Friday, 31 August 2012

Friday funny

A young husband and wife were sunning on a nude beach when a wasp buzzed into the woman's vagina. The husband covered her with a coat, pulled on his shorts, carried her to the car and made a dash to the hospital.

After examining her, the doctor explained that the wasp was too far in to be reached with forceps. He suggested the husband try to entice it out by putting honey on his penis, penetrating her and withdrawing as soon as he felt the wasp.

The man agreed to try, but because he was so nervous, he couldn't rise to the occasion. "if neither of you objects," the medic said, "I could give it a try."

Under the circumstances, both agreed. The doctor quickly undressed, slathered on some honey and mounted the woman. The husband watched with increasing alarm as the doctor's thrust continued for several long minutes. "Hey, What the hell is happening?"

"Change of plans," The physician panted. " I'm going to drown the little bastard!."

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday writing - working with more than one publisher

Retraining the Sub came out on Monday and is available to buy at Evernight Publishing, on Bookstrand or Amazon. It is exciting to publish with a new publisher – although I haven’t stopped working with the lovely people at Siren Bookstrand, and, indeed, the next in the Duoterra sci-fi series Chasing Emily is due out with them at the end of September.

No, the reason I went to Evernight is that, firstly I wanted to see if another publishing house was interested in my work, and secondly – and the main reason – to promote my BDSM stories to a different audience having done one series of BDSM stories with Siren (the Doms & Acquaintances series including ‘Submissive Training’ which was Siren’s number one bestseller at Amazon UK for pretty much most of June and July!).

So if you have started reading my blog because you are an Evernight Reader then welcome. If you are a Siren reader and like my BDSM stories then do pop over to Evernight.


PS And I've had a 5 star review on Amazon already!! Thank you booklover-13. RTS was intensely erotic. I loved the history Ann and Luke have and the powerful bond they share. This is another must read by Ms. Denys!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Inspirational Mondays - release of Retraining the Sub

Retraining the Sub is NOW available to buy at Evernight Publishing

This is my first book with Evernight and a new BDSM series – so if you liked my previous BDSM series published with Siren Publishing (Doms & Acquaintances series) – available to buy on Bookstrand, hopefully you will be inspired to like this one too!


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Daily Snippet for Retraining the Sub

Retraining the Sub is out tomorrow (27 August) available from Evernight Publishing. This is your last daily snippet to whet your appetite!
As Luke progresses with Ann’s retraining it becomes a battle of wills to see who will lose control—the battle being about trust. Can Ann give up the control of herself she fought so hard for by leaving Luke in the first place and trust him, now a BDSM Master? Can Luke trust Ann not to run away again and can he trust himself not to give in to old feelings wanting to resurface? The emotional victory for each battle flies back and forth between them.
Who will ultimately win? Buy the book to find out!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Daily Snippet for Retraining the Sub

Retraining the Sub is out in two days (27 August) available from Evernight Publishing. This is the penultimate daily snippet to whet your appetite!
Ann is equally shocked at how much Luke has changed – once very lanky, he is now muscular and wields his whip with precision. But what concerns her more than anything is how his personality has changed. Hard in body, he is also hard in spirit. Was that her doing? Had her actions affected the sweet boy she once knew that much or is the old, caring Luke still inside?
Read tomorrow’s daily snippet for a clue……….

Friday, 24 August 2012

Daily Snippet for Retraining the Sub

Retraining the Sub is out in three days (27 August) available from Evernight Publishing. This is the eighth daily snippet to whet your appetite!
Luke is amazed at the changes eight years have wrought in his ex who used to be shy and reserved, wore flat shoes, long skirts and blouses to the neck. Somewhat different from the girl standing before him now in her mini-skirt which hugs her butt, a black sleeveless top moulded to her body that stops before her navel, four inch heels and her brown hair cut shorter and dyed blonde. Has her personality also changed that dramatically?
Read tomorrow’s daily snippet to find out Ann’s reaction to seeing Luke for the first time after eight years……………

Friday Funny

Have a nice weekend.


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Daily Snippet for Retraining the Sub

Retraining the Sub is out in four days (27 August) available from Evernight Publishing. This is the seventh daily snippet to whet your appetite!
Ann is astounded when she learns that, not only is her ex-fiancé now a Dom in her BDSM club, but that he is the Master who is taking on her retraining. Can she go through with it? Can she let herself be controlled by the man she jilted?
Read tomorrow’s daily snippet to find out her answer……………

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Daily Snippet for Retraining the Sub

Retraining the Sub is out in five days (27 August) available from Evernight Publishing. This is the sixth daily snippet to whet your appetite!
When the owner of Allure tells Luke that his ex-fiancée, the woman who jilted him, is likely to go on the club’s retraining program because she is a difficult sub that few Doms are prepared to take on, Luke knows just the person to retrain her – himself!  
Read tomorrow’s daily snippet to find out Ann’s reaction to Luke’s proposal …………(see extract in other post today)

Wednesday Writing - Extract for Retraining the Sub

As promised here is an extract from Retraining the Sub due out with Evernight Publishing next week (27 August). Check out my Facebook page or back on this blog this afternoon as I am doing daily snippets about this book up to release.

“You want me to what?”
            Master Sean, the owner of the club, sat behind his desk and gave her a look of utter exasperation.
            Ann hurried to clarify. “Er, Master Sean.” She constantly forgot the courtesy of a Dom’s title, it reminded her too much of having to say, “Yes, mother” or “Yes, father.” She frowned. “I didn’t quite hear you properly.”
            “Oh, you heard me perfectly well the first time. You have two options. You can leave the club now, and I will refund the remainder of your subscription, or you can take part in the retraining program.”
            Yup. That was what I thought he had said. “Can I ask what exactly a ‘retraining program’ means?”
“We instituted this program for subs and Doms already in the lifestyle, in conjunction with the training program for newbies that is run by Masters like Ken and Jonas. The idea is to make sure everyone is reminded of the tenets of this life: ‘to be safe, sane and consensual’.”
“But I have always consented.”
“Yes, initially. And then you cry your safe word when things begin to get uncomfortable.”
She frowned. “But surely that is the point of having it? The ‘safe’ part of the rules.”
“To a certain extent, but another reason for retraining a person is to reiterate that the reason for getting involved in this lifestyle is that they want to challenge their sexual boundaries. And you slam down a barrier each time.”
Ann swallowed nervously and ducked her head. She knew he was right, but it hurt to admit it. “Okay, I understand why you think I should do this. What exactly will it entail?”
“One of the Masters will take you in hand. You will only be with him and no-one else. He will decide on your tuition.”
She frowned. “Like what?”
Sean sighed loudly. Ann flushed, knowing she had annoyed him again, and probably proved why she needed this additional training. “Like your avoidance of punishment!”
Feeling herself go redder at the knowledge that he had witnessed the scene earlier with Warren, she asked the question she was concerned about, “So will Master Ken train me?” She said this hopefully. She knew him a little, and, more importantly, trusted him.
 Shaking his head, Sean replied, “Uh-uh. And neither will Master Jonas, in case you are thinking that way.”
Damn. These brothers-in-law were two of the more experienced Masters, and ones she could cope with, but they never did scenes with anyone other than their wives these days.
“So who…”
“Listen carefully, Annabel. You don’t get a choice. That would only give you a degree of control, and it is in that area that you need retraining. The only choice you have is take the refund, or accept the one Master I have left who is willing to take you on. Thankfully it is someone who hasn’t been in the club that long, and he used to come on a different night from you, so he doesn’t know how challenging a sub you can be, although I have tried to warn him.”
That brought her up short. She knew she had a reputation for being difficult and tried to think of excuses to get out of the training. “But what happens if I can’t go through with it when I meet him?”
“In that case you leave. It is very simple. We can’t force you to stay.”
“But what happens if he doesn’t want to train me?” She was clutching at straws now, and wasn’t quite sure why she was trying so hard to stay in this club, this life that had been her savior all those years ago when it had given her confidence in herself.
Sean chuckled loudly. “Oh, believe me. This Master wants to train you, all right.”
“You’ve spoken to him about me?”
His intense gaze got her worried about what he had told this Master. She took in some ragged breaths. It was make-or-break time. “Okay,” she said in a small, resigned voice. “I’ll go on the retraining program.”
            “Very good. I’ll introduce you to your trainer.” Sean rose to his feet and went into the other room.
When he returned he had someone else with him she never thought she would see ever again. Her mouth dropped on the ground as she sat stunned, staring at the man standing before her. He wore black leather trousers, waistcoat, and boots. She glanced upward, her heart beating rapidly at his well-muscled torso—a physique she didn’t quite remember him having in the past—and up to his face. His expression was one of arrogance.
“Hello, Annie. My love.”


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Daily Snippet for Retraining the Sub

Retraining the Sub is out in six days (27 August) available from Evernight Publishing. This is the fifth daily snippet to whet your appetite!
Luke has gone from a sweet boy, very much in love with his reserved fiancée, to a hard man who enjoys punishing his subs and not really caring about them. He is in danger of being asked to attend Allure’s retraining program, for both Doms as well as subs, himself. Then he hears a voice he never expected to hear.
Read tomorrow’s snippet to find out who………… (although it is pretty obvious if you’ve been reading all my other daily snippets LOL!)

Monday, 20 August 2012

Daily Snippet for Retraining the Sub

Retraining the Sub is out in seven days (27 August) available from Evernight Publishing. This is the fourth daily snippet to whet your appetite!
Never having been able to trust a Dom enough to give up the hard-fought control she had gained by leaving Luke at the altar, but still excited by the BDSM lifestyle, Ann is in danger of being asked to take part in the retraining program because of misuse of her safe word. Can she avoid the program?
Read tomorrow’s snippet to find out what happens when she says her safe word……………..

Inspirational Mondays

One of my closest writing friends is the lovely Angela Wray and I was proud to mentor her on her last book, Collared: Ashton (also available on Amazon).

I was happy to do this as it is very rewarding coaching another person (I should also add it is FAR easier to point out to someone else what they need to edit in their story than do your own!)

So when I discovered she had dedicated her book to me I felt very touched.

To Jennifer Denys, you are my hero. I wish you huge success in your writing career, never doubt you are a phenomenal writer. I don’t have the words to express my gratitude, and I hope you know I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you, sweetie. My first dedication! Looking forward to meeting (in the flesh!) in October.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Daily Snippet for Retraining the Sub

Retraining the Sub is out in eight days (27 August) available from Evernight Publishing. This is the third daily snippet to whet your appetite!
Ann has felt wretched ever since she dumped Luke at the altar, but at the same time she knew it was the right decision for her. Now eight years on she is in Allure, a BDSM club, having been introduced to the lifestyle by her flatmate. It was exciting and provided her with an outlet and a way of growing up that she never would have had with Luke, but it has palled over the years. Should she continue or is it time to look for something else?
Read tomorrow’s snippet to find out if she stays in the lifestyle ………….

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Daily Snippet for Retraining the Sub

Retraining the Sub is out in nine days (27 August) available from Evernight Publishing. This is the second daily snippet to whet your appetite! Having been jilted at the altar by his fiancée eight years earlier, Luke is now in a BDSM club having taken up the lifestyle as a way of getting back at women and punishing them for what Ann did all those years ago. But has it made him a happy man? Or does the fact that he never stays with a sub for more than a few months indicate he is looking for something else? Does he still hanker after Ann? And what would he do if he ever saw her again? Read tomorrow’s snippet to find out what happens after he dumps his sub ……….

Friday, 17 August 2012

Daily snippet

This is a new promo I haven't tried before - for the next ten days I am doing a daily snippet for 'Retraining the Sub' up to release date! (You can also read this on my facebook page)

Here is the first:

Retraining the Sub is out in ten days (27 August) available from Evernight Publishing. I am going to do a daily snippet to whet your appetite!
Shy 21-year-old Ann is about to marry Luke, but she is getting cold feet. Is he going to turn out as domineering as her parents? Is she just going from being her parents’ daughter to Luke’s wife without ever finding out who ‘she’ is? Will his sweet but bland lovemaking be enough for her? Is there an elusive ‘something else’ for her out there? Can she go through with it?
Read tomorrow if she marries him or not…………


Friday funny

A young boy and his father were in a store when they walked past a rack of condoms.

Being a curious young lad, the boy asked his father, "What are these things daddy?"

His dad said, "Condoms, son."

The boy asked, "Why do they come in packs of 1,3, and 12?"

The dad replied, "The packs with one are for the high school boys, one for Saturday night, the ones with three are for the college boys, one for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the ones with twelve in them are for the married men, one for January, one for February, one for March...."

Have a nice weekend.


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wednesday Writing

 I have great things to look forward to in the coming months:

  • A new book out (Retraining the Sub) on 27 August, through a new publisher, Evernight Publishing (been working on edits over the hols) - see cover above. This is the first in a two part BDSM series set around a club's retraining programme. See next week's blog for an excerpt;
  • A collaboration with lovely Finnish writer Susan Laine entitled The Last Werewolf has been accepted by Evernight Publishing during the holidays - due out in October or thereabouts. More on that story in coming weeks but it is an MMF story set in England and Finland;
  • In about five and a half weeks I will be flying to Finland to meet Susan for the first time! - it will be really interesting to meet her in the flesh. We have only ever communicated by email or post. I don't even know what she sounds like, although I have sent her a video of me - she says I sound so posh she expects me to start reciting Shakespeare - forsooth, I pray not!!;
  • And then about three and a half weeks after I am back from Finland I fly off to the States to meet two other great author friends, Angela Wray and Tatum Throne - same thing as with Susan, have never met either of them before, although managed to set up Skype and had a couple of conversations with Tatum which was really terrific. Angela became my friend not long after my first book came out and she has been a loyal and encouraging friend ever since!
  • By that time my next book (Chasing Emily - being published by Siren Publishing) will be out. This is the second in the sci-fi series and follows the fortunes of bar owner, Emily, first heard of in 'Wife for Three'.

This is going to be a GREAT Autumn.


Monday, 13 August 2012

Inspirational Mondays

The hols are over and I didn’t do ANY writing – but seem to have spent the time doing edits. See my blog coming on Weds for details on three books out this Autumn.

However, I did get to go to the Olympics!!

Didn’t GB do well – I’m SO proud of all our athletes. I bought three lots of chocolates to eat every time a Brit won a medal. So I had gold medal chocs, silver medal chocs and bronze medal chocs. Suffice to say I had to go out and buy some MORE gold medal chocs!!!

My highlights (apart from actually being there for a tiny part of it) include: the Queen actually having a starring role in the opening ceremony!!, the stunning cauldron for the torch, being in the crowd to cheer the torch when it came through my city, the boy who asked Andy Murray for a hug, GB women rowers getting their first gold ever - and then another two more including Katherine Grainger, the US runner in the relay who ran on a broken leg because he didn't want to let his team mates down, watching Usain Bolt, the Mobot, being able to cheer on women runners from countries like Saudi Arabia, hearing the crowd singing Rule Britannia after Ben Ainslie's win, the first women's boxing gold going to a Brit, all the interviews with proud family - and feeling sad, but proud, of those who dedicated their medals to loved ones no longer with us, and many many other memories too many to recall. (Oh, and watching the commentators including Denise Lewis jumping up and down like mad school kids cheering on Mo Farah!)

I, for one, will never forget.


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wednesday Writing - a collaboration

Back at the start of 2012 I started to become friends with Finnish writer, Susan Laine. We discovered we had lots of things in common, including liking paranormal stories – but werewolf ones, not vampire!

We jokingly said we would have to collaborate on a werewolf story and started throwing some ideas around. This got more intense as we brainstormed character profiles and a story outline. Then Susan emailed me to ask ‘Are we are going to do this?’

At the back of our minds has always been a concern that we would wreck our friendship – and along the way we have had a few disagreements (ok, a couple of spats!) – but we had such a TERRIFIC time bouncing ideas off of someone who was on the same wavelength that we continued. It was exhilarating, exciting, and fun. Of course, we both had to compromise along the way, but it has been a wonderful learning experience.

And now we have had our story ACCEPTED!! Evernight Publishing are going to publish it in October. Susan and I are officially joined at the hip! I am so delighted as I think it is a great story. Combining our preferred writing styles (me MF or MFM and Susan MM or MMM) our story – entitled The Last Werewolf – is MMF, drawing on our mutual European roots it is set in England and Finland as few contemporary paranormal stories seem to be based in Europe.

Watch this space over the next couple of months to find out more!


Monday, 6 August 2012

Inspirational Mondays - Author Interview

My third inspirational author is Tatum Throne whose third book has just come out – three books in as many months (and another one at the end of the month!) Way to go, Tatum. I'm impressed....

Thanks Jen for having me as guest author on your blog! Big hello from across the pond! I live in a suburb of Cincinnati and I’m a SAHM of three boys. I’m an erotic romance writer. I love to write contemporary and romantic suspense. My first work One Hot Night was released in May. My second work, Hot & Humid on June 26, 2012. And Rock Hard was released July 25, 2012.

Tell us about your latest book.

Rock Hard is about Internal Affairs Agent Wynn South who gets a rush from going undercover and taking down the bad guys within the Forest Service. Rock climbing high atop the Arrowhead, Wynn meets her elusive target, Ranger Kade Gentry, for the first time. Wynn must investigate Kade, who has been accused of drug running, to rule him out as the one behind the Appalachian pipeline. Wynn quickly discovers that Kade isn’t the man she suspects.

It’s a really hot book. I loved writing it and I hope you love reading it.

What makes a great hero?

For me, a great hero is someone that has the battle scars of life. They’ve been to hell and back. They have a strength about them that gets them through anything. Often times, love is the biggest thing they don’t understand and are not expecting to happen for them.

Do you have anything in common with your characters?

I’m klutzy like my heroines. I can embarrass myself easily in front of the hottest guy in the room. I’m a girl that doesn’t normally get that type of attention from a guy unless I’ve tripped and fallen.  So, my heroines will be mouthy like me, strong willed, and a little silly.

What are you currently working on, or what’s on the horizon?

I have lots of things I’m currently working on. I’m writing a follow up to Colin and Quinn’s story from One Hot Night. Everyone I speak with wants to know if they will find their HEA. So stay tuned! I have the first of a series coming out at the end of August called Stolen Moment. The series will center around cursed objects running amok in a contemporary world. So the story will have paranormal elements. Each book will follow a cursed object. So, I'm working on book two.

How can you fans find you on the internet?

You can also find me on Facebook

Thanks, Tatum. It was great having you here - good luck with all your books. Next month’s inspirational author will be Lea Barrymire.


Friday, 3 August 2012

Friday funny

What's the three words you never want to hear while making love?

Honey, I'm home."

Have a nice weekend.


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wednesday Writing - Retraining the Sub

My next book out is ‘Retraining the Sub’ which is being published through Evernight Publishing.
This is a BDSM novella about a submissive who misuses her safe word once too often and told to attend a retraining program. However, the only Master prepared to train her is hard, inflexible Luke, the man she jilted eight years previously.

Dominated by her parents, shy Ann left home because there was something missing in her life she wasn’t getting from her sweet fiancé, as he was then, and is introduced to BDSM.

Shocked to see each other at the club, but stunned at how they’ve both changed, Ann has to be trained by Luke, or leave. It becomes a battle of wills to see who will lose control—the battle being about trust. Can Ann give up control and trust a Master? Can Luke trust Ann not to run away again? The emotional victory for each battle flies back and forth between them. Who will ultimately win?

This is due out next month.