Monday, 27 February 2017

What I got from my parents

There's an advert on tv where three or four women talk about what they got from their mothers, e.g., a sense of adventure for one person. So I was thinking about my parents.

From Mum I got a love of tradition, a sense of responsibility, a love of gambling and playing games, e.g., cards & board games, a love of reading, in particular romance (I think mum would have been the first person to read my stories if she was still alive!), and my creativity - she was always knitting, crocheting and doing tapestry. And my political preferences.

From Dad, I got the ability to be happy in my own company, a love of watching sport (as those of you know from my comments about the Olympics), my cultural tastes, eg, film & music, my love of walking, an interest in gaining knowledge on whatever subject takes my fancy, and a love of dance.

What did you get from your parents?

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Guest post from Janine Ashbless

I am delighted to welcome my lovely friend, Janine Ashbless talking about the challenges of writing the second book in her erotic romance/ supernatural thriller series.

Writing Book Two

In 2014 my erotic romance/supernatural thriller novel Cover Him with Darkness was published. It ends with my heroine Milja having freed the fallen angel Azazel from five thousand years of imprisonment. Not being the sort to let a grudge lie, he swears (to Milja’s great alarm) to release all two hundred of his captive brothers from wherever they are hidden around the world, and lead them in a war against Heaven. THE END.

This week the second part of The Book of the Watchers is published, and I’m currently busy writing the third and final volume. The story was conceived as a trilogy since the beginning, but it’s the first time I’ve written in this way and it’s been an interesting experience as a writer.
In Bonds of the Earth isn’t just about pushing the plot forward; it’s where I start to drill down into the characters. As a Pantser, it was a voyage of exploration for me as much as for the readers; as I wrote Book 2 I took everything in Cover Him With Darkness and pulled it apart, asking “Is this strictly true or does someone have a hidden agenda?” “Why did they do/say that?” “What is the backstory to this?” “What is missing here – and why should that be?”

So for Azazel, the fallen angel, I ask what he was like before he took human form – what are angels really like when they’re not trying to look like us? How do they relate to each other? What rules govern their behavior? How are the loyal, “good” angels different to the fallen, “bad” ones?

For Milja I wanted to know more about her backstory. In Cover Him With Darkness she has a close relationship with her father and is devastated when he dies – but her mother is long dead and she doesn’t mention her. I had to ask myself, why should that be? In In Bonds of the Earth it becomes increasingly clear that this is more a case of SHE REALLY DOESN’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT HER MOTHER, NO WAY, NO HOW. There is something weird going on here, but as the narrator Milja is hiding it (and all won’t be fully revealed until Book Three of the trilogy, I’m afraid).

For wannabe-love-interest Egan Kansky, it’s about secrets. He reveals one – that he works for the Vatican, and he’s there to recapture Azazel – at the end of Cover Him With Darkness. He’s got more, both professional and personal. In fact, Egan is a never-ending pit of secrets; every time Milja thinks she’s got to know the real him, another floor falls away beneath her feet. They succumb to temptation whenever they’re together, but then he backs off leaving her distraught. He loves her, but he’s terrified of letting her close. Oh boy, I went to some dark, dark places following these clues.

And Uriel … oh, my favourite loyal archangel … sarcastic, snobby, vain, and sexually frustrated despite all his high ideals: what the hell is Uriel planning? Because he’s too smart to be just standing idly by while his enemy Azazel is running round fomenting a second War in Heaven. Uriel is definitely Up To Something.

Maybe other authors plot everything out in advance, and never come cross any surprises as they write. But for me it’s about treating the story as a reality with its own existence. I’m just the one who asks the right questions, works out what the truth has to be, and types it up ;-)


Thank you, my lovely. Good luck with your book – sounds fab. Details/blurb/excerpt etc are below.

Would you defy God, for love?

“Broad at the shoulders and lean at the hips, six foot-and-then-something of ropey muscle, he looks like a Spartan god who got lost in a thrift store. He moves like ink through water. And his eyes, when you get a good look at them, are silver. Not gray. Silver. You might take their inhuman shine for fancy contact lenses. You’d be wrong.

Janine Ashbless is back with the second in her paranormal erotic romance Book of the Watchers trilogy: In Bonds of the Earth.

Unafraid to tackle the more complex issues surrounding good and evil in mainstream religion, Janine has created a thought-provoking and immersive novel which sets a new standard for paranormal erotic romance. The first in the series, Cover Him With Darkness, was released in 2014 by Cleis Press and received outstanding reviews.

In Bonds of the Earth is published by Sinful Press and is due for release on March 1st, 2017.


“I will free them all.”

When Milja Petak released the fallen angel Azazel from five thousand years of imprisonment, she did it out of love and pity. She found herself in a passionate sexual relationship beyond her imagining and control – the beloved plaything of a dark and furious demon who takes what he wants, when he wants, and submits to no restraint. But what she hasn’t bargained on is being drawn into his plan to free all his incarcerated brothers and wage a war against the Powers of Heaven.
As Azazel drags Milja across the globe in search of his fellow rebel angels, Milja fights to hold her own in a situation where every decision has dire consequences. Pursued by the loyal Archangels, she is forced to make alliances with those she cannot trust: the mysterious Roshana Veisi, who has designs of her own upon Azazel; and Egan Kansky, special forces agent of the Vatican – the man who once saved then betrayed her, who loves her, and who will do anything he can to imprison Azazel for all eternity.

Torn every way by love, by conflicting loyalties and by her own passions, Milja finds that she too is changing – and that she must do things she could not previously have dreamt of in order to save those who matter to her.

In Bonds of the Earth is the second in the Book of the Watchers trilogy and the sequel to Cover Him With Darkness.


I was giving my long-dreaded presentation on the anniversary footbridge to Misters Ellis, Singh, Constanzo and Mackenzie…when Azazel walked in.
Oh hell.
“Excuse me, gentlemen,” I said loudly, lurching around from behind my desk, grabbing Azazel’s arm and spinning him back to face the door. “Not here, come on, please,” I implored through clenched teeth.
If there was one thing I’d learned by then, it was to not ignore warning dreams. If I’d paid them more attention from the start, things between me and Egan might have gone very differently back in Montenegro…
No, better not to think of Egan, not when Azazel was around. One guy at a time was quite enough to wrap my head around. Especially this guy.
He humored me though, this time, letting me pull him out of the meeting room and through the open plan office without resistance. We attracted a lot of stares, but there was nothing I could do about that except hold my head high.
“Where are we going?” he asked.
“Out. Anywhere.”
“You’re so impetuous.”
I didn’t need to glance up at his wicked smirk. I could feel it burning its way into my breast.
Bryce, the beardy guy in my new team who’d shown me the ropes of the job and seemed just a tiny bit too eager to talk every morning, stood up from his cubicle to intercept us. “Milja, is everything okay?”
“It’s just fine,” I rasped, towing Azazel faster.
“She’s insatiable,” my demon lover confided with a helpless shrug to my colleague as we swept past.
Bryce stared, mouth open.
“Goddamnit,” I muttered, and Azazel chuckled.
Sometimes it was hard to remember that he’d risked everything to save me.
We reached the doors at the end of the room and I pushed through, past the lobby with the elevators and into the concrete stairwell of the emergency stairs beyond. The only people who came here were smokers on their way to the roof, and it looked empty for now. My panicky momentum fizzled away and I swung to face him.
“What are you doing here?”
“What do you think?” he countered, taking my face in his hands.
“Azazel—” But he cut off my protests with his hungry kiss; a kiss that lanced through me all the way to my core. I gave up resisting, and speaking, and almost breathing, as his lust rolled over me in a hot wet wave. I slid my hands around his neck and tangled my fingers in his messy hair, pulling myself into his embrace. His body was hard as rock, his hands heavy on my waist and hips. The yearning for his touch that smoldered in my flesh day and night woke to a roaring heat.
I’d missed him. His skin, his smile, the peppery scent and salt taste of him. The sweetness of his lips and the harsh rasp of his stubbled chin. I’d missed him so much—like an addict missing her hit.

Author bio:

Janine Ashbless is a writer of fantasy erotica and steamy romantic adventure. She likes to write about magic and myth and mystery, dangerous power dynamics, borderline terror, and the not-quite-human.

Janine has been seeing her books in print ever since 2000. She's also had numerous short stories published by Black Lace, Nexus, Cleis Press, Ravenous Romance, Harlequin Spice, Storm Moon, Xcite, Mischief Books, and Ellora's Cave among others. She is co-editor of the nerd erotica anthology 'Geek Love'.

Born in Wales, Janine now lives in the North of England with her husband and two rescued greyhounds. She has worked as a cleaner, library assistant, computer programmer, local government tree officer, and - for five years of muddy feet and shouting - as a full-time costumed Viking. Janine loves goatee beards, ancient ruins, minotaurs, trees, mummies, having her cake and eating it, and holidaying in countries with really bad public sewerage.

Her work has been described as:
"Hardcore and literate" (Madeline Moore) and "Vivid and tempestuous and dangerous, and bursting with sacrifice, death and love." (Portia Da Costa


Janine Ashbless website:
Janine Ashbless blog:
Janine Ashbless on Facebook:
Sinful Press website:



In Bonds of the Earth will be available from all major online bookstores in both digital and print. Please contact Lisa Jenkins at for any further information.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Short story or long?

Short story or long?

I had finished my latest story (To Claim a Mate - an MM BDSM wolf shifter story), written for an anthology. However, when I got there I decided it felt more like a longer story. My short stories usually depict an episode in the characters’ romance, but this was telling the whole journey! Also, it was all in the point of view of the alpha wolf/Dominant and the submissive was crying (literally!) to have his point of view told!

So… I’ve decided not to submit it for the anthology but to extend it. So you have to wait a little longer, I’m afraid. Thankfully it is working quite easily to add in extra chapters with Jared’s POV and, at the same time, expand the plot.

There is also something else that may come out of this story… but you’ll have to wait for that announcement!

Friday, 17 February 2017

Wicked Weekends


Delve into the minds of ten authors and let them take you for the ride of your lives into the world of sex on public transport. Locations vary from Trains, Planes, Automobiles, Buses, Trams and Ferries. The confined interiors and restricted spaces of public transport can often lead to erotic contact and (in these stories anyway) ensure hot and steamy sex.

Entice yourself with stories of:

Trains: Where the constant rhythm and clatter of wheels on rails, the side-to-side motion and a sense of entrapment between stations can add a touch of spice; or heighten the excitement by stealing pleasure in a busy underground carriage or on a crowded platform. Follow a detective beguiled by the splendour of steam travel and the thief she's set out to capture.

Planes: Where the confined space of the seats necessitates an unconventional solution to comforting a fidgeting woman.

Automobiles: Where passions run high when you only have thirty minutes in the back of a cab and don't know when you'll meet again–if ever. A collision on a ferry car deck transforms a woman's anger into deep-rooted desire out in the open.

Buses: Where a crowded bus and the girl who sits on the dividing line between two disparate groups of students attracts a man from both sides. Eavesdropping on someone else's erotic stories on a ride share entices a girl to act along to the narration.

Trams: Where wearing fancy dress leads to a completely new meaning to public displays of affection.

Whatever your fantasy these erotic short stories will leave you eager to plan your next journey!

Ticket to Ride
Come Find Me – Lana Sloan
Between her day job and teaching hula, Kalea doesn’t have time for men. However, the cocky stranger who rear-ended her car on the parking deck of a ferry seems determined to change her mind. A ferry is no place to confront her deep-seated desires, but Wyatt is determined to convince Kalea that no matter the location, there is always time to explore.
Pairing(s): MF

Hey, Stranger – Annabeth Leong
Lou is usually too timid to hit on hot women, so she's determined not to miss her opportunity with Cindy. Passions run high when they spend thirty minutes in the back of a cab, not knowing when they'll meet again–if ever. It turns out that having breathless encounters as near strangers sets both Lou and Cindy free in just the way they need.
Pairing(s): FF

The Dividing Line – Harley Easton
Easy going Rowan is the dividing line between the wild and the mild on the tour bus. She's had a crush on sweet Creole gentleman, Simon, and wild surfer boy, Zan, for most of the year, but knows she doesn't fit in with their respective groups. Rowan decides to sleep on the empty bus to avoid her fellow travellers, but when Simon and Zan find her, sleep is the last thing on their minds.
Pairing(s): MFM

New Frontier – Wade Beauchamp
Travelling by light rail to a downtown Halloween party dressed as John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline, JFK entices the demure Jackie into a public display of affection. At the party, Jackie changes costumes and becomes a bold and confident Marilyn Monroe. The change in dress results in a different kind of public display at the train station.
Pairing(s): MF

Schrodinger's Cat – Corbin Grace
Kate, by nature, is curious, by profession, a keen observer. Her seatmate on the flight, an attractive younger woman, seems extremely agitated, and brushes against Kate with her erratic movements. Kate wonders if the woman is afraid of flying, and, if she’s honest with herself, doesn’t want the contact to end. Gradually, Kate reveals her romantic nature.
Pairing(s): FF

Midnight Train Home – Andrew Scott
Nicole meets a stranger on the midnight train from Chicago. She's convinced they have never met, but he seems to know everything about Nicole and persuades her that not only have they met, but they share a past and were, in fact, lovers. Steven is so persuasive, so seductive that Nicole quickly falls for him. Yet, is Steven all he claims to be?
Pairing(s): MF

Feeling Vulnerable – Beverly Langland
As ridiculous ideas go, the notion of wearing an 'obedience skirt' is way out there. Yet, Miranda is determined to prove to her best friend that she isn't a power-hungry executive who scares every man she dates scampering for safety. So, Miranda subjects herself to the humiliation and excitement of stranger sex (both imagined and real) to show that she can relinquish control.
Pairing(s): MF

Ride Share – Chase Morgan
Wanting to make Ashley's daily commute on the Ride Share more entertaining, Molly gifts Ashley a new pair of Bluetooth headphones for her birthday. When a crossed signal picks up an erotic recording from another person in the van, Ashley has no idea where the fun will lead. As she becomes more engrossed in the stories, she finds herself acting along with the narration.
Pairing(s): MF

The MacGuffin – Jenny Rainbolt
Mary, a noir-era private investigator is searching for a mysterious stolen artefact. When she meets beautiful femme fatale, Lydia, on a luxury train the mutual attraction becomes obvious. The seductive journalist persuades Mary to reveal the details of the investigation into the recent theft and their subsequent tryst leaves Mary with a dilemma.
Pairing(s): FF

Monday, 13 February 2017

Names for characters

Names for characters

I talked about settings for stories last week; this week I am talking about names for characters.

For my male heroes I have generally chosen fairly short names – purely because they appeal to me and sound sexy, eg, Ben, Alex, Sam, James, Matt, Dan, Nick, Luke, etc. Male baddies usually have names which, to me, are old fashioned, dorkish or belong to people I don’t like! I have used Ronald in the story I am writing at the moment. Not all short names appeal to me – I have a Lance as a baddie in Collared by Wolves. It is simply a name I don’t like.

For my female heroines – I have usually chosen names I would give my own children (similarly, I would have given any sons my male hero names): Rebecca, Katherine (Kat), Elizabeth (Beth). The same is true as above for my female baddies - I once knew a Brenda who I heartily disliked! - and I had an Erica in another story because I find it too harsh a name.

I was going to name my very first heroine Jennie but then one day I said out loud, “But that’s me!” Jennie has always been my alter ego and if I was going to have a pen name, it was at that moment I realised it had to be Jennifer and so that first heroine got changed to Jessie.

It gets more difficult the more books I write as I am running out of favourite names (although I can always come up with people I don’t like for the baddies’ names!).

Occasionally I have used friends’ names for my characters or because the character has a certain trait and I know someone with that trait. My friend, Lyn, appears as Elin in Kink After Dinner.

Sci-fi characters, however, I am more creative with, but generally keep them short for the men – Suva, Taran (both in the Alien Manhunt stories) and Braemel (looks longer but still only two syllables).

I nearly tore my hair out with the characters in Naughty Christmas Wishes as the Elves all had to have names beginning with El – not so easy! I came up with Elvis, Elrond, Elliott and Elwood eventually.

I deliberately do not give my main characters names beginning with the same initial. This is because I have read stories where other authors have done this and I get confused as to which person is talking, particularly if it is two men. To get around my rule above, they all had nicknames.

I also have this (very odd) thing where I assign certain hair colourings to initial letters, eg, A, C, L, S are all blonde. D, G, H, I, J, O, P, Q, R, T, W, Z are all dark. Everything else is in between – could be dark blonde, mouse, ginger, light brown. So when I am thinking of a character’s name it may be determined by what colour hair I have in mind. I don’t always stick to this, but mostly I do.

So for my story I am writing (To Claim a Mate) – one of the gay heroes is Cole and the other is Jared. You now know what colour hair both have.

Watch this space for that story.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Wicked Weekends


Four dangerously dark and delicious stories that will awaken your dirtiest fantasies.

Introduction by USA Today bestselling author Jenika Snow.

NOT ONE NIGHT by D.C. Stone:

One night of pleasure is't worth losing a lifetime of friends. Or a reputation. Or a career. A spot in the social standing. That irritating innocence. Or the always-so-present pride.


But it is worth losing her heart.

REDEEMER by Kastil Eavenshade:

His family has the wealth and power to give him anything... except approval. 

Gianni Bencivenni marks his time in lines of cocaine. One lover is the same as the next within the walls of addition - until his family puts a contract out on his life. On the run with the last man he wants to be in close quarters with, Gianni has to decide whether his yearning for acceptance and love can overpower his need for a drug-filled haze.

Johnny "Butcher" Mascagni marks the black sins he commits. Death is his profession and ghosts of the dead haunt his waking moments. His penance for the dark life he's led. Through all the men who have shared his bed, love is a promise that eludes him. When a former lover becomes his last assignment, Butcher must decide if he can set his demons free and open his heart again.

SLICK by Lea Bronsen:

Ex-convict Luke has been fortunate enough to land a small job as a kitchen assistant, but he's lonely and crippled by baggage from the past.

CEO Roman Spencer also has his share of problems. It doesn't help that a tough and hot-headed kitchen worker begins to plague his mind...and body.

The more Luke runs into Roman, the more his dark fantasy turns into attraction. If he surrenders, his thug pride will effectively go down the drain.

ADDICTIONS by R. Brennan:

Alexis Harrison is a mess. She's managed to blow out her knee, lose her scholarship, and get hooked on pain killers. Now she's playing mule to her dealer, who is her only friend, to support her ever increasing habit.

If something doesn't change soon, her addition is going to cost Lexi more than just everything.



Paperbacks can be purchased at CreateSpace

Add the book to your Goodreads list!


D.C. “Desi” Stone is a best-selling romance author and full-time fraud investigator. She lives in California with her incredibly supporting husband, two kids, and the ever-growing family of cats. After serving eight years of service with the United States Air Force, she went on to transition into the world of financial crimes and became a lead investigator for many years. Reading has always been a passion of hers, getting lost in a good, steamy romance is one of her favorite past times. She soon after discovered her own love for writing and recreating stories and characters in her head. Her writing concentrates on romantic with specifics in paranormal, suspense, and erotica. Now, when she isn’t trying to solve a new puzzle in the world of fraud, she is engulfed with coffee, her laptop, and all those crazy characters in her head.

Find her on

Kastil Eavenshade is a multi-published author pandering her romantic shenanigans. When not catering to the whims of three rescued kitties, she's dreaming up her next heart-beating tale. No period in her history - past, present, or future - is safe from the clutches of her muse. Her passions beyond writing are drawing, cooking, and watching Pittsburgh Penguins hockey. She credits her parents for her free spirit as they've always supported her in every aspect of her life. Without them, she wouldn't be here. She finds pleasure in writing anything from fantasy to romance - which sometimes parallel each other.

Find her on

Award-winning author Lea Bronsen likes her reads hot, fast, and edgy, and strives to give her own stories the same intensity. After venturing into dirty inner-city crime drama with her debut novel Wild Hearted, she divides her writing time between psychological thriller, romantic suspense, and erotic dark/contemporary romance.

Find her on

R. Brennan is a subbie brat with a bitch streak, an IT geek for the state of New York, and reformed gaming addict living in the rolling hills of Upstate NY. (You know, where it takes a ten minute drive to buy a gallon of milk, and the smell of cows lingers on the breeze).

Find her on

Monday, 6 February 2017

Settings for stories

Settings for stories

I deliberately avoid naming cities or towns where most of my stories take place for several reasons.

  1. American readers can imagine they take place in their country, UK readers can imagine it takes place in the UK and any other readers around the world in their own locations as they wish.
  2. It saves having to know a place well enough to describe streets, scenery, landmarks, etc.
  3.  It gives me the opportunity to be creative and come up with names for streets, etc, myself. I often name them after people I know or where friends currently live, eg, ‘Pickford Park’ in Wife for Three, ‘Sellers Street’ in Dark Captive, ‘Old Deer Park Road’ in Collared by Wolves.

However, I do have a few stories that are set in specific locations.

a. The Men for Hire anthologies that I coordinated had the head office of the Men for Hire agency in London. This made it slightly difficult for American writers who wanted to submit a story who were not familiar with London or English customs/countryside. I had to ask one author to change her story which included a raccoon as we don’t have them in the UK.

b. BDSM Weekend is set in a fictional mansion in the English countryside. So I scoured maps of England looking for a large area of countryside where there were no current mansions that I could set mine. I settled on Lincolnshire and used the countryside that currently was there to form the basis of my map of the ‘estate’ which includes woods, stables, hill with tower, dovecot, maze etc.

c. The books in the Duoterra series are set on the colony planet of Duoterra.

d. Similarly, with my other sci-fi stories they all in space or on alien planets. I haven’t used currently named planets! Much more fun to invent your own.

e. The Last Werewolf starts off in York, England, and the heroine then goes off the Finland. Thankfully, I relied on my co-writer, the lovely Susan Laine, who is Finnish, to supply details of Finland. We decided to set the bulk of the story in the wonderfully named ‘Hell’s Lake’ which is real!

The disadvantages of not setting it in a particular country is that I have to use American English for the American market, eg, in Dark Captive I had referred to a car park – which got changed to ‘parking lot’ despite the fact that I hadn’t specified which country it was taking place in. In another story (one of the Friends & Acquaintances series I seem to recall) the characters had a takeaway….. which was changed to take out for the American market!

I did argue in The Last Werewolf when the editor wanted me to change ‘hot flush’ to ‘hot flash’ because the heroine is English and we say ‘hot flush’. The editor argued that American readers would think it was a typo. *sigh*

So, I am now after a name for a gay BDSM club in a city in an unnamed country. Any thoughts?

Friday, 3 February 2017

Wicked Weekends


Title: Branding Grayson

Author: Tatum Throne

Genre: BDSM/Cowboys

Sexual Orientation: MM

Type of story: Novella

What’s hot?: Bondage and spanking


Grayson Peters has spent too many years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. After his conviction is overturned, Gray quickly discovers that the small town of Eagle Pass wants nothing to do with him. As he tries to get back on his feet, the harassment starts.

Border agent Zeke Fields has been asked by Director Peters to protect his son, who has just gotten out of prison. As he watches over Gray, it’s not long before Zeke wants something more. Zeke is a Dom who wants to take Gray on as his submissive. But as he tries to hold on tighter, Gray begins to pull away. Will his sub ever trust him enough to let go of his past?

Life for Gray is a hot mess. But as he pushes Zeke away, he quickly discovers that he wants more out of life. Will Zeke forgive him before it’s too late?

Title: Undone by Destiny

Author: Allyson Young

Genre: Shifter romance with a twist

Sexual Orientation: MF

Type of story: Novella

What’s hot?: Make up sex


Desiree lost her heart to Tahl before he moved away, pursuing a redheaded shifter. Devastated, she somehow managed to hope he got what he needed. Except, being part Fae, she now believes she’s cursed him. Tahl has returned, unmated, refusing to share what transpired.

When Tahl pursues her, realizing what she has always meant to him, Desi desperately avoids, her guilt—and refusal to be second choice—a deterrent to her heart. Her twenty-fifth birthday approaches, and hot from the chase, Tahl corners her. He triggers her heat and she must allow him to assuage it, however outraged and resentful she might be.

The redhead follows Tahl, refusing to accept his mating—he can’t be bonded should his mate die... The males fail to thwart the nefarious plan, and the true nature of both females is revealed. Only one bitch can win and keep Tahl’s heart, and Desi won’t lose.

Buy Links:

Title of book: Free Spirit

Author: Andi Bremner

Genre: Contemporary

Type of book: Novella

Sexual orientation: MF


How much of your heart would you give if you knew how short life could be?

Juliette Reynolds knows that life is a precious gift that could be snatched away at any moment. A survivor of childhood leukemia she lives her life seeking fun, adventure and love at every turn making no commitments and never settling in one place for too long in her quest to experience life to the fullest. Her latest adventure has bought her to Myrtle Beach where she meets Noah Daniels.  Having lost his wife in a freak boating accident three years ago Noah also knows how quickly life can be sucked away.

But Juliette, with her zest for life and eternal optimism, is determined to wake Noah up and bring him back into the world of the living.  That is, until it seems like living is what she might not get to do.
Buy links: