Monday, 29 September 2014

Going Commando

Going commando!

A writer friend recently emailed to say she’d had to leave home in a rush for a medical emergency in the family and consequently forgot to pack any knickers! She only had the ones she stood up in and was having to go out to buy some more.

Now, whilst that is an excellent opportunity to get some nice new underwear, I laughingly advised her to go commando. I love it myself.

If I am wearing a skirt or dress for the day job (which involves a commute on bus and train of about 80 minutes) there is always the element of danger that the skirt may ride up as I am sitting, or blow up if it is windy outside. It makes me feel wicked and decadent. (I have yet to try walking over an air vent aka Marilyn Monroe, although she was wearing underwear ….)

If I am wearing trousers the element of naughtiness is lost – but this is regained if I am wearing my soft cords. The feeling of this material against my nether regions is decidedly shameless!

My friend’s comment after trying it out was that she felt liberated!

For me going commando is not just about dropping my knickers but flinging off the bra, too. I feel I can breathe better, don’t have any annoying wires or straps digging in…. AND I have a much posture. My shoulders go back and do the work of holding up the boobs that they were meant to do.

However, I do realise that not everyone is in a position to do that. I am size C cup and can cope.

Unfortunately I can’t get away with going braless at the day job. Not that I am flopping around, but the nipples show through my tops and as I am in a reception area, we have too many visitors coming past! Having said that sometimes the nipples show despite the bra *sigh*

But I have certain dresses or tops that have enough material in them that I can get away with it… *evil grin*

Go on …. try it.


Friday, 26 September 2014

Weekend reading

This week’s reading includes werewolves, vampires and culinary students!

Title of book:  My Werewolf Boyfriend

Name of author:  Elizabeth Monvey

Genre: Paranormal/Gay/short story

Description of main characters:

Aaron Nicolini, 26, Italian, brown hair, brown eyes.  Tall and muscular, works in an Italian Deli.

Anthony “Tony” Lykes, 29, bear man type, black hair, brown eyes, 6’4” works in construction so big muscular guy.

Setting: Delaware

Length: Romance on the Go, about 35 pages


Aaron and Tony’s relationship is going strong after almost a year, except for once a month when Tony has to return home to check on his uncle. Aaron feels slighted because he’s never included, so he decides to take matters into his own hands and follow Tony.

What's hot?: Tony and Aaron’s love.  There are some steamy scenes!

Title of book: Scar Tissue - Dominion book 2
Name of author: Evie Jayne

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Description of main characters:

Hero: Caden James, vampire, mid to late 2o's in appearance, roughly a century old. 6'5”, Mahogany brown hair, Indigo eyes.

Heroine: Parry O'Morrigan, beanne sidhe huntress. Appears in her early to mid twenties, but is over 6 centuries old. Short black curls and pointed ears, black eyes.

Setting: An undisclosed city

Length: Full length Novel

Caden James is a rare subspecies of vampire. That’s bad enough, but it’s only going to get worse. The 2nd maturation is almost upon him, when he will fall into the Dark Dominion. Unless he can find the female fated to save his soul.

What's hot in your story?: Cade voluntarily submits to Parry. He's not tied up, but he's not allowed to touch her. Psychological bondage.

Title of book: In the Raw
Name of author: Nikka Michaels, Eileen Griffin

Genre: M/M, Contemporary Romance

Description of main characters:

Jamie, 22, 6ft tall, blond hair, blue eyes

Ethan, 22, 6 ft tall, messy black hair, green eyes

Setting: Culinary school

Length: 85,000 Words

Blurb: James Lassiter has had a crush on fellow culinary student Ethan Martin for three years. When Ethan struggles, Jamie suddenly has a reason to reach out.  Even though Ethan is secretly hot for Jamie, he doesn't want help.

But Jamie could be the answer to what Ethan's been missing.

What's hot?: Competitors to lovers.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Writing a new genre - Sci-fi stories

This is the second in a series of authors talking about their experiences when writing a new genre and my guest this month is the lovely Tatum Throne who had two sci-fi stories out with different publishers within a few weeks of each other.

*waves* Thanks for having me on your blog today! I’m here to share my experience writing a new genre. It was way more exciting than I ever thought it would be.

I started writing my first Sci-Fi a year ago. I honestly made the mistake of mentioning to someone that I was working on a Sci-Fi. They immediately started pre-judging my book, telling me that Sci-Fi fans are very particular and I have to do it right. *snort* That there are rules to follow. *eye roll* That I really shouldn’t write it as I won’t do it right. Excuse me? The only rules I follow when writing a new book are the ones my muse lays out for me. I go where my muse always takes me or he starts fighting me and then all writing comes to a stop. That’s the worst place to be as a writer.

(Just to clarify this was at a writing conference when I pitched my Sci-Fi to an editor - no relation to my current publishers - who immediately cringed when I told her it was Sci-Fi. I was then told that Sci-Fi doesn't sell well. I was taken aback because I didn't realize I was only in the writing business if my work sells well. I didn't realize that they only took authors on who they think their work will do well and make them tons of money. It also made me understand that they're not in the business of truly growing authors. No one hits a home-run their first book out. It takes time to build a following.)

I won’t mention who this editor was as I do respect her experience. Sci-Fi doesn’t sell well at all. I was warned that I was basically wasting my time. Huh? I’m a writer. I never waste my time doing what I love. If I don’t write what my muse orders me to, I can’t let the book go. I have to write it! *sigh* So, here I am with this great story that I’ve been told Sci-Fi romance fans will hate and I’m wasting my time. Wow.

Words have power. I’m glad I didn’t listen to those two who didn’t have my best interest at heart. They were looking at the bottom line. Contact [Titan Year 1] hit ARe’s best sellers list while still on pre-order. It then went on to hit #10 on Amazon under Sci-Fi M/M romance. So, happy I didn’t listen. Where would my book be if I had? Probably sitting at the bottom of my work in progress file.

I love writing Sci-Fi romance. I love writing about really hot sex with aliens. I love the idea that they know about us but are staying away. I get easily caught up in the fantasy of Sci-Fi. I mean…what would you do if they contacted you? I know what I would do.

Contact [Titan Year 1] found a home with Luminosity Publishing and has gone further than I ever wished, dreamed, and planned. I am absolutely thrilled fans are loving this series. I have big plans for it. I’m currently working on book two!

Happy reading!

That was fascinating reading. I was horrified that anyone would tell an author that writing a particular genre is a waste of time! Regardless of how well it sells, with each book we write we develop our writing skills.

I asked her a follow up question, “Knowing that both books came out about the same time and you were editing them one after another, did you find it difficult to jump from one to another bearing in mind they are both sci-fis or did you get confused trying to remember which 'world' you were in? And did you have any tricks to avoid this?"

Her answer was, “With having two Sci-Fi books out about the same time, I had to take copious notes and make detailed character spreadsheets that explained all alien traits. I built two completely different worlds and I want to make sure I stay true to each. It wasn't difficult to keep them separate in my mind but as I build on each series, I don't want to make mistakes."

Thanks, Tatum. That is good advice.

If you want to know more here are the blurbs and buy links for both her stories:

Contact [Titan Year 1]
What would you do if they contacted you?

NASA scientist Cooper Hart is dying. He’s determined to spend his final days hoping to hear a signal from a far away world. When the encryption first comes in, he quickly discovers that this isn’t a prank. They want to meet.

Elian Moten has spent the last four years searching for a life form compatible to his. His world is dying from the lack of ability to reproduce. They need males to repopulate. After researching the planet within the Benidi Region, also known as Earth, he chooses Cooper Hart to bring back to the royal family. He isn’t prepared for the intense attraction he feels for Cooper or the overpowering urge to claim him.

After three months aboard the Titan, Cooper wakes up to discover he isn’t dead. He’s been given a second chance, but he’s not sure if he’s prepared to take it. When he looks at Elian, he only knows how to say yes.

Reader Advisory: Sci-Fi MM erotic romance, containing consensual relationship between human and alien. Light BDSM, spanking.

Deep Salvage [ISA 1]
[Siren Publishing Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi
Romance, M/M, spanking, HEA]

Ehren Tovar has just escaped the war towers. To flee off planet, Ehren pretends to be a synthetic life. When he’s sold to Captain Talen Runak, he quickly falls for the warrior. Too bad he has no idea he’s really a human who is using him to get back to Earth.

Talen tries to ignore the intense attraction he has for the synthetic life but can’t. There is something different about him that turns him on. As a Dom, he’s always chosen his submissives wisely. He’s never thought about taking a Syn on before.

Despite covering his tracks, Ehren knows that Talen suspects that there is something different about him. Unable to fight the growing attraction, Ehren knows it won’t be long before the captain discovers he’s human. What will Talen do to him when he finds out he’s really not a Syn?

Will be available on Amazon in a few weeks.

Next month, Bella Settarra is talking about writing Cowboy books.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Defining villainous names

Following on from my guest post on Bella Settarra’s blog last week about ‘Defining Erotic Romance’ I had some interesting feedback including one writer who said she used her ex-husband as a villain in one of her stories and thoroughly enjoyed whipping his butt (in the story!).

And another who said that using bad people we know as our villains was a great way to work off angst.

That made me wonder how many other authors have used the names (or even the characters) of people they hate/dislike/who have made their lives a misery for their villains.

I then found this link to the 50 greatest villains in literature:

Looking down the list I see Cruella de Vil is quite high however, it took me years to realize this actually reads ‘cruel devil’!

However, did J K Rowling know someone called ‘Voldemort’? Where did the inventor of Hannibal Lecter come up with that name? Did a ‘Bill Sykes’ do bad things to Dickens?

Some villain names have become so well-known that we use them as descriptive terms like a Svengali meaning ‘someone who manipulates’, Machiavellian meaning ‘someone who schemes maliciously’, Jekyll or Frankenstein – both of whom were doctors who created monsters, to be a Don Juan is to be ‘a womaniser’.

How fabulous it would be to have a villain of mine used in this fashion…. Maybe I need to give more thought to my villains!


Friday, 19 September 2014

Weekend Reading

Sex in the shower, a threesome on Moone Mountain or in a regency style dungeon? That's what's on offer today.

Title of book: Texas Twang (Bryson Corners #1)
Name of author: Paige Warren

Genre: Cowboy/Interracial

Description of main characters:

Drew Benson is over six feet of chocolaty goodness, with bright blue eyes. He’s 32 and has two younger siblings.

Lexie Duvall is a petit, curvy woman with long blonde hair. She’s 27 and an only child.

Setting: The story takes place in Bryson Corners, a small town in Oklahoma not far from the Texas border.

Length: It’s a short novella (Romance on the Go line)


Lexie Duval has always gone after what she wants, and she wants Drew Benson. The tall, sexy mocha cowboy is one hunk of a man she'd love to get her hands on. A rodeo cowboy through and through, she just hopes he can stay on for longer than eight seconds.

What’s hot?: Sex in the shower

Title of book: Ménage on Moone Mountain
Name of author: Bella Settarra

Genre: Erotic Romance, Cowboy Romance, M/M/F Ménage

Description of main characters:

Brooke Anderson – calls herself Brooke Adams when she first arrives at Moone.  Pretty face.  Plumpish.  Very soft skin, big blue eyes, long, blonde wavy hair.  Not very self-confident.  About 26 yrs old. 5’5” tall.

Travis Beaumont – Dom – bi-sexual - cowboy, dark, tousled hair to collar, brown eyes, stubble, smells of Giorgio Armani, dazzling smile, grins a lot, optimistic and cheerful.  Slightly hairy chest, southern drawl, very muscular. About 28 yrs old.  6’3” tall.  Runs his own ranch.

Kent Freeman – Dom – bi-sexual - deputy sheriff, blond curly hair to collar, big green eyes, very soft hands, soft to cuddle up to, muscular, large build, clean shaven face and chest. About 29 yrs old.  6’2” tall.

Setting: Moone Mountain in Moone County, Colorado

Length: Approx 65,000 words

Blurb:  While on the run from a violent ex-boyfriend, Brooke finds herself being looked after by Travis and Kent, two gorgeous bi-sexual cowboys.  While her every instinct tells her to keep running, the pull that these guys have on her is so strong that she hesitates – almost costing her her life…

What’s Hot?: Heroine has double penetration with two hot, dominant cowboys – what’s not to love?

Title of Book: First Bite

Name of Author: Tamsin Baker

Genre: MMF Historical, Vampire Erotic Romance

Description of main characters:

Lina is a 400 year old but looks 25. She’s a green eyed, voluptuous vampire with the need to dominate in bed.

Benedict is 31, a Regency gentleman and is tall, dark and handsome.

Antony is older than even Lina, but is closer to 35 in looks. He’s darker, more handsome and built like a Greek God.

Setting: Regency period London

Length: 24,000 words

Blurb: Can two possessive and passionate vampires make a relationship work with the one human they are both destined to love?

What’s hot?: Hot threesome in a regency style dungeon

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Guest post

Defining Erotic Romance

What is erotic romance? Is it erotica or is it romance?

What does MMF mean?

Who is the readership of erotic romances?

What length is a novella?

Why do the heroes have short names (and why aren’t there many older heroines)?

These, and others, are the topics of conversation on my guest post over on the blog of the lovely Bella Settarra today.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Something you never knew about me

Something you never knew about me – I had an older brother, Paddy, who died when I was six (he was 19). Here is a photo of us – it wasn’t that I didn’t want to be with him (LOL) but I frowned in every photo at that age.

One story that my mum told was that I was in a play pen outside with a neighbour’s child who was the same age as me and I was hitting the other child(!).

Mum called out for me to stop. When I refused to stop hitting poor Craig, she came charging out to give me a spanking but Paddy leapt over the railing, grabbed me and we escaped together!! My hero! J

Because I was so young when he died I only have a few memories of him, almost like photo snapshots – including him arriving with an Easter egg (trust me to remember a chocolate related memory!), coming to collect me from school in his car as it was pouring with rain, and laughing with my mum and dad when he was late home from work. At that time he worked in industrial chimneys so we were joking that, “Paddy’s got stuck up the chimney.”