Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Menage Romances Fans' Awards 2015

Yay! Thanks to all my lovely readers. Several of my books have been nominated in the Ménage Romances Fan’s Awards for 2015 in no fewer than eight categories!

Bounty Hunters’ Captive is in Contemporary Ménage Romances category/Sci-fi or space opera Ménage Romances/Light Bondage Ménage Romances and Straight Characters in Ménage Romances

Torn Between Two Lovers is in Fantasy, Paranormal Ménage Romances (it is a werewolf story) and Shape Shifters Ménage Romances

Alien Manhunt 1 is in Gay Characters in Ménage Romances


Alien Manhunt 2 is in Anthologies or Short Stories Ménage Romances

I would appreciate any votes you can give me (PS you can vote as many times as you like!!) – here is the link:

Monday, 2 March 2015

Author interview

I am pleased to introduce this month’s author being interviewed is Amy Valenti, someone else who loves bondage….

Just what is it about bondage, pain-play and barked commands that make a submissive fall to her knees? Amy Valenti is captivated by the dominance and submission dynamic, and her books mainly feature growly, dominant men with feisty yet submissive women. Occasionally she likes to write about hot Dom-on-Domme action and ménage involving two dominant partners with one lucky female sub.

About You

If you had one item to take into the bedroom with you what would it be?

A long coil of rope! I absolutely love getting tied up, though it hasn’t happened as many times as I’d like. And there are so many versatile ways to use it. ;)
(I know exactly what you mean!)

Favourite rainy day activity?

Reading in a comfy chair with a hot cup of tea by my side. There’s nothing better. We have a skylight in our living room and the sound of the rain pattering on it is lovely.

One thing about yourself you would like to change?

I’d love to procrastinate less, but I’ve yet to find anyone who’s found a cure for putting things off!

Your Writing

Tell us about your latest book.

I’ve just re-released an older book of mine, named Dominance
 and Deception. It’s kind of a crime procedural mixed with a developing BDSM relationship between a dominant police detective and a submissive forensic technician. They get pretty deep into it despite a few compatibility problems, and outside forces take their toll, but they love each other and that’s what gets them through. It was really fun to revisit it.

(Sounds intriguing!)

What are you currently working on, or what’s on the horizon?

I’m dabbling in paranormal at the moment – a story about vampiric creatures who feed off pain and the submissives they bond with. I’m not sure if that’s the one that’s coming out next, and if it does, it’ll be under a different pseudonym (Nicola Collard), but I’ll see what happens. I’m also supposed to be working on the third novel in my Denial series, tentatively called Not Your Damn Toy.

What’s the hardest part of writing?

The temptation is to say ‘the writing’, but that would be too easy! Probably staying focused on one story at a time. I like to jump around from project to project, but when I do that I never get anything done, so I have to be strict with myself. I’m not sure if that makes me more productive or less, some days…

Quick Fire round

Turquoise or mauve?


A juicy grilled steak with garlic butter or vanilla & raspberry cheesecake with white chocolate?

Oooh, tough one! Right now I’ll say the steak. Which makes me feel terrible because I try not to eat anything more intelligent than a chicken.

Flogging or paddling?

Flogging, definitely. LOVE it.


Links of how fans can find you on the internet/buy your books?

And here is an excerpt from Dominance and Deception:

“Try to get free.”

Obediently, Faye writhed on the bed, tugging at the handcuffs that restrained her wrists and the silk scarves I’d used to tie her ankles to the bedposts.

“Can’t, Sir,” she said, half smiling, half apprehensive, as if she was unsure whether the response would lead to reward or punishment. Hell, with Faye, the punishment usually was the reward.

I didn’t keep her in suspense. “Good.”

When I brought the riding crop up into her line of sight, her eyes widened and she bit her lip, a shiver of anticipation thrilling through her body. I paused for a second, giving her time to back out if she needed to, making no attempt to hide the way my eyes swept over every part of her.

“Are you ready?”

She swallowed hard, her eyes on the crop. Shaking a tendril of damp hair from her cheek before answering, she nodded.

“Yes, Sir.” The words were just barely whispered.

The way she submitted, unquestioning, to my authority made me want to throw aside the crop right then. I needed to be inside her, needed to hear her beg for release, needed to lose control completely. But not yet. The scene had yet to be played out.

Faye looked from the crop to my face, and from the slight upward quirk of her eyebrow I could tell she’d caught on to my train of thought.

“Or we could just…” she said softly, shifting seductively against the mattress.
Snapped back into my role, I stared her out until she stilled and broke eye contact.

A flicker of amusement remained in her voice as she conceded, “I’m sorry, Sir. I was out of line.”

“You’re damn right,” I said, and without warning cracked the crop down onto her breast, just below the nipple.

She yelled with combined pleasure and pain, attempting to suppress the grin on her face.

I paused to let the blow register, knowing she was hardly even trying to be properly submissive. Most of the time she let it wash over her, sinking so far into the state that it took time for her to come back from it. Tonight she was in a playful mood of a completely different kind—cheerfully insolent and willing to take all the punishment I could mete out. I already knew she’d let me whip her until she was sore all over, then defy me for just a little longer, setting her tolerance for pain against my willingness to give it.

I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge.

Faye looked down at the red mark rising on her flesh, then up at me. “That the best you can do, Sir?”

I raised the crop, never letting my pissed-off façade slip. “I haven’t even started—”

Faye’s phone rang, the unexpected sound disorientating us both. She groaned, scowling at the offending object as if it was sentient.

“Damn it! Not now!” She tugged expectantly at her handcuffs. “Okay, let me out of these.”

I stood there, impassive, and she rolled her eyes.

“Zach, seriously. Someone’s probably dead and we’ll have to go to work.”

I knew she was right, but that didn’t mean I had to like it. Dropping the crop and stepping over the tangle of our clothing, I crossed to the dresser and checked the caller ID. Sure enough, it was Santoro. For a brief moment, I entertained the irrational thought of firing him, but it passed.

Without releasing Faye from her bonds, I hit the speakerphone button to answer the call.

After taking a deep breath to steady her breathing, she spoke. “Santoro, this better be good. I’m a little tied up right now.”

Thank you for being interrogated, Amy!

Friday, 27 February 2015

Weekend Reading

The jungles of Colombia, a holiday on a beach or ‘The’ Club. Where will you meet your soul mate?

Title of book: Nate's Naughty Nymph (The Doms of Club Mystique 5)

Name of author: Mardi Maxwell

Genre: Contemporary erotic romance

Description of main characters:

Nate McLeod, age 31, 6'4", black hair, blue eyes, operative for a global security agency.

Nymph Lachlan, age 27, 5'9", blond hair, soft brown eyes, DEA agent.

Setting: Dallas, Texas, the jungles of Colombia, and Rendezvous Texas.

Length: 186 pages


Nate was left for dead by Mendez' drug cartel. He's determined to protect his sons and has no time for vanilla relationships. Nymph is more interested in her job than marriage but she wants Nate. She’ll submit in the bedroom but be his equal partner in their pursuit of Mendez.

What’s hot? Nate likes to play sex games but he's reserved the best one for the right woman—Nymph. He calls it Interrogation of the Sexy Double Agent.

Title of book:  The Beach Boys: Summer

Name of author: Berengaria Brown

Genre: MM, erotic, contemporary

Description of main characters:

Craig Darnell: mid 30s, olive skin, brown eyes, brown hair, long lean build

Seth Tyler: 35, very tanned, dark hair, almost black, almost black eyes, more muscular, broad shoulders

Setting: Two Waters beach

Length: 20k


Saber Crouch is ready to settle down and find his soulmate. But everyone at Two Waters beach where he is vacationing is already with a partner or family. Until he sees Moses Sandler. Moses doesn’t believe he’s worthy of having a partner. He feels old and fat. But he can’t help being drawn to Saber.

What’s hot?: Craig has a very sexy body piercing

Title of book: Rescuing Cade

Name of author: Elodie Parkes

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance with a sprinkle of vanilla BDSM

Description of main characters:

Cade, nearly thirty, 6'2 and muscular, eyes are cornflower blue and dreamy. Usually clean shaven but on weekends and vacation he's known to sport a shade of stubble, dark hair slips through your fingers and his lips are enticingly kissable.

Marissa, nearly thirty and works in advertising, slender and reasonably tall but still only comes up Cade's shoulder in her spike heels, eyes are dark and hair is a cloud of brown falling down past her shoulders, very independent and protects herself fiercely from losing that.

Setting: A lovely leafy river side city and surrounds, where The Club, the street market, Cade's and Marissa's offices and their homes are located.

Length: Words 28,605

Cade’s trying to get over a broken heart when his friend Jack takes him to a nightclub, named only, The Club. Although at first Cade is shocked by the place, he meets Marissa. It’s not long before they get together, but under the pressure of expectations from, The Club, and Marissa’s fear of commitment, they’re both running in opposite directions.

What’s hot?: Every single love scene.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Writing a new genre

The latest post in the series of authors talking about writing a new genre is from Marion Webb-De Sisto talking about writing horror….

In 2012 a Canadian publisher asked me to write a short horror story for a proposed anthology. Although I’ve always enjoyed reading horror stories, the thought of writing one had never occurred to me. I write paranormal/ romance stories, some erotic, some not, as well as non-fiction books. The previous year I’d written an erotic paranormal/romance novella for the same publisher. It was included in an Adult Only anthology. So I decided to try my hand at writing a horror story.

I had no idea where or how to begin, but suddenly a scary situation was creeping around in my head. What if a man was travelling home from work by train and he was speeding into a strange green fog? Would something happen to him and the other train passengers, or would they all arrive home safely? With this situation in mind I began a new writing experience – creating a tale for the Horror genre.

The story took shape quickly and easily, it was no more of a task than writing about love developing between paranormal beings. I’m a sucker for romance. J Non-fiction needs plenty of research, but painting a picture of a man travelling on a train wasn’t a problem. In childhood I made my way to holiday destinations by train. As an adult I’ve journeyed to and from work and visited places of interest in the same manner. I can certainly describe the setting in which someone is sitting in a moving train. In addition, I enjoyed breaking away from the various difficulties, anxieties, or pleasures that plague and thrill the characters I write about who fall in love.

The publisher accepted my story and it can be read in the anthology ‘The Speed of Dark’, which offers a number of scary tales. Mine is entitled Into the Fog and I trust it gives a person a few chills, especially if s/he happens to be reading it while travelling on a train. The tag line is – Drive home, don’t take the train. This anthology has received several glowing reviews that suggest it’s “not for the faint of heart” and “keeps you up all night reading… and trembling.”

Since creating the short horror story I haven’t felt inclined, or been asked, to write another one, yet I’m sure I would feel happy to do so if the occasion arises. Publishers and readers want a happily-ever-after ending to books about romance, but horror situations often conclude in creepiness and a sense of uncertainty, or even fear. Those aspects appeal to me.

Here is an excerpt:

Eric looked at the window and watched the swirling density change from off white to dirty grey, and then a sickly green. What could make the fog become such an unnatural color? Perhaps some toxic chemical had been inadvertently released into the air? He was grateful to be on the train and not outside, having to breathe in that possibly harmful fog.
As he continued to stare at the window, the fog thickened so much that it seemed to be pressing against the glass. He could almost swear he saw the window buckle slightly under the pressure. That was ridiculous. Eric wanted to look away, but felt compelled to watch the fog. Now, it changed back to thick, twisting strands of greenness that bizarrely looked like elongated hands. Then, a ghoulish face suddenly peered in the window and grimaced at Eric. This startling act completely unnerved him. What was wrong with his eyesight? He must be hallucinating. Fog was just fog and nothing more.
Eric looked around the carriage to see if anyone else was noticing what was happening outside. The two young women were no longer giving it their attention. Some passengers were engrossed in newspapers or books, while others were busy with their laptops or iPads. No one appeared to be interested in the weird green fog.

Thank you very much for your interesting post, Marion. Next month it's the turn of J R Gray talking about writing fantasy. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

Having a laugh

I had a laugh – a friend was introducing me as an author to some of her friends and they naturally asked what I wrote.

I said erotic romance… and that I was also coordinating an anthology (the Men for Hire anthology for Luminosity Publishing). One of them gave me a strange look and asked if she could check what I had said…

….she thought I had stated that I was coordinating an orgy!!!!

Nope, not this time. That’s my next project! LOL

Friday, 20 February 2015

Weekend reading

An alternative universe called Ashdown, a Boston nightclub or a haunted forest… where will you find your true love?

Title of book: Abigail's Acquiescence - Portraits of Submission 1

Name of author: Tara Rose

Genre: Erotic Fantasy, consensual BDSM, MFM menage

Description of main characters:

Abigail Dawson - 30, dark hair and blue eyes, works in IT, divorced

Prince Jarrett - 48, dark hair and hazel eyes, a prince of Ashdown who likes bondage and impact play

Prince Colton - 47, medium brown hair and blue eyes, a prince of Ashdown who enjoys blindfolding a submissive

Setting: an alternate universe in a kingdom called Ashdown

Length: 40K

Blurb: When Abigail Dawson is compelled to buy an erotic painting in an antique store, she discovers it’s actually a portal to an alternate universe. Once there, she’s forced to become a sex slave to princes Jarrett and Colton, but quickly gives her heart to them as well as her body.

What's hot?: flogging, spanking, paddling, caning, bondage

Title of book: Susceptible to Him (A Risso Family Novella)

Name of author: Lynn Burke

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Description of main characters:

Lia Risso – 25, 5’2”, long, dark hair and brown eyes

Ryan Walsh – 33, 6’2”, longer dark hair, scruffy, blue eyes

Setting: Boston, present time

Length: Roughly 13k

Blurb: One dinner…one night of dancing and flirting with the attraction between Lia and Ryan, puts them both in danger of heart break.

They have a choice—open themselves to the possibility of hurt or walk away, never knowing what might have been.

What’s hot?: A hot encounter in the dim hallway of one of Boston’s night clubs.

Title of book: Unbearable

Name of author: Wren Michaels

Genre: Erotic Fairytale

Description of main characters:

Rose Red: Fiercely independent and provocative, on a mission to free her family from the evil wrath of Hestor the dwarf sorcerer.

Marcus: Raw, animalistic and soulful, searching for a way to end his curse.

Setting: Haunted Forest, Historical Fairytale

Length: 22,000 words

Blurb: A twist of fate puts Rose's life in the hands of a mysterious stranger. Marcus is a bear by day, man by night, thanks to a curse. But Rose may be the key to getting his kingdom back, as she breaks one spell and puts him under another.

What's Hot?: Light Bondage and Self-pleasure

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Character Profiles

This month’s character profiles are from ‘Chasing Emily’ – the second in the Duoterra series:

Name – Emily Dubois

Book – Chasing Emily

Love interest – Finn and Robin

Age – 45

Hair/eyes – Dark with red tones – long and curly/grey eyes

Height/weight – Voluptuous – big bosom and hips

Looks – attractive

Other – Owns the bar in Frontier, is a widow, has a son - Derek

Name – Finn Taylor

Book – Chasing Emily

Love interest – Emily

Age – 34

Hair/eyes – Blond with a fringe that flops into his eyes/green eyes

Height/weight – Short and wiry

Looks – good looking

Other – Is a travelling musician

Name – Robin McPherson

Book – Chasing Emily

Love interest – Emily

Age – 29

Hair/eyes – Dark brown, short/brown eyes

Height/weight – Tall and well built

Looks – good looking

Other – Is a carpenter in Frontier

Blurb: On the colony planet of Duoterra, unattached women are expected to marry one or more men. But Emily Dubois, a widow in her forties who owns the bar in Frontier, loves her independence too much and the freedom to have sex with whomever she wants—particularly the young men of the area. When she is caught in a compromising position with fun-loving, cocky Finn Taylor, a travelling musician with a commitment-phobia, the Judge insists they marry, much to her horror. However, the ceremony is interrupted by another lover—serious, protective, hunky Robin McPherson, who’s been in love with Emily for years, but she keeps rejecting his proposal as she had such an awful first marriage. Both younger than her, the men are jealous and fight over Emily, but ensuing events mean that they have to work together to keep their woman from fleeing them. Can they do it? 

Review on Bookstrand: I love the older woman, younger man books. This series I so enjoy and look forward to reading more. Emily is a strong woman who doesnt want a man like her deceased husband. BRAVO! Jennifer - I cant wait for another

Buy links: