Duoterra series

Duoterra is a sci-fi/futuristic series set on a colony planet (Duoterra) at some time in the future about sixty years after the colony was first settled. The published stories are available on the publisher's website: Bookstrand or Amazon. These books, unlike the Friends or Doms series, are novel length. You can also buy these first two books in a paperback combination available on Amazon.

Wife for Three (a menage a quatre about three brothers - Adam, Curt and Eric - who advertise for a wife on this planet where few women are left and polygamous marriages are allowed but promiscuity is strongly frowned upon. The relationship is not an easy one - the heroine, Brianna, doesn't know these men and the heroes experience jealousy, uneasiness, anger, andrivalry. Add to this shame, betrayal, imprisonment, and injury and that tells the story!)

Titbit: There are aliens on this planet and they are briefly mentioned in this first story.......

Reviews on MER: I like this book. It made me stop and think about the future of Earth. It has a story line a bit different to most erotic menage books.

Review on Amazon: Unlike a lot of this type of book, the story was intriguing and engaging. The love scenes were well written, but the story could have stood alone without them which is a big plus.
I'd certainly read more from this author.

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Chasing Emily is the second in the series and tells the story of Emily, the bar-owning widow from Frontier who is fiercely independent and horrified when, caught in a compromising position with Finn, is told she must marry. To make matters worse, another lover (Robin) interrupts the ceremony. Both men are younger than her and are insanely jealous but when they finish their fight they find Emily has scarpered ......

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