Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday Writing - Extract for Retraining the Sub

As promised here is an extract from Retraining the Sub due out with Evernight Publishing next week (27 August). Check out my Facebook page or back on this blog this afternoon as I am doing daily snippets about this book up to release.

“You want me to what?”
            Master Sean, the owner of the club, sat behind his desk and gave her a look of utter exasperation.
            Ann hurried to clarify. “Er, Master Sean.” She constantly forgot the courtesy of a Dom’s title, it reminded her too much of having to say, “Yes, mother” or “Yes, father.” She frowned. “I didn’t quite hear you properly.”
            “Oh, you heard me perfectly well the first time. You have two options. You can leave the club now, and I will refund the remainder of your subscription, or you can take part in the retraining program.”
            Yup. That was what I thought he had said. “Can I ask what exactly a ‘retraining program’ means?”
“We instituted this program for subs and Doms already in the lifestyle, in conjunction with the training program for newbies that is run by Masters like Ken and Jonas. The idea is to make sure everyone is reminded of the tenets of this life: ‘to be safe, sane and consensual’.”
“But I have always consented.”
“Yes, initially. And then you cry your safe word when things begin to get uncomfortable.”
She frowned. “But surely that is the point of having it? The ‘safe’ part of the rules.”
“To a certain extent, but another reason for retraining a person is to reiterate that the reason for getting involved in this lifestyle is that they want to challenge their sexual boundaries. And you slam down a barrier each time.”
Ann swallowed nervously and ducked her head. She knew he was right, but it hurt to admit it. “Okay, I understand why you think I should do this. What exactly will it entail?”
“One of the Masters will take you in hand. You will only be with him and no-one else. He will decide on your tuition.”
She frowned. “Like what?”
Sean sighed loudly. Ann flushed, knowing she had annoyed him again, and probably proved why she needed this additional training. “Like your avoidance of punishment!”
Feeling herself go redder at the knowledge that he had witnessed the scene earlier with Warren, she asked the question she was concerned about, “So will Master Ken train me?” She said this hopefully. She knew him a little, and, more importantly, trusted him.
 Shaking his head, Sean replied, “Uh-uh. And neither will Master Jonas, in case you are thinking that way.”
Damn. These brothers-in-law were two of the more experienced Masters, and ones she could cope with, but they never did scenes with anyone other than their wives these days.
“So who…”
“Listen carefully, Annabel. You don’t get a choice. That would only give you a degree of control, and it is in that area that you need retraining. The only choice you have is take the refund, or accept the one Master I have left who is willing to take you on. Thankfully it is someone who hasn’t been in the club that long, and he used to come on a different night from you, so he doesn’t know how challenging a sub you can be, although I have tried to warn him.”
That brought her up short. She knew she had a reputation for being difficult and tried to think of excuses to get out of the training. “But what happens if I can’t go through with it when I meet him?”
“In that case you leave. It is very simple. We can’t force you to stay.”
“But what happens if he doesn’t want to train me?” She was clutching at straws now, and wasn’t quite sure why she was trying so hard to stay in this club, this life that had been her savior all those years ago when it had given her confidence in herself.
Sean chuckled loudly. “Oh, believe me. This Master wants to train you, all right.”
“You’ve spoken to him about me?”
His intense gaze got her worried about what he had told this Master. She took in some ragged breaths. It was make-or-break time. “Okay,” she said in a small, resigned voice. “I’ll go on the retraining program.”
            “Very good. I’ll introduce you to your trainer.” Sean rose to his feet and went into the other room.
When he returned he had someone else with him she never thought she would see ever again. Her mouth dropped on the ground as she sat stunned, staring at the man standing before her. He wore black leather trousers, waistcoat, and boots. She glanced upward, her heart beating rapidly at his well-muscled torso—a physique she didn’t quite remember him having in the past—and up to his face. His expression was one of arrogance.
“Hello, Annie. My love.”


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