Monday, 30 June 2014

Guest interviews/blogs

Check out my interview on Allyson Young’s ‘Craving Erotic Romance’ blog last week where I talk about a play I did for local kids aged about 14 and what my rabbit does to get my attention when I am immersed in a story.

And also see my guest blog on Bella Settarra’s blog talking about bondage. Find out where roses, trust and a St Andrew’s cross comes into my latest story - Torn Between Two Lovers.

*evil leer*!


Friday, 27 June 2014

Weekend Reading Recommendations

Sensation play with strawberries and roses, exquisite use of the strap and drool-worthy aliens are on offer today!

Title of book: Torn Between Two Lovers (The Haunt of the Wolves 2)

Name of author: Jennifer Denys

Genre: MFM Werewolf BDSM romance

Description of main characters:

Evie Pierce, werewolf, 24, very very light ash blonde hair. Pale blue eyes. Tall like werewolves usually are (5ft 10). Not as lean as some female werewolves but certainly strong and fit.

Stefan Russell, werewolf, 32, dark blond hair, to base of neck. Light brown eyes. Very tall (6ft 2in), very muscular. Master at The Haunt.

Jace Talbot, human, 29, short dark hair. Green eyes. Same height as Evie (so 5ft 10in) but shorter than Stefan. Not unfit, but average weight for a human. City boy, born and bred. 

Setting: Deer Park

Length: 40,000

Blurb: When submissive shifter Evie, runs out on her werewolf Dom, Stefan, she is attacked by rogues, but rescued by a human, Jace. As she recovers they begin to fall in love. But Evie is torn between Jace and his sensual, romantic ways or her old BDSM life with Stefan. Human or werewolf? Gentle or rough?

What’s Hot: Sensation play with strawberries and roses with one lover and double penetration with a beer bottle with another

Title of book: Taken by her Alien Warriors
Name of author: Doris O'Connor
Genre: Sci-fi MMF
Description of main characters: Lord Ornack, Drakan. In high standing in this dominant race, he is in need of a mother for his son, and the one woman to unite him with his male lover, Zorran, Cirrion Warrior, enemy of Drakan, determined to ignore his feelings for his mates and do the honourable thing of letting them go.
Gemini Hudson, feisty, yet submissive human who has not one, but two huge seven feet aliens to contend with - just as well she loves them both, and is not afraid to knock some sense into them.
Setting: Unspecified time in our future on Earth and Drakan
Length: 32,000
Blurb: Cirrion Warrior Zorran's rescue of Gemini comes back to haunt him, when she grows into a beautiful young woman that awakens feelings long buried. Giving her to his Drakan lover, Ornack, seems the perfect solution, but walking away from the people he loves brings with it disastrous consequences.
What's hot?: Drool-worthy aliens who have unique ways of using their horns.

Title of book: Taking Eve

Name of author: Tina Donahue

Genre: Paranormal erotic romance, elements of BDSM

Description of main characters:

Faith/Eve – In this life, Faith’s in her late twenties, long dark hair,
green eyes. She works as a book editor. As Eve, she was also in her
twenties and signed away her freedom to the House of Lords, a hidden manor where carnal passion rules.

Colin/Anthony – In this life, Colin’s in his early thirties, six-three,
hot as sin, dark hair, blue eyes. He’s a hypnotherapist who brings his
clients back to their former lives. He’s also Faith’s lover from her first
life when she was Eve. Then, he was known as Anthony, the noble master she craves most.

Setting: Seattle, Washington in the present. Victorian England, 1838, in
the past.

Length: Novel – 59,900 words


Dreams of a manor where submission and dominance once ruled draws Faith to Colin who looks remarkably like her most cherished master from a past life. Through hypnotherapy, he brings her back to the Victorian era where she eagerly submits to whatever he and her other noble masters crave.

What’s hot?: The exquisite discipline of the strap

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

'Torn Between Two Lovers' is out!

Torn Between Two Lovers’ is now released! Available at Bookstrand for the next month before it goes to Amazon and other third party distributors. 

Here is an excerpt:

The rain lashed at Evie’s face as she exited her car, hitting her cheeks like pinpricks, and she turned away, causing her hair to blow into her eyes. Irritated, she swiped it away with a growl.
Like members of her wolf family, she abhorred storms. It didn’t matter when she was in her wolf self as her fur was thick and waterproof, but when it was turning into a gale like this one was, she instinctively wanted to find her fellow wolves and curl up under the pines, noses tucked in, sharing heat, staying safe.
Instead she was in her human form about to visit Jace.
Things had got better with Stefan. In the last week he had worked hard to refresh her submissive training, and it had been successful. She seemed to have gotten past her fears. In the meantime, he was somehow gentler than he had been before, more caring. It was a welcome surprise. Evie wondered if it was because of the attack or because he feared her leaving him for Jace.
But whether to marry him or not was still up in the air, and she knew he desperately wanted an answer from her. He had even gone as far as telling her that he would take no other submissives if she was his mate as well as his sub.
“Really?” She had been skeptical.
He had cupped her face. “If that’s what it takes for you to be my mate.”
Evie believed him, but somehow, her past jealousies didn’t matter that much-except Brenda. She would always be the thorn in Evie’s side. The issue instead was which of her lovers she would miss more if she had to give one up. That was why she was now standing outside Jace’s front door—to make a decision one way or another.
Meanwhile, part of her was apprehensive that Jace wouldn’t want to see her or his leave was about to come to an end. She wondered if she had told him she loved him when they’d been together if it would have made a difference.
Evie gave a wry grin. The ideal situation would be to have both men, like Tasha had her four. She’d have the best of both worlds then, Stefan and the BDSM, Jace and the romance—except that Stefan would never allow it. She was also concerned what Stefan would say if he found out where she was now.
The wind changed direction at that moment, and a huge gust blew her forward just as Jace opened the door. Bracing herself for hard wood, instead she landed in a pair of soft arms. A welcoming embrace, she thought. Or maybe that was just wishful thinking.
“Whatever are you doing out here, Evie? For God’s sake, come on in.”
He ushered her inside and then struggled to close the door against the wind before turning around to face her.
Evie didn’t say a word, just drank in the gorgeous sight of him. His dark hair glittering with raindrops, eyes that seemed confused, yet pleased to see her.
“It’s hell out there!” He smiled and shook his head to rid himself of the water in his hair.
Her heart fluttered. It was such a wolf thing to do she had to remind herself that he was human.
Clearing her throat, she finally responded. “It certainly is.”
Jace stood for a moment. “Um, as much as it’s wonderful to see you, Evie, why are you here?”
Evie shrugged. “I missed you,” she said in a quiet voice.
He thumbed over his shoulder, indicating outside, and grimaced. “And is the big guy, Mr. Rock-hard-muscles-who-will-smash-me-to-pieces or tear-me-limb-from-limb, gonna turn up next?”
She chuckled at his description of Stefan. Poor Jace had yet to see Stefan’s softer side. “Probably not.”
Jace lifted an eyebrow. “I was hoping it would be a ‘definitely not.’ I adore that you are here, but I also value my life, sweetheart.”

Closing her eyes, she bowed her head, trying to blink back tears. She had to make a decision. And make it now. Stefan or Jace? Rough or smooth? Dominant or submissive? Werewolf or human? She loved Stefan desperately, and she loved Jace equally.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Something you never knew about me...

Something you never knew about me – I used to (no time now, too busy writing!) do my own tapestries. This is my Millennium Tapestry.

I was inspired by the new millennium and my love of history to come up with pictures to represent major events/people/ happenings in those 2,000 years. The pics were randomly chosen, depending on what came to me – so I soon realised that I couldn’t think of an awful lot of things that happened in the first 1,000 years, subsequently there are only about 11 pics representing the first millennium, eg, Romans, Vikings…….

Later I became aware that over 25% were in my lifetime – well, what can I say? These were historical events that meant great things to me personally, eg, Berlin wall coming down, end of apartheid in South Africa, pop music, Star Trek…..

If you wanted to have a go at guessing the pics there is a clue – the shape the pic is one is relevant:

circles (well octagons!) are explorers and explorations;
ovals are inventors and inventions;
squares are empires conquerors, republics, and religions (a bit of a catch all category!);  rectangles are battles and wars;
diamonds are hopes and triumphs;
triangles are disasters and tragedies;
crowns are great leaders and good people;
squiggly outlines are mysteries!

The words around the edge are the arts: so quotes from books, poems, music, titles of artwork and they run into one another.

If you guess pic or quote any just leave a comment indicating what you have guessed!


Friday, 20 June 2014

Weekend Reading

This week's offerings including sex in a fire lookout, impact play with riding crops and Thai massages....

Title of book: Tracking Jase (Wild Wolves 2)
Name of author: Tatum Throne

Genre: MM/Paranormal/Werewolf/BDSM

Description of main characters: Alpha Hero Brand Foster has blond hair and green eyes. He's 6' with corded muscle. He's a werewolf who will be helping Jase transition.

Jase Chambers has black hair and blue eyes. He's a transitioning werewolf. He's 5'10" with long lean muscles.
Setting: The Black Forest

Length: 29k

Blurb: When transitioning werewolf Jase Chambers goes missing in the Black Forest, Brand Foster must find him before the wild wolves do. As a protector of the forest, Brand knows there isn’t much time. Brand is a Dom who knows he can protect Jase, if he finds him.

What’s Hot: Sex in a fire lookout

Title of book: One Night in Bangkok

Name of author: Gale Stanley

Genre: MM Multicultural Contemporary Romance

Description of main characters:

Thirty-five year-old attorney David Elliot is all business. He’s 6’1” and he has sandy hair and green eyes.

Kai is 23. He’s been a houseboy to a rich American expat since he was sixteen. He’s 5’9” and he has thick black hair and brown eyes.

Setting: Bangkok, Thailand

Length: 27,148

Blurb: The temperature in Thailand is a humid ninety degrees but things are about to get a lot hotter. David Elliot is in Bangkok on business, but when he meets Kai, the younger man turns his world upside down. It was never meant to be anything more than a pleasant diversion but David can't walk away when it’s over.

What’s Hot: They’re booked for a Thai massage, but David can’t keep his hands off Kai.

Buy Link:

Title of book: Captivating Her Racy Heroes

Name of author: Tara Rose

Genre: MFM erotic contemporary BDSM romance

Description of main characters:

Heroine: Brynn Winston, brown hair and green eyes. Is an HR rep at Busler’s Department Store in downtown Racy

Heroes: Hugh Sinclair, dark hair and gray eyes. Financial analyst at Notus

Ryder Dayton, dark hair and blue eyes. Line tech at Notus

Setting: Racy, Indiana
This is the 13th book in the Racy Nights series

Length: 45,000

Blurb: When submissive Brynn Winston takes a job in Racy, trouble follows her from Chicago. Can Doms Ryder Dayton and Hugh Sinclair keep her safe?

What’s Hot: Impact play with a riding crop

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Character Profiles

Character profiles for ‘Torn Between Two Lovers’

Name – Evie Pierce

Book – Torn Between Two Lovers

Love interests – Stefan Russell and Jace Talbot

Species - Werewolf

Age – Mid twenties

Hair/eyes – Ash blonde hair, pale blue eyes

Height/weight – 5ft 10, strong and fit.

Looks – Not as lean as some female werewolves.

Other – Works as teacher at local school. Comes from a different town originally. Was a minor character in ‘Collared by Wolves’. Submissive to Stefan. Wear Stefan’s collar.

Here is a pic of an actress (Blake Lively) who is very similar to what I had in mind.

Name – Stefan Russell

Book – Torn Between Two Lovers

Love interest – Evie Pierce

Species  - Human

Age – 32

Hair/eyes – Dark blond hair, to base of neck, light brown eyes

Height/weight – 6ft 3, very muscular

Looks - Ruggedly handsome, harsh countenance

Other – Owns his own carpentry firm. Master Dom at The Haunt. Was minor character in ‘Collared by Wolves’

Here is a pic of an actor (Dolph Lundgren) who is very similar to what I had in mind.

Name – Jace Talbot

Book – Torn Between Two Lovers

Love interest – Evie Pierce

Species  - Human

Age – 29

Hair/eyes – Short dark hair, green, eyes

Height/weight – 5ft 10in.

Looks - Very handsome, almost pretty boy type

Other – Works as an architect but on sabbatical working on a project. City boy. Cousin to Tasha who was heroine in ‘Collared by Wolves’

Here is a pic of an actor (Will Forte) who is very similar to what I had in mind.


The mysterious werewolf entity from "Collared by Wolves" is called on again when lovely submissive shifter Evie Pierce runs out on her alpha werewolf Dom, tall and hunky Stefan Russell. A handsome human, Jace Talbot, a visitor to the area, who doesn’t know that werewolves exist, rescues her from malicious rogues who attack her in the forest.

As she recovers they begin to fall in love, but Evie has a dilemma. She is torn between Jace and his sensual, romantic ways and her old BDSM life with Stefan, and all the excitement that brings.

A confrontation between the two men leads to a stark realization, horror, and betrayal. This changes all their lives as they struggle to understand what has happened, and then a natural disaster means the two men have to work together. But what will happen once it’s all over? Whom will she choose? Human or werewolf? Gentle or rough?

Buy link - available for pre-order on Bookstrand, out on 25 June (will be available on Amazon and other distributors from late July):

Monday, 16 June 2014

Smut by the Sea 2014

Smut by the Sea on Saturday was terrific. Well done Victoria and Kevin for improving on last year's event.

Lovely to see people I knew and also new folk.

Nice to have some workshops to attend this time - one from Victoria Blisse on getting inspired to write from every day objects. We had a little writing exercise and I came up with a ghost story from a picture of Scarborough Castle - who knows it might become a full story one day!

Another was thought provoking from K D Grace about writing better erotica - we had to write a sex scene without using the words cock or pussy!

Then Lucy Felthouse on what editors want. When asked to think outside the box within a theme I came up with two fairies from the top of the Xmas tree being given the night off and meeting in a bar for a lesbian story, again, it might end up getting written. Watch this space.

I did a reading again this year - a follow on reading to last year when I read from 'Friendly Seduction' about a sci-fi writer who creates a story to seduce the heroine and the book they created was one I wrote up and was published earlier this year. So that is the one I read from this time 'Bounty Hunters' Captive'. We had the lovely Kay Jaybee ready to spank us if we ran over time - so it was great to play off that and include her in my reading - when the heroine was referring to the mysterious sentient cloud that had appeared on board their spaceship, "See there, that is trouble with a capital T" I gestured in Kay's direction. The audience rather enjoyed that!

Well done to all the people reading for the first time, in particular my lovely friend, Bella Settarra, who I met at last year's Smut. She even dressed up in a sexy sailor outfit!

There were lovely stalls from Ann Summers, Kay Jaybee, a book stand, a craft stall and an erotica tombola - from which I won a butt plug and a cock ring!

And a 'create your own swag' stall. Authors were invited to offer swag. I don't have lots of any one item so I had a mixed bowl of goodies. It was interesting to see what went - and what didn't. All the pens were taken, along with nearly all the lube (freebies I had received myself and not used!), and nearly all the sex-origamis! If you remember the origamis we used to make as kids to tell fortunes, it was the same thing except I had sex positions on them!

About five of my badges with my book covers were taken, along with a similar number of bookmarks - also with book covers. A few each of the keyrings, pencils, mini highlighters and notepads. Least popular was the mousemat and fridge magnets.

Afterwards Janine Ashbless and I went for a cream tea - delicious *big grin*

That's it for this year's Smut by the Sea. See you all at Smut in the City in Manchester on 15 November.


Friday, 13 June 2014

Weekend Reading

Naked rides on horseback, hot chemistry between witch and man and a dashing highlander in a kilt are on offer this week!

Title of book: Twist in the Saddle (Cowboys of Snow Lake 7)
Name of author: Susan Laine

Genre: MMM/Cowboy/BDSM

Description of main characters: Noah Appleton, baker and a sub, 25 yrs old, green eyes with glasses, light brown hair, small and lithe, a button-down shirt and slacks.

Jake Harding, cowboy and mechanic and a Dom, 33 yrs old, blue eyes, blond hair and stubble, big and muscled, jeans and a straw cowboy hat.

Michael Rawlins, bad boy biker and mechanic and a Dom, 33 yrs old, gray eyes, black spiky hair, tattoos and piercings, lean and ripped, black jeans and leather jacket.

Setting: Snow Lake, a small town in Wyoming

Length: 43,500

Blurb: Baker Noah Appleton, cowboy Jake Harding, and bad boy biker Michael Rawlins have a threeway D/s relationship. Jake and Michael are the Doms, Noah the slave-in-training.
Noah’s birthday has arrived. What gifts lay in wait for the threesome? Bondage in the shower, flogging in the stables, skinny-dipping in a hot spring, sex in the truck, and more… 

What’s Hot: A midnight ride on horseback naked

Title of book: The Beginning: Witches Of The Bayou (Free Read)

Name of author: Cherrie Mack

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Description of main characters: James, tall, dark cropped hair, lavender eyes. He is a struggling blues musician.

Cecily is a dark haired beauty. Statuesque and lean. She is a powerful witch of royal birthright.

Setting: New Orleans-The French Quarter

Length: 46 pages (11k)

Blurb: A young and powerful witch of royal birthright longs to be human. When she meets a human man who gives her the love she’s never known, her decision to renounce her heritage is an easy one. But, not everything is what it seems. This exciting, short story is a prequel to A Late Summer Bloom—Witches Of The Bayou.

What’s Hot: Hot chemistry between a witch and a human man 

Buy link:

Title of book: Two to Tango

Name of author: Nicola Cameron

Genre: SF erotic romance

Description of main characters: Rory MacLellan, aka the Highlander, dashing Scottish art thief. 6’2”, dark brown hair, grey eyes, built like a Greek god, always wears a kilt.

Dr. Dmitri Grigoryev - disgraced Russian archaeologist forced to go on the run with Rory when police think he helped the Highlander with a heist. 5’11”, average length black hair, blue eyes, 5 o’clock shadow but no facial hair, leanly muscled.

Setting: future colonies, Earth

Length: 66K

Blurb: Rory MacLellan is a interstellar art thief with a soft spot for the underdog. Dmitri Grigoryev was an up-and-coming exoarchaeologist until a deadly dig left his career in tatters. With interstellar police on their tail, Rory and Dmitri reluctantly join forces, but will their simmering attraction get in the way?

What's Hot?: oral sex, anal sex, frottage, masturbation

Buy link:

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Smut by the Sea 2014

I am off to Smut by the Sea in Scarborough, Yorkshire, again this year – which is even better with some great writing workshops in the morning, lunch provided this year (yay!) and lots of readings in the afternoon including one from yours truly!

Last year I read an extract from Friendly Seduction where sci-fi writer, Matt, told that he has to add more sex to his stories enlists the help of Lissa who tells him what women want in their erotic romances (handsome and hunky heroes, never the short, fat, bald man who works down the sewers!). Here’s me reading from last year.

I always thought it would be good to actually write the story they created in that book – and Bounty Hunters’ Captive is it! So this year I am reading an excerpt from this book. It is in the same vein as Friendly Seduction where I took the mickey out of erotic romance, but this time I make fun of sci-fi (and weave in some classic sci-fi lines)!!

I’ll tell you how it went next week – along with which lovely writers I meet up with. I certainly expect to see Victoria Blisse, Lucy Felthouse and KD Grace as they are all doing writing workshops, and Janine Ashbless and Bella Settarra who are reading and lots of others.

I am also looking forward to the erotic tombola, craft and book stalls and the Ann Summers stand (I can feel a need to buy something erotic……)


Friday, 6 June 2014

Weekend Reading

Sex on a sacrificial altar, foreplay in a moving vehicle and some nipple piercing are all on offer in this weekend's books!

Title of Book: Hannalore's Treasure

Name of Author: Skye Michaels

Genre: Erotic Romance, BDSM, M/F Contemporary, Sextreme

Description of main characters:

Dr. Tyler Brandon, tall, dark and handsome bad boy, head of the archaelogoy department at Stanford.

Hannalore Bascomb, his blonde, blue eyed assistant is beautiful in a quiet way but extremely wary of Dr Brandon. Her glasses and uptight clothing are more for camouflage and protection from Ty.

Setting: Golden Dolphin, 300 foot mega yacht and newly discovered Guatemalan Mayan sacrificial altar

Length: 62,803 words, 227 pages

Blurb: While taking a cruise to investigate a new archaeological site in Guatemala, teaching assistant, Hannalore Bascomb, has to deal with sexy Stanford professor, Ty Brandon, tomb raiders and a BDSM cruise aboard the Golden Dolphin.

What's Hot: Sex scene on Mayan sacrificial altar of Warrior Queen

Buy Link: 

Title of Book: All The Difference (Club Aries 1)

Name of Author: Jordan Ashley

Genre: Siren Classic Erotica, MF

Description of Main Characters; Diego, 28, 6’1”, Black hair, dark brown eyes, exotic dancer and fitness competitor

Jamie, 26, 5’2”, Red hair, Blue eyes, Secretary for a big wig lawyer

Setting: Nashville, Tennessee

Length: 23,400 words

Blurb: Jamie Monroe planned a weekend away, but meeting the whirlwind that was Diego Ramirez changed all of that.  Love at first meet was something unheard of to the both of them, but it would not be denied. It’s up to them to accept it and let it make All The Difference

What’s Hot?: Foreplay in a moving vehicle

Buy Link:

Title of book: Submissive Training

Name of author: Jennifer Denys

Genre: BDSM/MF with an MFM scene

Main characters: Kat, drop-dead gorgeous, very tall, long red curls to her waist. Voluptuous, long legs. Blue eyes. Mid-late 20s. Comes over as self-assured but this hides some insecurities

Ben, blond, taller than Kat, muscular chest, handsome but can look hard-faced, rarely smiles, piercing green eyes, mid-brown hair really short, a Dominant. Early-mid 30s.
Setting:  modern day, mostly at a hotel hosting a BDSM conference

Length: 29k

Despairing of Dominant Ben showing an interest in her Kat attends a submissive training conference at which he is a trainer.  Not believing she is docile enough for him, despite her fascination with the lifestyle, and confused by his growing feelings, Ben puts her through some increasingly intimate tasks.

What's Hot?: Having her nipples pierced.

Buy link: