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Wicked Weekends


Author: Alyse Raines
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type of story: Novel
Sexual orientation: MF
What's hot?: A sexy SEAL-turned-university student won't take no for an answer


Andrew Warren’s future was with the Marines, until an IED took his leg and derailed his career. Now he’s flunking Fundamentals, and he enlists the help of his fellow App State freshman and off-campus neighbor, Sawyer Layne. It’s not just the beautiful blonde’s looks that intrigue him, but the hurt in her eyes. 

Sawyer spends her days surrounded by numbers and nights with a bottle of vodka to numb the darkness of her past. Guys like sexy, tattooed Andrew are exactly what Sawyer needs to avoid. Look but don’t touch—that’s the rule. If only his eyes weren’t so blue, and his abs not so chiseled…. 

When Sawyer resists his brand of charm, Andrew uses every devious tactic he knows to pull her from her shell. Falling in love was never part of the plan.

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Title of book: R.I.L.Y Forever
Author: Norah Bennett
Genre: Contemporary
Type of book: Novel
Sexual orientation: MF
What’s hot?: Sex in the shower


Julia and Ethan meet at the age of sixteen and are drawn to one another, first as friends then as lovers. When everything and everyone Julia holds dear is threatened, Julia is forced to do the unimaginable. Under a veil of secrets and lies, the young lovers are violently separated. The last time Julia sees Ethan, he gives her a heart-shaped silver locket with the inscription, R.I.L.Y. Forever.

Twenty-two years pass before Ethan and Julia’s lives intersect again in a small town in Northwest Jersey. Their reunion is unexpected and emotional. Their passion reignites and their relationship flourishes despite Julia’s abusive ex-husband and Ethan’s possessive ex-wife. But the past rears its ugly head and the lovers soon discover that a foundation built on secrets will always crumble. Can Ethan and Julia overcome their painful past and learn the lessons of honesty, trust, and forgiveness in time to save their love?

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Title of book: Carla’s Cowboys (Cowboys of Cavern County 1)
Author: Bella Settarra
Genre: Western, erotic romance
Type of book: Novel
Sexual orientation: MFM
What’s hot?: Suggestive innuendo over a shared dessert

She can hide her secrets, but not her heart…
While on the run from Jerome Pearson—her dangerous former boyfriend—Carla Burchfield falls in love with hunky twin cowboys Matt and Dyson Shearer. As soon as Pearson turns up in town Carla’s first instinct is to flee. Reluctantly leaving the guys, she makes her escape, only to be met with an accident en route.

Local rancher Aiden Fielding finds her and takes her back to his palatial spread, where he calls the doctor and the sheriff’s office. To Carla’s horror, she discovers that the local sheriff is Dyson Shearer. Feeling upset and betrayed, she absconds from the ranch, taking with her a broken heart and a head full of secrets the guys would never believe.

When Pearson catches up with her, so does her past. Can she ever convince her cowboys that her reasons for hiding stolen cash are honourable? And can they persuade her to stay with them even though the affluent Aiden Fielding appears to have so much more to offer her?

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Where the muse comes from

I have often been asked where I get my inspiration from. Here are a few ways ideas came to me:

* On the train home from work. I close my eyes and let my mind wander. Being already tired from a day at work, I am not focussing on anything particular. Frequently, though, if I have been thinking about a story – or even working on one - thoughts will occur to me as my mind takes a stroll through my thoughts! I keep a small notepad with me to jot down any ideas that occur to me – particularly when I am finishing off a story and my mind will think of lots of things to check out. For instance, I used lots of sci-fi references in ‘Bounty Hunters’ Captive’ and my thoughts were like this:

‘Sonic screwdriver’
‘Matter transporter’
‘Aldebaran brandy’
‘Change Chulak to Chulluk or similar’
‘Sex on console’
‘Washing her hero’s genitals when he is ill’
‘Anti gravity sex’
……  (I often wonder what passengers around me think of me if I feel myself going red at a particularly erotic scene I may conceive!)

* In the bath having a long soak. Similar to above – just letting your mind wander and not think of anything specific, ideas may occur to you. I guess both this and the one above, could be called a form of meditation. My very first book, ‘Just Good Friends’ was conceived this way.

* In unusual circumstances – I came up with the idea of ‘Alien Manhunt 3’ whilst having a Hot Stone massage at a spa! (This also appears in the story!)

* Writing retreats. You can present your idea to another person and see how they like it (when I was off recovering from an operation this year I had several Writing Fridays with fellow writer, Morgan King. It inspired both our stories that came out in June with Luminosity Publishing. Morgan wrote ‘Third Times a Steal’ and I wrote ‘Dark Captive’. Setting that time aside to do nothing else but write or think up ideas can give you the space and opportunity.

* Co-writing a story, which I did with ‘The Last Werewolf’ co-authored by Susan Laine. We found the process of bouncing ideas off of each other exhilarating. Of course, if we had written the story by ourselves, we probably would have taken the characters in different directions. As it was, we agreed that it was born of both our minds.

* Going to conferences and attending workshops. You may be inspired you to go away and write up an idea you may have had in the workshops. The latest anthology I am editing, ‘Love and Lust in Space’ was launched at the last Smut by the Sea event after I gave a workshop on ‘Sex in Sci-fi’. This was followed up by several submissions from people who attended! (Including myself – watch this space for that story - entitled ‘The Sonic Dilda’tor’!)

* Listening to friends or family. The idea of ‘Champagne Fridays’ which features in the three in the ‘Friends & Acquaintances’ series and the cross-over three ‘Doms & Acquaintances’ was stolen from a colleague at work who often spoke of the Champagne Fridays she and friends have every Friday…. That particular colleague refuses to tell me anything, now!

* Dreams. I woke up after dreaming a story that then became ‘Alien Manhunt 1’. The key is to have a notebook handy to write any ideas down before you forget them.

* Reading/watching films/TV. I am not talking plagiarism here, but a story that you might enjoy reading/watching might lead you into thinking, ‘I would have written that differently’. I have just finished watching the last ever episode of ‘The Mysteries of Laura’ which I adored. The series was cancelled after two series leaving the heroine declaring her love to her ex husband, not realising he had just finished proposing to his new girlfriend. I then considered how I would continue that series if it had continued and came up with two options – the new girlfriend would either realise the hero wasn’t really in love with her and break it off (rather boring, actually) or she would be shot and die in his arms leaving the heroine to solve the murder (much more fun)!

Along the same lines, after reading several BDSM stories set in clubs I thought it would be good to set a series in an English country mansion that holds BDSM events – hence ‘The Manor of Decadence’ series.

* Lastly – ideas will come to you just about anywhere when you least expect it. Standing waiting to cross the road (running away from two prospective lovers – ‘Chasing Emily’), at the photocopier (sitting on it to have sex – ‘Marital Duties’ in Men for Hire anthology), washing up (putting an advert in the paper for a wife – ‘Wife for Three’), a hike in the woods (being hunted through a forest - 'Alien Manhunt 2'), reading a brochure put through your door on evening classes (offering a Retraining programme for Subs and Doms – ‘Retraining the Sub’ and ‘Retraining the Dom’).

Visiting a friend who has dogs and petting them (a human sub being collared by her wolf lovers – ‘Collared by Wolves’), doing the gardening and pruning the rose bushes (leaving a trail of roses that leads to the bedroom – ‘Torn Between Two Lovers’), visiting a Christmas Fair (lots of inspiration there for ‘Naughty Christmas Wishes’ which is filled with Christmas references). You get the drift.

To summarise with a funny story – in ‘Friendly Seduction’ I used a story a friend told me relating to her dogs opening the fridge door and wolfing down the mincemeat. I then used the dog’s name for the dog in my story. Since I had done that much I then used her surname as the hero’s surname and her husband’s first name for an antagonist. To compensate, I dedicated the book to her for ‘… shamelessly plagiarising details of her life’. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me that people may think it was her love life I was talking about!!!

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Love & Lust in Space anthology call - final reminder

Only 12 days until the deadline for the Love & Lust in Space anthology submission call.

Stories I am still hoping to get include menage, futuristic earth, spaceship settings, apocalyptic earth, more MM.

More details here…

They say your screams can’t be heard in space ….. Unless you have a partner or two!

Sci-fi is a great medium for erotica where any type of pairing is acceptable, locations are immensely varied from spaceships to strange and futuristic worlds, and exciting objects can be used in sex play.  We’re looking for innovative stories of people enjoying great sex in the future encompassing a range of diverse characters. Sex-positive stories only, please. Your tone can be as romantic or as filthy as you like, but this is an erotica anthology so sex of some kind has to take place, but it isn’t necessary to have an HEA.

Reminder of what we are looking for:

Any pairings – MF/MM/Menage/Human-human/Human-alien, etc
 Locations – in space/on alien planet/futuristic Earth
Word count – 4-6k
 Number of authors – looking to choose 8-10 stories
Royalties – 50% of net royalties equally split between the authors. More details on the submissions page of Sexy Little Page (check details at the bottom of the page)
Restrictions - No paedophilia, necrophilia, incest or pseudo-incest, gratuitous violence, bestiality or fan fic (zombies, vampires and shifters are permissible)
Deadline – 6 August 2016

Submit to: with LLIS in the subject field and a short synopsis.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Wicked Weekends


Title of book: His to Punish (The Cleaners #2)
Author: Doris O’Conner
Genre: Contemporary BDSM Interracial Romance
Type of book: Novel
Sexual orientation: MF
What’s hot: Orgasm torture


Revenge or love...either choice will sacrifice her freedom. 

Dance teacher Jeanette MacArthur has one thing on her mind when she auditions for a job at La Masquerade—revenge. She couldn’t protect her sister from the criminals she now seeks employment with, but she can ensure that justice prevails. 

If only her body wouldn’t melt at the touch of one of them. Ty Mason, second-hand man of the Cleaners, oozes dominance, aggression, and danger. He stands for everything she ought to despise, yet this unwanted attraction threatens to ruin her. 

Ty can’t take his eyes off the new dancer, not least because he senses the threat she represents. Only one thing for it—claim her for his own, and torture the secrets out of her—if need be. 

Her unwilling submission, however, means he discovers more than her secrets. His heart and their future are on the line.

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Title of book: The Royal Mate (Space Wars, book 6 - The final one)
Author: April Zyon
Genre: Sci-fi
Type of book: Novella/novel
Sexual orientation: MF


It all comes down to this. The truth about what started the war between the Imarian and Craegin is coming out, along with the fact that there is one true royal left. One man to rule them all.

Markus Rothschild wants to live a simple, quiet life but when faced with the truth of what's happening in his world, he knows he has no choice but to take his rightful place.

Paisley Ralston is a woman who loves teaching small children. She's never even held a weapon, let alone fired one. Playing bodyguard to the royal heir is the last thing she expected to do. But when Markus's security team is sabotaged, she may be his only hope.

Paisley didn't realize that meeting Markus meant finding her mate. Hidden in a special bunker, Paisley and Markus will test their limits and prepare for what's coming. Together they will come out stronger, bonded, and ready to face both galaxies.

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All Romance Ebooks      |     Amazon     |     Bookstrand     |     Evernight Publishing

Title of book: Sparks of Blue (Dark Light #2)
Author: Rose Wulf
Genre: Erotic romance, paranormal
Type of book: Novel
Sexual orientation: MF
What’s hot: Sexy emotional reunion scene

Nearly a century ago warrior angel Kai and Nephilim Belle were lovers. Then he broke her heart and never looked back.

Now Second in Command of the angel armada, Kai knew he was the obvious choice for this long-term mission. And his job was clear: keep Belle and her patient alive. But he wasn’t prepared for the resurgence of old memories and long-ignored feelings. He’ll have to face what he did a hundred years ago if he wants a chance to be back in Belle’s arms…but even then, angels are forbidden from laying with Nephilim. If they were caught, Belle would be executed.

Born a Nephilim, Belle was neither angel nor human. But she was a healer, and she was damned good at it. Her reputation got her noticed by the armada and eventually earned her the title of Master Healer. It also earned her a terrible assignment: save the life – and therefore the soul – of a cursed human…under the protection of her ex-lover. And it turns out the chemistry they’d once shared may have been buried, but it’s a flame that could never burn out.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Baring it all....

Baring it all….
Tattoos? Yep, one, a rose on my leg. Very proud of it.
Piercings? Only ears.
Jumped out of a plane? No, but would like to.
Been drunk? Oh yes. I am the cheapest date in town and can get drunk on half a glass of wine. I get very giggly and lose all my inhibitions!
Marriages, divorces, kids? None of the above (but I’m no nun! LOL)
Used a weapon? Other than at a funfair, I took part in an archery lesson once.
Lied to parents? Yep. Pretended I wasn’t wearing my trainers to go to a disco but forgot I still had them on when I got home and mum saw them! (Apart from that I was a good girl!)
Set fire to anything? Not to hurt or harm others but was involved in a house fire when I left a pan of oil on the cooker and it set alight. I am lucky I only ended up with a scarred hand.
Nude photos? Yep. Had them done professionally! Exceptionally proud of myself considering my middle age body issues.

Tried drugs? Nope. Too much of a control freak.
Stolen anything? Only a friend’s pencil as a kid (I was jealous of her pencil! LOL)
Ever smoked? Yes, I tried maybe a couple of packets when I was about 19 but didn’t enjoy the taste. As both my parents died of lung cancer I have become very anti-smoking.
Sex outdoors? Yep, in a ruined windmill, a car and a hot tub.
Been arrested, put in jail? Neither.
Told family what you write? Yes, but if my late father had been alive not sure I would have told him as he was something of a prude. Mum, on the other hand, would have been the first person to read my books!
Been on a zipwire? Oh yes! Great fun.

Monday, 18 July 2016

First Chapters - Alien Manhunt 2

Here’s the next in my ‘First Chapters’

Hunted, 2
Jennifer Denys
Copyright © 2014

Chapter One

“No way am I running around naked.”
The two others also standing in the immense forest looked at Greg in astonishment. He knew he sounded petulant, however, he hadn’t expected Espoornia, the home of his elf-like alien partner, Suva, would be so damn cold. It was nothing like their home on the space station, Orion One, which served as an administration, communications and military point for the various nations that co-habited that area of the galaxy. Even his birth planet of Earth, which he hadn’t visited for some years, was far warmer. Unless you were at the poles of his home world, of course.
He shivered and resisted the urge to cup his cock. “If I run around with no clothes on my dick will go blue. Jeez, it will do more than that—it will freeze and drop off!”
Suva said something in his own language and stormed off, his long yellow coat flowing behind him as his lengthy strides took him back to their car shuttle. A densely covered planet, it was impossible to fly from one place to another so the only transport was land-based. Even taking this vehicle involved a journey of many hours.
Taran, the third in their relationship, a reptilian from the planet Cinattra, gave a quirky smile, his dark eyes twinkling in amusement at Suva’s outburst as Greg glanced in his direction. The alien looked away, as if he didn’t want to repeat the Espoornian’s words.
Greg huffed. “So what did Suva just say? I am guessing he swore at me, or something?”
On the space station, translations were broadcast immediately if anyone spoke anything other than the galactic language. There were no such facilities in the middle of the cold—but stunningly beautiful—forest where the trees rose to impossibly soaring heights. It made Greg dizzy looking up.
Taran laughed and Greg studied him, amazed that the youngest of the trio could go bare-chested in this temperature. He might be presenting his gorgeous red, muscular chest, as was normal in his culture, the scales on the sides of his body showing above the belt, but Taran was from a hot world, which made it even stranger to Greg. At least Taran wore leather boots to match his black, jewel-encrusted skirt and the band around his neck. The latter was a sign of his submission.
The Cinattran nodded. “Yes. It was something about your manhood being too small to drop off, and even if it did he would stuff it up your soft human backside.”
Greg’s face tightened. But he couldn’t stay angry for long, and a chuckle escaped him. “I’ll show him too small one of these days!” Walking over to Taran, he ruffled his partner’s long red hair, tied back in its customary plait, so different from his own closely cropped hair. Greg was the dominant one in the relationship, having picked up both guys at a bar on the space station. Suva could switch between roles, being submissive with him while dominant with Taran, who was submissive to both of them. Their relationship usually worked well.
Except everything had changed. At least for the moment. When Suva brought them to his planet they thought it was for a holiday, to see his home and meet his family. Then he revealed that his people were telepathic. That stunned them into silence, until Suva told them he was aware of Taran’s deepest desire to be the one in control for a change—and Greg’s fantasy of being the submissive, just once in his life. Suva had smiled gleefully as he told them he planned for them to carry out their dreams here on his planet.
“You’ve done what?”
Angrier than he had ever been, Greg had looked at both his partners. Taran’s dark, almost demonic face lit up with unexpected excitement, while Suva’s amber eyes changed from smugness to uncertainty at Greg’s ire.
Unsure what to say, torn between being angry at the deception and amused by Taran’s reaction, Greg had shaken his head. A little part of him was intrigued—and excited—by the idea, too. “Okay, you overgrown elf. You’ve got our attention. So what are your plans?”
Suva had explained he would take them to a place, deep in the forests and let them run loose, the excitement in his voice tinged with relief that they had taken his news so well.
However, now they were here, Greg was not happy. His stomach churned in his anxiety.
What have I gotten myself into?
He wasn’t sure he could be submissive after all, but he didn’t want to tell Taran, knowing that the Cinattran would be gutted by his about-face, and it would annoy Suva after all his efforts.
Wrapping an arm around Taran’s neck Greg kissed the top of his head, being much taller than the small Cinattran. “I still can’t believe Suva set us up this way.”
Taran turned to look up at Greg, biting his hip as he did. “Will you still go through with his plan?”
Smiling softly, Greg winked. He had to do this, if only for Taran. “Of course, I will. I know how much you want this. I admit it will probably be fun. But I’m only doing it on my terms.” Suva’s deceit, keeping his ability secret from them, still rankled with Greg. He also suspected there was more to his plan than Suva let on. After all, what was his elf-lord going to do while Taran was chasing Greg around the forest? And why did they have to come to Espoornia to act out their fantasies?
Something coiled around his leg.
What on earth?
Worried it was some alien snake Greg jumped and looked down. It was Taran’s tail. His young lover had a habit of doing that when something disturbed him. Using his other hand, Greg cupped Taran’s face and raised it so he could plant a kiss on the Cinattran’s hot lips, which instantly opened, allowing Greg to ease his tongue inside. Taran tightened his arms—and tail—around the human.
Greg could feel Taran’s cock hardening against him. Instead of grasping it as he would normally have done, or gripping the alien’s tail and squeezing, he stroked Taran’s scales, running his hands gently over the Cinattran’s back and enjoying the feel of the ridges of alien skin beneath his fingertips. Taran’s hands closed around Greg’s sides and he felt the pinpricks of talons. It both pained him and aroused him in equal measures.
Just as he was about to lift Taran up and push him against the broad trunk of the tree behind, expecting the submissive to close his muscular thighs around Greg’s waist, a loud hum penetrated his thoughts.
Reluctantly releasing the object of his desire, Greg looked around. Suva was standing in front of them. Being incredibly tall, the Espoornian towered over the other two. His arms were crossed and he was clearly impatient. Humming was Suva’s particular habit when upset. Greg knew the idiosyncrasies of both of them pretty well by now.
While Taran epitomized his ideal man in terms of being immensely fit and muscular, Suva was more typical of the men Greg was usually attracted to, the tall fair types. Although the Espoornian’s yellow, cat-like, eyes were so different from his own blue ones—or, indeed, any other human’s.
Greg studied him. Suva was something of an enigma, not easy to pin down since he could switch his emotions so easily from dominant to submissive. He struggled a little to accept this incredibly beautiful alien, despite it being love—or at least lust—at first sight. But it was also because Suva was the oldest and the tallest. And yet the Espoornian had never attempted to dominate Greg. In fact, he had seemed quite happy to let him take charge. Until now.
Raising a sardonic eyebrow at Suva, Greg stared him straight in the eye forcing the alien to stop humming and look down. Only then did Greg smile. “Okay, Suva. We’ve stopped kissing. Be aware I will only do this with at least shoes and jeans on. Just for you two, I am prepared to take my shirt off. With that in mind, what’s your plan?”
Glancing up, Suva seemed less annoyed. “I want you two to act out your dreams as you showed me telepathically back on the station.” He paused, looking at Greg as if to ascertain if that was still okay.
Greg nodded.
His voice lighter now that things were back on track, Suva continued. “Greg, you will be the first to run, and Taran will follow in thirty minutes—that’s thirty tinag in your language, Taran.”
The little muscular Cinattran pulled away from Greg and snorted. “Yes, I do know that!”
Obviously nervous, Suva ran a hand through his shoulder-length fair hair as it flowed down. “Sorry, I just want everything to go right. To go the way you two fantasize about. I want your dreams to come true, to be the one to give them to you.”
Greg narrowed his eyes, still trying to understand the deeper motives of the Espoornian. “And what will you be doing while we two are running half-dressed around your forests?”
Immediately, Suva pulled himself up to his full height and a cunning look came over his face. “Oh, I’ll be watching you. I’ll join you at the end. I have great plans for how we will finish our sojourn.”
Yes, I’m sure you do. But what exactly is the extent of your plot, my lovely creature of the forest?
Breathing deeply, Greg knew he couldn’t put it off any longer and pulled his shirt off over his head, flinging it toward Suva. Looking around him, he tried to note landmarks so he could find his way back. Except it all looked the same in whichever direction he went. Tall trees, extremely dark green broad leaves that smelled of pine, tinged with orange. It also made it very dark, the light shining brightly in patches where the trees thinned out.
Every damn tree looks the same. And the only plants appear to be yellow, including some tall smelly ones, which he spied occasionally.
Nodding his readiness with a sigh, he rubbed his hands as the cold made his nipples hard. He guessed that only time would tell what Suva had planned. As Taran bounced around in glee, Greg set off on an unknown—and freezing cold—alien planet, leaving his two partners behind.
Briefly stopping at the top of a small rise where the light was brighter so he could see around him, Greg looked back over his shoulder. Tall, beautiful Suva was standing behind their little Cinattran mate, his hands on the shoulders of the smaller alien, almost as if he was holding him down. Taran’s tail swished about, then wrapped around Suva’s leg.
Greg smiled at the image, and then went over the hill and he was alone. A horrid sense of foreboding came over him and it suddenly felt even colder.
So much colder.