Friday, 26 February 2016

Wicked Weekends


I am delighted to highlight the four terrific stories in the Men for Hire 2 anthology. All stories are MM/MMM.

‘Men for Hire’ – that’s the name of Jennifer Archer’s firm in London offering people to do any job. What her clients get, in addition to skilled men, are some rather hunky specimens of the masculine race. When a man takes off his shirt and shows his pecs, can any man resist?

Subcontractor by Tatum Throne

Rough and ready cowboy Owen Murray is a Dom who has taken a job as a handyman in England for a change of scenery. When the complicated renovation he’s working on gets a little too intense, he knows he has to quit before he makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

Peter Crawford doesn’t advertise that he’s related to the royal family. When he falls for the hard edged handyman renovating his country home, he knows he has to take a chance and become his submissive. Will his Dom love him in return or will he leave forever?

Three’s a Crowd by Bella Settarra

When Callum sees his boyfriend, Sean, drinking with handsome Tristan Makepeace he fears the worst. Knowing Sean is a very adventurous lover he is concerned that his own staid attitude may have sent his partner into the arms of another.

Upset, Callum quickly leaves, but his car breaks down. ‘Men for Hire’ send Harrison and Abe, two hunky mechanics whose ‘roadside manner’ exceeds all Callum’s expectations.

After having the ‘ride of his life’, ménage-style in the back of their van, an enlightened Callum decides to confront Sean, but discovers that Tristan is with him. Callum now looks at Tristan in a new light.

Wyndersham Heights by Dylan McEwan

When Jason inherits Wyndersham Heights, he has no idea how much it will change his life. He uses Men for Hire to employ a work crew to renovate the derelict mansion and can't help falling quickly for the charms of ruggedly handsome hunky foreman Ethan. Ethan is older, wiser, more worldly, and introduces the boyish Jason to his first taste of BDSM. But Jason's troubled background threatens their budding relationship. What is the secret of Wyndersham Heights and will Ethan be able to help Jason let go of the past and embrace the possibility of a future with him? A steamy gay romance.

Helen J Perry

It’s his first job for Jennifer Archer’s Men for Hire Agency. Carpenter Craig is new to London and will be working alone with a gorgeous guy who sets his pulse racing. But is Todd gay or straight? They’ve got four days renovation work together and for a sexy female client who has the hots for at least one of these men.

After an acrimonious breakup due to his bisexuality, Craig is hesitant about coming out but Todd makes all the moves when a new bed is delivered.

A humorous tale of men who aren’t afraid of getting dirty together on top of the dust sheets.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Menage Romances Awards 2016

YIPPEE! BDSM Weekend was runner up in the Best BDSM Menage story in the Menage Romances Fans' Awards 2016!

Thank you to everyone who voted! 

Monday, 22 February 2016

Anthology author interview

This month’s great author interview is one of the anthology authors from Men for Hire 2. Over to you, Dylan

My name is Dylan Damian McEwan, I’m fifty years old and live in the north of England. I love reading, writing, drawing, hiking, conservation work, philosophy, archaeology, natural history, meditation, watching anime, reading manga, and spending time with the family (still have a son and daughter at home).

Your Writing

The ‘Men for Hire 2’ anthology has a specific theme. That of
a firm in London run by Jennifer Archer offering ‘men for hire’ to do any job from dog walking, house sitting, DIY, chauffeuring, etc…. How did you find this theme easy (or hard) to work with?

I really enjoyed writing my short story for Men for Hire. It was helpful to have a specific theme to focus on and I enjoyed the London setting as I know London so well.

This is Luminosity’s second anthology following the success of Men for Hire 1. Have you had any short stories accepted in an anthology before and tell us the title of your story in the Men for Hire 2 anthology.

My short story in Men for Hire 2 is Wyndersham Heights. It’s only the second short story I’ve written, I’ve previously only written novellas and short novels. My first published short story was Lynsey in the Downpour anthology published by Supposed Crimes last year. Luminosity is publishing my third short story, One Last Christmas, in May this year.
(congrats on new Luminosity story – can’t wait to read! JD)

Men for Hire 2’ is contemporary MM/MMM stories. What other genres do you normally write or are you solely an MM writer?

I also write FF and some FM and MMF but mostly MM/MMM. I also write non-erotica fantasy and sci-fi.

The stories in the anthology are all between 8-12,000 words. What is good (or hard) about writing a short story?

I’m used to writing around 30-50,000 words so such a short word count was difficult for me at first.  It was a steep learning curve, it’s a whole different ball park when you have to get across all you need to in so few words.
(too true! JD)

Tell us about the characters in your story (eg, a short paragraph describing them like Matt is 30 and he works as a plumber. He has dark hair, piercing blue eyes and is SOOO sexy).

Ethan is the foreman of a small construction crew. He’s 31, with wavy shoulder-length flaxen hair and piercing azure eyes. He’s laid-back with a flirtatious and slightly kinky nature and the (not totally undeserved) reputation of being a player.

Jason is 26 with hair the color of horse chestnuts and eyes the color of cinnamon. He’s cute, coy, boyish and far less worldly-wise than Ethan.

Blurb for Wyndersham Heights:

When Jason inherits Wyndersham Heights, he has no idea how much it will change his life. He uses Men for Hire to employ a work crew to renovate the derelict mansion and can't help falling quickly for the charms of ruggedly handsome hunky foreman Ethan. Ethan is older, wiser, more worldly, and introduces the boyish Jason to his first taste of BDSM. But Jason's troubled background threatens their budding relationship. What is the secret of Wyndersham Heights and will Ethan be able to help Jason let go of the past and embrace the possibility of a future with him? A steamy gay romance.

About You

Although Luminosity Publishing is based in the UK, we have had authors from several different countries in the two anthologies. Which country are you from (and name of county/state). Did you grow up there?

I’m presently living in Lancashire in the North of England. I was raised world-wide – I’d toured the globe before I was 12. I’ve lived in Hong Kong, South Africa, Calcutta, Australia, Athens and Scotland, amongst other places. There isn’t really one place I can pick out as my home town though most of my earliest childhood memories are of Athens and Melbourne. I’m officially an Australian, of Scots-Greek heritage.
(wow! I’m impressed. JD)

When was your first book published and with whom?

My first book was published by The Olympia Press in 2000

Give one thing about yourself that you would like to change?

I would change the fact that I’m not George Clooney or Leonardo Di Caprio! Seriously though, I wish I had more self-discipline and less of a temper, too, I’d change that if I could.

Name three people you would like to be shipwrecked with (and why)?
My partner Lynsey because he’s my soul mate. I can’t choose just two of my four off-spring so instead I’ll choose Meatloaf and Stephen Fry – I’ll be sure, then, of good music and witty, intelligent conversation.

What’s the strangest (bravest, funniest etc) thing you’ve ever done?

I’m rather eccentric (or just plain loony) so it’s hard to narrow it down. I’ll give you some of the highlights. I’ve slept in a 5000 year old rock tomb.  I’ve spent the night in a crop circle. I lived in an Iron Age round hut for a year. I sometimes do my supermarket shopping dressed as Baldrick from Black Adder. I once had a job where my official job title was Time Travel Guide.
(haha! I love it! JD)

Please give links of how fans can find you on the internet/buy your books.

My website address is:
My twitter ID is: @DylanMcEwan65

Thank you, Dylan, for a great interview. Watch out for more interviews with the other anthology authors, Tatum Throne, Bella Settarra and Helen J Perry.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Wicked Weekends


We have three great books - read on...

Shane - Stories from a Crossroads Demon 1, by Maggie Walsh

M/M Erotic romance. Paranormal, demons.
Part of a series, but can be read as a stand alone.

What’s hot?: a hot sex scene on a floating bed.


Shane hates his life and wants more, so even though he's skeptical, Shane summons The Crossroads Demon in hopes of striking a bargain. When the man in black appears before him, Shane is not only surprised that the story of the crossroads demon is true, but that the demon is the most gorgeous man he has ever met. A deal is made between Shane and the demon named Dantalion. His dreams of being a rock god have come true and he begins to learn what it really means to be famous. Who he can trust and who his true friends are. Dantalion cannot understand the attraction he feels for the human who summoned him, but he can't deny it. Overstepping his boundaries as a crossroads demon, he gives Shane what he wants with hopes to make him happy. But when the powers that be find out about his unwarranted deal with Shane, they take the contract from Dantalion and forbid him to ever make contact with Shane again. Can these two star-crossed lovers find a way to be together or will they be ripped apart by Heaven and Hell?

Where the Heart Belongs by Iyana Jenna

Short story, contemporary


His brother slash boyfriend, Drew is leaving him. It makes Zach unaware of his surrounding and a hate-crime psycho takes him off guard. He is kidnapped and tortured. Zach is saved by the FBI and as a surviving witness, he is brought to stay with FBI Agent Eugene Harris.

Gradually, Eugene gets to know Zach. He should have been disgusted, but instead, all he wants is comfort Zach.

Will Zach accept that Drew is not coming back? Will Eugene finally have the gut to tell Zach how he feels?

Torquere ~ Amazon ~ All Romance Ebooks ~ Bookstrand ~ Smashwords

Hard Times (Prison Masters 1) by Andrew Jericho

Contemporary erotic romance

What's hot:  Ace and Paul use a combination of BDSM techniques (cuffs, restraints, blindfolding, spanking, paddling, and kinbaku) during lovemaking while they take Tyler as their pet!


Ace Freeman is the president of Prison Masters, a BDSM club for gay males.  A good Master cares for his pets.  Ace believes that principle.  Once a triad begins to form, Ace needs to find a way to ensure his love for Tyler Chase and Paul Ryder will survive even in the hard times.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Writing milestones

YAY! Thank you all my lovely readers. I have now passed the £20,000 milestone in royalties. 

Not bad considering my first book was published less than 4 1/2 years ago.

However, my most popular book each quarter still remains Submissive Training - not sure if people buy this thinking they are getting a manual! However, I am very pleased to get the royalties for it.

Other popular books are The Submission Challenge which was first in the Doms & Acquaintances series of which Submissive Training was the second in that series.

Another one is Wife for Three - possibly because it is clearly going to be a menage story (my first sci-fi).

Retraining the Sub, Collared by Wolves, Alien Manhunt and Men for Hire are also popular titles.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Recovering from Colon Cancer surgery


I had to go into hospital to have a tumour removed from my colon just after Xmas. The good news is they got it out and the surrounding tissue was clear so I don’t need any follow up treatment like chemo.

I hate going into hospital and in particular having general anaesthetic as I always vomit for some time afterwards. What I didn’t realise was how hard it was to throw up when you’ve had your stomach muscles cut into! LOL. Vomiting, coughing, sneezing, laughing all involve using those muscles!!

Other things I wasn’t expecting included how many times they stuck needles into me – either to take blood or put things into me (drugs, iron, etc). I ended up with countless bruises. The best people at sticking needles into you were the blood nurses – they were the gentlest and did it without bruising. I also didn’t know I was going to have to continue giving myself an anti-clotting injection for 28 days after my op. I always look away when they take blood but had to look to see where I was sticking the same things!

Trying to concentrate was hard and I felt rather dizzy for some days – I suspect it was the remaining anaesthetic inside me.

I managed to get out in three days, thankfully. It was SOOO hot in there, with my hot flushes I get, I was DYING!! But I got out because I had a positive attitude. So when the physios came by and said, “Can I get you out of bed into your chair/walk to the end of the room?” my answer was, “Please – can I?” Instead of some of those around me who were saying, “No, it’s too hard.” The quicker you get up, the quicker you get to leave. It helps your digestive system get back to normal (although I was hardly eating anything at first – my appetite didn’t pick up until I got home. I lost 8lbs altogether, although I’ve put half of that back on but am not concerned at I was slightly overweight in the first place!)

I have to apologise to my readers as I had every intention of finishing one of my works-in-progress while I was off (I was away from work for 6 weeks) but I couldn’t get my head around being romantic while I was ill and recuperating, let alone thinking about sex!

But have plans to do a short story for an anthology… watch this space.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Menage Romances Fans' Awards 2016

YAY! I have been nominated in the Menage Romances Fans Awards for the third year running! Thanks to everyone who nominated me.

This year it is BDSM Weekend that has been nominated in the BDSM Menage category.

 If you wanted to vote here is the link - you have until 17 Feb to vote and any votes you give me would be much appreciated.