Friday, 29 April 2016

Wicked Weekends


Hostage Hearts by Rose Wulf

Romance on the Go short story
Erotic contemporary
What’s hot: Sizzling sex between a man who barged in with a gun in hand and the woman he'd intended to take hostage!

Blurb: Ace Bufford’s day just went from bad to worse.
All he’d set out to do was a favor for a friend, and he’d somehow found himself barging into a random apartment with a gun in his hand. Except the sole inhabitant wasn’t a stranger; she was Lydia Caldwell. The one that got away.

She wasn’t supposed to want the man who’d pointed a gun at her. But she did. Ace had grown up in all the right ways – well, except for the gun thing. Without knowing how, Lydia suddenly found herself having to decide whether or not to embrace her unexpected attraction. And together they had to find a way to get Ace out of the mess he’d landed in, or their time together would end as abruptly as it had before….

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Red-Light Wrangler by Bella Settarra

Erotic Cowboy Romance
Novel available as ebook and paperback
What's hot: sex on a mountain’


Can a bad reputation hide a good heart?

After realizing everyone he has been with only wanted him for his money, Rich Buchanan, the billionaire’s son, gives up the dream of a serious relationship and gets his kicks sleeping around. He prefers men, but he only brings home women, since his father would be horrified to find out Rich was gay. But secrets are hard to keep among the rich, and his antics soon earn him the nickname “The Red-Light Wrangler” when people discover that money exchanges hands whenever he sleeps with a guy.

When Nate Walker starts work as Assistant Foreman at the Buchanan Ranch, his good looks and gorgeous body immediately pique Rich’s interest. And despite the gossip, Nate can’t help falling for him, either.

But when Rich’s cousin Joey decides to blackmail Rich to pay off his debts, he soon realizes he could get much more out of the situation. Outing his gay cousin and causing a rift between Rich and his father could be just the thing to secure his own position as Frank Buchanan’s sole heir.

Rich has no one to turn to but his lover. But Nate has secrets of his own, and his reasons for being at the ranch are not entirely honorable...

Strictly Professional by Iyana Jenna

Romance on the Go short story


As the only senior graphic designer at Downey Handbags, Zane Kotsky expected to become the head of the creative art department when the company planned to expand its business. His hope crashed when it turned out that the company wanted someone from outside to be the manager. Knowing that, Zane planned to leave the place at once, but that was before he met the man who would become his boss, Joachim Wessling.

This is a previously published work. It has been revised and edited for Evernight Publishing.

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Interview with a sex toy designer (and fellow erotica writer!)

Today’s interview is unusual to say the least! We have the lovely Tabitha Rayne visiting us. I know Tabitha because she is a fellow author and has been to some of the writing events I’ve attended. But Tabitha is SOOOO much more than just a writer – in fact she has designed a sex toy!

Hi Jennifer – thank you so much for having me here at your lovely blog I’m delighted!

For those who haven’t heard of me (and there will be many J ) I’m Tabitha Rayne – I write all sorts of erotic stories from romance to pure unashamed filth, paint nude portraits and take part in quite a few writing memes – which is always inspiring. I also designed a new kind of sex toy for women.

Tell us about your toy – what’s it called? What does it do?

Well it’s called the Ruby Glow and the tagline is ‘pleasure for the seated lady’. It’s a saddle style non-penetrative vibrator which can be used hands-free and seated. As to what it does - I’m hoping it gives ladies a lovely orgasm J
(what a terrific idea! JD)

I am sure everyone out there is wondering how on Earth you came up with the idea for Ruby Glow….. tell us more.

I’m sure many of your readers will agree, Jennifer, that erotica is an arousing genre! Not only when you are reading, but also when you are writing – a fabulous perk of the job. Sometimes though, this feeling of arousal can become problematic if it gets in the way of finishing a scene – if you have to dash off for a little ‘privacy’ to alleviate tension. This can break flow in your writing – so I was pondering this, thinking that there must be a toy out there that you can pop on your seat, grind around to orgasm then carry on. I looked but couldn’t find any. So I imagined the type of shape that might work and made up many models.
(I love it! JD)


How then did you go about getting it made?

Luckily for me, I showed my friend Andrew what I was up to and he said he would fund the idea to get some prototypes made up – if we could make other ladies come then it might be worth pursuing. I bought up lots of clay, plaster and dental silicon and got to work.
(hahahahaha! I have this wonderful image of you up to your elbows in clay and plaster. JD)

I asked some of my closest writing buddies to take part in the initial testing to see if I was just crazy. Luckily, some of the ladies found it a very stimulating experience and went on to help me improve the design. It’s not easy finding the words to ask someone to try out a sex toy… thank goodness I have some very open minded friends!

I’m part of the Brit Babes who have been absolutely amazing in their support and enthusiasm for this toy – I could not have done it without them.

The toy went through about a year of research and testing before I approached Rocks Off with the idea. I know they get people with new designs all the time so are reluctant to take on anything unless it is truly unique or different in some way. When I brought them my research and the fact that I had support and evidence of the product’s efficacy, they decided to take a chance and make the Ruby Glow part of their sex toy range. I am beyond thrilled by this and it launched in October 2015.
(Three cheers for Rocks Off! JD)

Who else can use it?

So this is one of the most important points – it’s not just for us horny erotica writers! It can be used in many ways and because it is non-penetrative and can be used through clothing, it may be good for those who struggle with traditional sex toys. Because your bodyweight does the work, rather than holding it, if you are weak in the wrists or can’t quite reach to operate sex toys, this might be perfect for you. I have suffered in the past with crippling arthritis and knew while I was designing the Ruby Glow that it would have been really useful for me at that painful and frustrating time in my life.
(That’s really interesting because I find it difficult when I want to lay back but have to be a contortionist in order to use a particular toy. JD)

Here’s my Ruby Glow page on my blog where you can find out more and watch my video all about it.

Who did your product research (hehe!)?

Well, a lady never kisses and tells but… the product has been endorsed by the Brit Babes (Emmy Ellis Grace Marshall K D Grace Kay Jaybee Lexie Bay Lily Harlem Lucy Felthouse Victoria Blisse) and there is a download link to a free erotica collection on every Ruby Glow Box! I also sent some out to get feedback on the final designs and got some amazing words and encouragement from people like Oleander Plume and Jaye Shields.
(Lucky people! JD)

Have you included it in any of your stories?

Not yet, but it does play an important role ‘backstage’ – teehee! It has featured in my sexy photos for Sinful Sunday – nothing explicit you understand – just the blissful afterglow J

Have you got any more ideas for sex toys?

I do have many more ideas but it is quite a long and involved process – Ruby Glow has been two years in the making. My new designs have to go through the same rigorous processes before I can present them for consideration to Rocks Off. One of my recent ideas had to be ditched as at the last minute, I found something similar online already. It’s a balance and you need a lot of patience.

Now, the most important questions - where can we buy Ruby Glow and how much does it cost?!

Oh how I love saying this: The Ruby Glow is available from all good sex toy retailers! :D – still have to pinch myself!
Here is a handy list of the biggies:

£39.99 and some folks offer free P&P

Finally, let’s remind everyone you are an erotica author. What’s your latest book?

Ooo well, I’ve been so busy with the Ruby Glow my writing has taken a bit of a back seat, but I’m delighted to say that I do indeed have a new book out! It’s called Figs and is available for early download from Pride Publishing. It’s official launch date is May 10th. It’s a saucy short fruity threesome romp.

Thank you for taking part, Tabitha. That has been fascinating and congratulations – although I should slap for your hand for not asking me to try it out! LOL

Thank you, Jennifer, for letting me take over your lovely blog! X x


Monday, 25 April 2016

First Chapter of 'Torn Between Two Lovers'

First Chapters – TBTL

I notice it’s been a couple of years since I posted the a first chapter from one of my books – so I will be adding the remaining ones over the next few months starting today with Torn Between Two Lovers.

The Haunt of the Wolves 2

Copyright © 2014


The Wolf Spirit  felt  a disturbance  in  the  air around  him  and reluctantly opened his eyes.
A being didn’t have sleep in this realm of existence. It was more like eternal rest, except he kept getting called on to help his descendants. Lifting his muzzle, he sniffed, tasted the air, and then frowned. Something was wrong.
“Whatever is happening, it isn’t good! How dare these mortals do things I haven’t planned for them?
Chuckling at his joke, he closed his eyes again and tried to concentrate sending out his thoughts to the other world to determine the exact problem.
Instead, images of the many times he had interfered in the doings of his people on earth came to him. He was pleased with the events that had gone his way in recent times—giving Max’s empathic skill a boost as the young shifter struggled to work out where their woman had gone, Griff’s expression of satisfaction when Lance went over the cliff, which was, in part, due to the entity and not so much Griff’s fighting skill, Tasha’s ménage with her men in the cave. Well, the latter hadn’t been his doing so much as hers.  She just needed a confidence boost, although this was much harder to do as she was human with relatively few shifter genes.
And then other memories bubbled up, and he frowned. These
were ones where things hadn’t gone the way he intended—Ford confronting Griff in the werewolf BDSM club they called The Haunt, which caused Tasha to take fright and run away, nearly wrecking his plans for her, and Callum getting mauled by Lance’s gang when he tried to single-handedly save the girl from being kidnapped.
Lance…now why should he come to my thoughts so readily? After
all, he’s dead. Rotting in wolf-shifter hell. Isn’t he?
The Spirit shook his body, letting his fur stand on end before slowly subsiding. Taking a deep breath, he held it for a long time, making himself light-headed, and examined the visions that came to him.
Snapping his eyes open, the being tensed in shock.
It wasn’t Lance at all, but Darren, the former leader’s second-in- command. The entity had been aware that Darren had taken over as alpha of the misbegotten, malevolent, foul troop of werewolves, and there was little he could do to stop them. Their thoughts were so evil, nothing good penetrated. Consequently, they had continued their practice of dark BDSM. Only this time it was much worse. Instead of merely playing with the victims and using them for a perverted version of fun, they were torturing their prey until they were dead. The battered bodies then buried deep underground or burned.
Damn them. These are my people! How dare they?
The Spirit tried to ignore the thought pinging at the back of his brain that Darren, like Lance before him, was also one of his descendants.
No. There is little of me left in them. Too much human blood has infiltrated their genes, and not for the better. The entity might be manipulative, interfering, and controlling, but it was always for the good of his people. He hated the idea that any of his traits were being used for evil.
Suddenly pain sliced through his body, and he curled up in a heap trying to stop the agony. Panting to overcome the torment, the being took it into himself. Similar to what the subs went through at The Haunt when they went into sub-space, he was able to get a grip on his sensations after a few moments.
Someone was about to become Darren’s next target, someone the
Spirit had earmarked for his next pairing. This was another mating that would bring lost shifter genes back into the packs. So many qualities that he had exhibited when he had been mortal had dissipated over the centuries. In order to integrate into human society and avoid being singled out as freaks, many of his people had denied their wolf sides and married outside the packs. And those that were left were just not producing the numbers of cubs to continue the genes sufficiently.
“Noooo! Not Evie. I need her.” The entity had worked hard to
drive Evie in the direction he had wanted her to go, moving to Deer Park, away from her family who were just content to remain in their human selves. Then discovering her interest in BDSM, he pushed her to attend The Haunt, a building the wolf-shifters used to conduct their sadomasochism evenings. He thought she might find someone with whom to mate, bringing the human-werewolf genes inherited from her maternal family back into the gene pool.
He frowned. It hadn’t been part of his plan for her to fall in love with her Dom, Stefan. That one had quite enough wolf blood. No, Evie needed to entice a human with the right ancestry to join the pack and mate with her. Maybe The Haunt wasn’t the right place after all. He made a face. The Shroud he had invented kept humans away from the building usually, so that plan stopped stone dead.
The question was how could he avoid her becoming the next victim of Darren’s gang before that could be achieved? He couldn’t rescue her himself, as he was noncorporeal, but instead he needed to manipulate those on the mortal world.
Except there was no one in the vicinity of the forest where she had gone. The Haunt was some distance away.
So who can I get to save her in time?

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