Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wednesday Writing - Retraining the Sub

My next book out is ‘Retraining the Sub’ which is being published through Evernight Publishing.
This is a BDSM novella about a submissive who misuses her safe word once too often and told to attend a retraining program. However, the only Master prepared to train her is hard, inflexible Luke, the man she jilted eight years previously.

Dominated by her parents, shy Ann left home because there was something missing in her life she wasn’t getting from her sweet fiancé, as he was then, and is introduced to BDSM.

Shocked to see each other at the club, but stunned at how they’ve both changed, Ann has to be trained by Luke, or leave. It becomes a battle of wills to see who will lose control—the battle being about trust. Can Ann give up control and trust a Master? Can Luke trust Ann not to run away again? The emotional victory for each battle flies back and forth between them. Who will ultimately win?

This is due out next month.


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