Friday, 29 March 2013

Flash Fiction Friday for Easter

Here is some Easter flash fiction for you and it follows on from the free read last Christmas. Read down to the end and you, the reader, gets a change to participate in this story!

Easter Delight
Copyright Jennifer Denys 2013

Club Surrender was having an Easter special. Lucy wondered how ‘Easter’ and BDSM could possibly be related as she walked toward the club’s doors.
Not only was it a ‘special’, it was also an open event for beginners—hence why she was finally stepping foot over the threshold of a venue that had intrigued her for years as she passed it daily to and from work. She had considered entering before, but wasn't sure of the wisdom of going in by herself.
Unfortunately, she had no friends that she could ask to go with her. It wasn’t that she didn’t have plenty of friends, it was just if they knew where her desires lay, they would be horrified.
She sighed and passed through the doorway and was greeted by a friendly receptionist wearing a normal summer dress. The smiling was a good sign and heartened Lucy, but she did feel rather overdressed now in her red leather corset and bandeau skirt that was so skimpy she could have worn it as a hairband over her blonde hair.
The receptionist signed her in and pointed to a door on her right. Lucy hesitated for a moment wondering what took place behind the door on her left and then decided she didn’t want to know. At least, not yet. The sound of someone being tortured seemed to come from that room. Or maybe it was her over-active imagination. But at the same time her panties started to feel distinctly wet.
Pushing open the door on the right Lucy was greeted by another smiling attendant.  A beautiful girl with long black hair wearing a bunny girl outfit complete with bunny ears. She began to relax. The girl’s white basque wasn’t that different from her corset.
“Hi. My name is Angela. Are you here for the Easter event?”
“Um, yes.”
“Excellent. Dom or sub?”
Oh shit! What should I say? She had no experience of either, but suspected she was a sub at heart as she was somewhat shy. On the other hand the idea of spanking a nice firm male bum definitely aroused her juices.
“Er, I have no idea. How does anyone decide?”
“That’s all right, honey. This is a beginner’s event so you can be whatever you want. Or just watch.”
“Watch!” That came out of her mouth so fast Lucy startled herself, and then immediately regretted it. Having got through the doors she really wanted to participate.
Angela chuckled. “That’s fine. Just wander around and observe. If you feel like taking part at any time just come and see me and I’ll pass on some rules. The Easter Egg table is over there. Daffodil Whipping comes later. At the back is Rabbit Love. And in the other room is the Basket Weaving.
“E—Easter Egg table?”
Lucy was turned around and gently pushed in the correct direction. “Go and look.”
The table in question held a dark haired naked woman with lovely big breasts tied spread-eagled to the furniture. Well, sort of naked. She was lying on her back on the table and her body was covered with bits of chocolate. Surrounding her were several people all of whom were eating the chocolate from her body. They all had their hands behind their backs so they could only eat the chocolate by bending forward and gathering it in their mouths.
As her eyes widened in astonishment, Lucy started salivating. She wasn’t sure if it was the sight of people gobbling down the sweet treat or the moans coming from the woman as people licked the rapidly melting chocolate from her body.
One man had his head over the apex of girl’s legs and was licking her shaven pussy clean. Very clean from the looks of it. He was certainly enjoying his meal. Meanwhile, a woman was further up the table making sure every drop of chocolate was gone from the girl’s now very wet, and very hard, nipples. The sound of surpling came from the woman's mouth as her mouth left a nipple. A third person was laughing as he nibbled the girl's stomach trying to get a wayward piece of chocolate into his mouth.
A particularly loud cry came from the squirming girl and she arched her back suddenly causing the remaining pieces of chocolate to jump off her body and fall to the table while the three people all stepped back in surprise.
“Julie!” cried the tall red-headed man at her legs.
“Sorry, sweetheart. I’ll try to stay still, but it's really difficult with everything you're all doing to me.”
As more chocolate was placed on Julie’s body the Doms around her continued their delicious assault on her body with eagerness. Lucy wasn't sure what she liked looking at more. The looks on their faces as they attacked her or the trembling body of the girl beneath them. 
Lucy swiftly moved away and within seconds she was standing in front of Angela again.
“I want a go.”
Angela grinned. “Thought you would. Do you want to continue at the Easter Egg table or one of the other activities?"
Lucy bit her lip as she considered what might take place at the daffodil whipping event, or even what basket weaving could possibly be.
"Can I try the others later?"
"Sure. So the next question is do you want to take Julie’s place or just eat the chocolate from her? In other words, did you want to be tied to the table and submit your body to others or be one of those in control eating the chocolate?
Oh, what a choice! What will she choose?................

Hope you enjoyed that. You decide which Lucy will be, Dom or sub (or even switch!!) – leave a comment saying which. If Dom is the most popular then Lucy will be a Dom or vice versa. You have until the end of Easter Sunday to decide!!



  1. Hmm... Switch... so THEN she can decide if she wants more or less

  2. Tracey Steinbach30 March 2013 at 12:40


  3. Switch, that way she gets to experience both.

  4. She's so conflicted it's impossible to say, but since she's admitted to having fantasies of being in both roles, I'd say she's a switch. :)

    Fun story, by the way!! ;)

  5. Dom or sub...that's a tough question! I think I am going to agree with the switch idea. I know if it were me, I would be the sub , but if she really has no idea then she should try both.

    Happy Easter and thanks for the great story!

  6. I think she should try both, until she is sure of her true switch.
    loved the premise, could this become more?
    Thanks, Jennifer.... happy Easter.

  7. I think she should be a sub.

  8. Sub. It might be interesting to read how much better than the apparently ticklish Julie Lucy will do when being feasted on :)

    1. Thanks. Julie was actually reacting to what the guy was doing down below to a 'sensitive' area, if you get my meaning!

  9. Thanks for a great story, Jennifer.

    I think she should be a switch, and get to try the scene from both sides. Personally... if it were me I couldn't resist being covered with chocolate and...well... yum!

  10. Love the Easter theme! I think she comes across as more of a sub - it would be easier to guess if she were drawn to a particular character though. No harm in leaving options open and being a switch. Morgan x