The anthologies are ones I am the coordinator for. In other words, I read through the submissions and chose the stories and in the case of 'Love & Lust in Space' I was the editor, too.

Men for Hire 1: stories from Tina Donahue (Got Muscle?), Bella Settarra (Menage at Mealtime), Michelle Roth (Calculated Risk) and me (Marital Duties).

It was published by Luminosity Publishing in September 2015.

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Blurb for my story:

Men for Hire 2. Published in January 2016 by Luminosity Publishing with stories from Tatum Throne, Bella Settarra, Dylan McEwan and Helen J Perry. (This time I was just coordinating the stories).

Love & Lust in Space. Published in November 2016 by Sexy Little Pages with stories from H K Carlton, Ian D Smith, Dee Maselle, Rose Wulf, Jordan Monroe, Ashe Barker, Morgan King, Dylan McEwan, Ella Gray, Beverly Langland and myself.

Blurb for my story:

The Sonic Dilda'tor by (MF): Skarlet is a very sensuous woman, but is married to Braemel, whose people only have sex once every five years and she is desperate to save her marriage. She accidentally comes across a Sonic Dilda’tor and immediately knew it would help them. Unfortunately, it is banned on that planet …

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