Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Men for Hire anthology - final selection

You may remember a few months ago I talked about co-ordinating an anthology for Luminosity Publishing called ‘Men for Hire’.

We had all the submissions in just before Easter and it was great fun choosing who would go in this anthology along with myself. I am pleased to announce the successful authors are:

Tina Donahue

Michelle Roth

Bella Settarra

And me.

Apart from myself they are all new to Luminosity – so welcome, ladies.

The four stories are MF – with one MFM from Bella. The theme is a firm in London run by Jennifer Archer who offers ‘men for hire’ to do any job from dog walking, house sitting, DIY, chauffeuring, etc. We were looking for ‘hot’ romantic stories and certainly have some great ones including men who put exercise equipment together ‘Got Muscle?’, who do house repairs ‘Calculated risk’, and who sweep chimneys ‘Menage at Mealtime’ and my story is about Jennifer Archer herself, ‘Marital Duties’.

Over the next few months I am doing an interview with each of the authors talking about their experiences writing their short story as well as telling us more about themselves. So watch this space…

In the meantime, we will be doing a further call for MM stories to go in a follow up anthology along with same theme – so watch out for that.

Monday, 27 April 2015

How an English country manor became the Manor of Decadence

How an English country mansion became the Manor of Decadence

When I decided to set my latest series in an English country mansion it was to provide a setting that was secluded for BDSM activities and large enough for lots of visitors. Little did I realise what wonderful double entendres it was going to generate.

For instance, there is a scene where they attend a workshop on cropping and it takes place in the stables (naturally – except there are no horses in sight. The riding crop is used on a submissive).

The heroine and her husband, James, take up the opportunity of a private tutorial in the Master’s study – and he certainly makes it clear what is expected of them.

The following day they find a swing hung from a huge oak tree in a secluded garden. This swing is not intended for children as it has shackles attached – and has a horizontal bed anyway. Once the heroine is in place then a branch from a nearby tree provides a suitable switch to use against Caroline’s exposed butt.

Later on, our twosome and the man who becomes the third in their menage, Mark, watch a branding session in the forge showing how a willing submissive can demonstrate their commitment to their Dominant.

Add to that a ball in the ballroom – where the emphasis is on a certain part of a man’s body. The only music that takes place are the cries of people climaxing.

Paddling in the boathouse where James discovers how to use everyday objects in their play.

And a fox hunt around the estate – with the Dominants hunting the submissives and a gala dinner where the dinner is eaten off the subs.

Those are just a few of the activities that takes place in ‘BDSM Weekend’. To enhance the story there is a map at the beginning of the novel.

If you want to read more, ‘BDSM Weekend’ is available from 10 April from the following suppliers:

Friday, 24 April 2015

Weekend Reading

An alien with a secret, a vampire with a vengeance and a surgeon with a fantasy. That’s the fab books featured this week.

Title of book: Conquest (Titan Year 4)

Name of author: Tatum Throne

Genre: Sci-fi/MM/BDSM

Description of main characters:

Ezekian Rewn. Commander of the Torrent. Alien. Height: 6'5". Hair: Black. Eye Color: Gray.

Dean Montero: Human male. Height: 5'11. Hair: Black. Eye Color: Blue.

Setting: Planet XR-46 and Deep Space.

Length: 38,000 words


Ezekian Rewn has a secret - he doesn't carry eggs. He carries sperm. Keeping the secret has meant a life without companionship.

Jaxon Montero is from Earth and has fallen hard for the alien.

With the Royal Guard after them, Rewn is forced to make sacrifices that will impact everyone.

What's hot?: This book depicts really hot alien sex and male pregnancy.

Title of book: Filling the Void (The Blood Lover Chronicles, Book 1)

Name of author: Morgan Hunter

Genre: Dark Paranormal Erotic Romance, Vampires

Description of main characters:

My female character: auburn hair, turquoise eyes, second-tier elite vampire with a vengeance and insatiable taste for human flesh.

Daron Alexander: Dark brown hair, green eyes, tall, and the son of a brokerage tycoon.

Setting: Present day Nevada, Oregon, and Northern California

Length: 57 pages


Get ready for a female vampire who knows what she wants and has enough secrets to boot.

What secrets you ask?

From Shakespeare to brokerage tycoons, this is one temptress of the night with a killer story you'll never forget.

Are you male? Female?

Pleasure bites back no matter which way you swing.

What’s hot in your story?: Killer bites and four-hundred-year-old secrets with a whole lot of blood and sweat you won't want to miss!

Buy link:   

Title of book: A Touch Of Sin

Name of author: Tara Rose

Genre: Erotic, contemporary, BDSM

Description of main characters: 

Savannah Patterson: blonde, blue-eyed ICU nurse who doesn't ever want to settle down with just one man

Dr. Ethan Drake: trauma surgeon; dark hair and blue eyes; experienced in BDMS play; has a secret fantasy to watch another man make love to a woman

Noah Kirkland: respiratory therapist; brown hair and dark eyes; has had a thing for Savannah most of his life; charming and fun-loving

Jimmie James: works at Henderson Weed & Feed; brown hair and green eyes; quiet, introspective, passionate; has loved Savannah since grade school and would do anything to make her happy

Setting: Fictional town of Sin, Tennessee

Blurb: ICU nurse Savannah Patterson gets a taste of sin with trauma doctor Ethan Drake, respiratory therapist Noah Kirkland, and Jimmie James, the preacher’s son and her former high school boyfriend. But when Jimmie finally remembers the events surrounding his mother’s death, his already strained relationship with his father becomes dangerous to all four of them.

What's hot: Sex and BDSM play with three men for our heroine!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Character Profiles

This month’s character profiles are from my latest book out: BDSM Weekend

Name – Caroline Shaw

Book – BDSM Weekend

Love interest – Husband (James), lover (Mark)


Hair/eyes – Long blonde hair/blue eyes

Height/weight – 5ft 8/good figure

Looks – Fit/beautiful

Other – Strong willed – takes quite a bit for her to accept being dominated/works in a stationery shop that also sells maps

Name – James Shaw

Book – BDSM Weekend

Love interest – Wife (Caroline)


Hair/eyes – Dark hair, slightly curling at the neck/grey eyes.

Height/weight – 5ft 10, fit but not hunky

Looks – Fit but not hunky

Other – The dominant in the threesome/passionate about history

Name – Mark Fuller

Book – BDSM Weekend

Love interest – Lover (Caroline)


Hair/eyes – Light brown hair with highlights/Green eyes

Height/weight – 5ft/very hunky

Looks – chiseled cheekbones – looks like a male model

Other – Was living with Andrea but she left him for Peter/works in an engineering firm


A weekend of BDSM activities for beginners. That was what James Shaw had booked at Lindsey Park Manor. He was now anxious about telling his wife, Caroline. In the past, they had tried out various implements at home, and were keen to take it further—even considering joining a ‘swingers’ site—but it was quite daunting doing anything with others! And then a shock awaits them on arrival in the form of James’ best friend.

As they progress through the various events—cropping in the stables, fellatio in the ballroom, and an unusual fox hunt—they have to deal with animosity, jealousy and the dropping of inhibitions, as all of them grow in their knowledge of a lifestyle which is exciting, yet challenging.

Just as the dynamics of their threesome change considerably, a further surprise awaits them at the end of the weekend.

Review on I was transfixed on what I was reading, it had an escape quality. You are drawn into the story. Gave the book 5 stars for stellar writing and exceptional character development. I was hooked. Jennifer Denys, bravo more please!

Buy links:

Monday, 20 April 2015

Something you never knew about me....

Something you never knew about me….

I make my own badges. I began this to give out for promotional purposes. So I have ones with my book covers on:

ones with quotes over one of my photos,

The templates are clearer to see:

or just plain quotes on coloured background. There are badges aimed at writers:

I’m writing
a book.
I’ve got
the page
numbers done

Or at readers:

A Room
Without Books
is a body
without soul

Or for sex lovers:

Sex without
Love is

Or just plain nice quotes:

It doesn’t
Cost anything
Extra to
be nice!

For the forthcoming Smut by the Sea event in Scarborough next month, I have stuck a badge onto each one of my bookmarks trying to match the quote with the book, eg,

If you obey
All the rules,
You miss
All the fun

(on a bookmark of ‘Retraining the Sub’)


There is no
friend as loyal
as a book

(on a bookmark of ‘Just Good Friends’)

Friday, 17 April 2015

Weekend Reading

Sexy assassins, stalkers and swingers. Wow! Check out the books below.

Title of book: Desire Unexpected (Assassins and Sweethearts Book 1)

Name of author: S.J. Maylee

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Description of main characters:

Nadia has blue eyes, long dark hair, mid 20s, and she’s a mail clerk.

Ethan has hazel eyes, dark neat and trim hair. He’s often in suits because he’s the CEO.

Setting: Chicago

Length: Novella


Her love may be the key to putting both of their lives back on track, but to what end? When a man he’s been contracted to kill threatens Nadia’s life, he forces her to face reality. Either they’ll delve deeper into the desires neither expected or they may die trying.

What’s hot?: The hero isn’t just the sexy CEO. He’s an assassin.

Title of book: Obsessed

Name of author: TL Reeve

Genre: LGBT, suspense, M/M

Description of main characters:

Fin, dark hair and eyes, tall, dancers build, but not too thin. Wears baggy clothes so it’s easy for him to dance in and move.
Michael Sandy blond, gray eyes. Tall, muscular, intimidating size. Almost looks as though he should be a bouncer, not own a dance studio.

Setting: Los Angeles-Downtown

Length: 11k


I'd been through a ton of shit in my life. The guy I thought I loved left me, and the guy I thought was my friend, started stalking me. Then Mike came to me and offered me a job.

However, that didn't last long. As Mike became more of a fixture in my life, my stalker became more obsessed.

What’s hot? Club scene at the beginning of the book between Fin and Michael.

Title of book: Kink After Dinner

Name of author: Jennifer Denys

Genre: Erotic romance/contemporary

Description of main characters:

Beth – 52, brown hair, hazel eyes, 5ft 3in, married – with a lover

Master – fifties, dominant, sexy, handsome!

Setting: A town in England

Length: 10,500


Putting on her purple bustier, and covering up with a coat, Beth leaves her husband engrossed in his carpentry to walk to a neighbour’s house, the home of a swinging couple, and a wonderful evening of kink starts—bondage, spanking, paddling, handcuffs. Then her husband turns up.

What’s hot?: Sexual activity with a ‘swinging couple’

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Excerpt from BDSM Weekend

Here is an excerpt from ‘BDSM Weekend’:

“My dear, you don’t strike me as particularly submissive.”
James held back a smile—well, a smirk, actually—at the comment Master George just gave Caroline. The Master of Lindsey Park Manor was spot on.
After leaving Mark, they had gone to the reception desk to make their workshop bookings and then went for a walk outside to allow Caroline time to calm down, before making their way to the Master’s Study on the ground floor.
Glancing out of the corner of his eye, James saw his wife flushing deep red at this criticism.
“Don’t get me wrong, Caroline. There is nothing wrong with you if you are not submissive. However, have you considered a role as a Dominant? Or even someone who can switch from one who follows, to one who leads, and back again?”
Caroline looked at James in confusion. It matched his own feelings. Neither of them had considered Caroline in any other role—at least not in bedroom activities.
James sat forward. “I’m not sure I understand, Sir. Are you suggesting Caroline undertakes BDSM—wields a whip or whatever else—with someone else?”
Master George responded. “Not unless she wishes to. Since Caroline has shown a distinct lack of submissive behaviour since you entered the room, I was wondering how you felt about her taking the role of the Dominant over you?”
Leaping to his feet, James cried, “You have to be kidding!”
Waving James back in his seat, Master George continued, “I didn’t mean to offend you. I wanted to see how important it was to you to be the one in control—and judging by your reaction, it clearly is. As Caroline’s only reaction was to gasp in shock, rather than exclaim in delight at my suggestion, I gather this had never entered her head.”
Sitting down again, James ran a nervous hand through his hair. “It didn’t enter mine, either,” he muttered, to himself as much as to the others in the room.
Although no shrinking violet, Caroline had naturally assumed the submissive role in their bedroom activities. Out of it, she was just as likely to tell him what to do. Now he was thinking hard about whether he could let Caroline top him.
Jesus! Can I lay there and let her spank me? Or more?
Caroline entered the conversation, staring at James as she spoke to Master George. She always knew exactly what he was thinking. “It has never occurred to us before. And, despite being fairly strong-willed, it isn’t something I want to do.”
“And that could be because your current roles are most suited to your personalities,” continued the Master. “So my next question is, how experienced are you in the ménage? Do you frequently enjoy sexual dalliance or use implements with others?”
Caroline went even redder if that was possible. “We—we’ve never done anything with anyone else—always been happy just to practice with each other. The point of coming here was to learn more. Maybe see others also trying it out, and not feel we are freaks in any way, if that makes sense.”
Master George nodded his head knowingly. “I can understand that entirely. It is the reason we organise these weekends. The intention of the tutorials is to analyse where you are in your discoveries into alternative sexual practices, and make you think about where you can go from here. Do feel free to experiment while you are here. That is the purpose of your visit, after all. However, don’t feel pressured into doing something either of you do not want to do. Our policy is always that it must be consensual.”
James had got over his earlier shock and found the Master’s words to be thought provoking.
Their host hadn’t finished. “Now, what about letting others into your play? Do you know anyone else who is here?”
Before James could react, Caroline adamantly declared, “Absolutely not!” His lips quirked at her outburst.
Master George sat back in his chair, his hands clasped with forefingers against his lips in a reflective pose. “Can you elaborate, my dear? Do you simply refuse to contemplate any outsiders, despite the fact you said you wanted to watch others in their activities, or is it that you are not familiar with anyone else and that puts you off?”
As Caroline glanced at James he just raised his eyebrows at his wife. She had to get herself out of that one.
She stuttered as she answered, indicating her nervousness. “We—we do know one other guest, Mark Fuller. I would feel very awkward doing things with him. In some ways it would be easier with strangers.”
James nodded. He actually agreed with his wife. At the same time, he felt very sad for Mark and wondered if his friend would find someone else with whom to hook-up. His mind strayed then, and James started thinking about Mark having sex with Caroline. He grimaced. Although he quite liked the idea of watching her with other men, it didn’t feel right her doing it with Mark. It might make things awkward for their friendship afterwards.
“So, James,” Master George was talking to him and James started, realising he had to concentrate. “Let’s consider that. How do you feel about involving others in your play if they are strangers?”
Glancing at Caroline, James saw her give a slight shrug. It was one thing to joke about doing it, but quite another when it was presented to you as something that could well happen. “I think we would talk about it first. We’ve always discussed these things together. But possibly.”
“Very good. People in general would find a lot out about themselves if they opened up more,” stated the Master rather enigmatically. He was writing in a large, ornate notebook. “I will see what I can arrange.”

James’ heart leapt in his chest. Jesus! What have we let ourselves in for?