The Weres of Europe

The Weres of Europe is a collaboration with Finnish writer, Susan Laine, published by Evernight Publishing.

The Last Werewolf is a contemporary paranormal story, a menage a trois (MMF) set in England and Finland.

Summer Harrison has just lost her father, and now believes she is the last werewolf in the world, or England at least. Going through his papers, however, she discovers an old letter from Finland which suggests there's more to the family story than that. Taking the initiative, Summer travels to Finalnd on a whim. She meets a Finnish man, Rikhard Linna, and the two are drawn to each other like magnets. Even though Rik confesses to still having feelings for his ex-boyfriend, Leevi Valo, their passion burns hot. Soon there won't be just one, but two gorgeous men hot on her trail across foreign soil.

During her journey of exploration far and wide through rural Finland, Summer discovers that uncovering the truth about her wolf heritage is fraught with peril. Abducted by a group of violent separatists and imprisoned in an old fort in the wilderness, Summer learns that perhaps it might have been safer for her to stay in England as the last werewolf.

Review from Coffee Time Romance

With the death of her father, Summer thinks she is the last werewolf in the world. A decades-old letter sets her on the path, which could be her destruction or her future.

From the moment he meets her, Rik knows he needs Summer, but part of his heart still resides with his mate, Leevi, who also misses him. With the return of Rik, his wayward mate, together with the one Leevi never knew existed, there is much Leevi would sacrifice to keep both in his life.

Leevi, Summer and Rik are dealing with the changes in their lives and the threat of a pack stuck in the dark ages. Leevi is left feeling he has nothing to offer his mates, but they have a different point of view.

The Last Werewolf is an interesting story depicting the life of a werewolf. The interaction between the three intrigue me, although the relationship never quite feels settled enough for each partner to find his or her place. Still, the love among the three is beautifully portrayed. I will be looking for the next story in the Weres of Europe Series.

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