was really pleased as I asked for the focus to be on the heroine as it is a short story so it is entirely in her viewpoint.

Here is the blurb:

Kink After Dinner. 8pm. Usual place. Wear the new purple basque – no knickers. Expect some SERIOUS (!) paddling. No touching until then. Master.

Beth hurriedly hides the note she has received so her family won’t see it.
Her daughter regards her parents as stuck in the mud. If only she knew!  When Beth decided to throw off her inhibitions she was able to thoroughly enjoy her middle years, despite the usual body issues, including attending a BDSM event and starting a relationship with a Dom.
Putting on her purple bustier and high heels as ordered, and covering up with a coat, she leaves her husband engrossed in his carpentry workshop to walk to a neighbour’s house. This is the home of swinging couple, Alistair and Helen, with whom she’s had several encounters over the past year. And this begins a wonderful evening of kink—bondage, spanking, paddling, handcuffs, and orgasm denial.

Then her husband turns up.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Retraining Books are out in paperback

My two retraining books 'Retraining the Sub' and 'Retraining the Dom' are
now out in paperback as a print combo available from:

‘Retraining the Sub’ was a semi-finalist for Hottest Alpha Hero and Best Cover in Evernight Readers’ Awards while ‘Retraining the Dom’ was runner up for Sexiest Scene! Here’s a reminder of the blurbs:

RETRAINING THE SUB: When submissive Ann misuses her safe word once too often she is told to attend a retraining program. However, the only Master prepared to train her is hard, inflexible Luke, the man she jilted eight years previously. Dominated by her parents, shy Ann left home because there was something missing in her life she wasn’t getting from her sweet fiancĂ©, as he was then, and is introduced to BDSM. Shocked to see each other at the club, but stunned at how they’ve both changed, Ann has to be trained by Luke, or leave. It becomes a battle of wills to see who will lose control—the battle being about trust. Can Ann give up control and trust a Master? Can Luke trust Ann not to run away again? The emotional victory for each battle flies back and forth between them. Who will ultimately win?

RETRAINING THE DOM: Club Allure has a retraining program for Doms,
and Trey must go on it. However, he is much too strong a Dom to let anyone else order him around. The owner of the club comes up with the idea of asking an older and extremely experienced Domme to retrain Trey, and try to understand his hidden past. Unlike the Dom, Olivia sticks to the rules, and is also very imposing physically. What no one knows is that Olivia is a sub at heart, but through circumstances became a Domme. She has to try to stop Trey topping her, but he is everything she ever wanted in a Dom and a man, except too many years have passed. Meanwhile, Trey finds himself having fun with a woman for the first time ever and gradually recognizes the sub in Olivia. But when Dom challenges Domme, who will win?

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

9 trains, 3 hotels, 2 countries and one Loch Ness Monster!

Yep, I saw the Loch Ness Monster!

I had a great week in Scotland. The scenery was breathtaking whether it be coastal, fishing village, loch, castle or mountains.

I even got up to John O’Groats. As I had been to Lands End some years ago I can now say I have travelled the length of mainland UK!

I even got some hiking in walking down the Caledonian Canal toward Loch Ness where I went on a two hour cruise of the Loch. And Culloden Battlefield (last battle fought on mainland British soil) had a terrific visitor centre and exhibition.

And the Commonwealth Games were terrific – if very wet on the last night. And best of all I was there when the English 4 x 400m relay quartet won gold! (and I even saw Usain Bolt in action!)

Monday, 4 August 2014

Alien Manhunt is a bestseller

I had a great time in Scotland. I will tell you more about it later this week.

In the meantime ‘Alien Manhunt’ has a bestseller star on All Romance ebooks!

Here are all the buy links:

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