Friday, 17 August 2012

Daily snippet

This is a new promo I haven't tried before - for the next ten days I am doing a daily snippet for 'Retraining the Sub' up to release date! (You can also read this on my facebook page)

Here is the first:

Retraining the Sub is out in ten days (27 August) available from Evernight Publishing. I am going to do a daily snippet to whet your appetite!
Shy 21-year-old Ann is about to marry Luke, but she is getting cold feet. Is he going to turn out as domineering as her parents? Is she just going from being her parents’ daughter to Luke’s wife without ever finding out who ‘she’ is? Will his sweet but bland lovemaking be enough for her? Is there an elusive ‘something else’ for her out there? Can she go through with it?
Read tomorrow if she marries him or not…………