Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wednesday Writing

By the time you read this I am on my way to the airport (or even in flight depending on which side of the Atlantic you are)!! If you have read my books you know I often like to include movie titles in my stories so with the theme of ‘romance while travelling’ in mind here are some scenarios:

Will I meet someone on a train who will ask me to do something bad (NO, not Strangers on a Train, I am talking romance…. Aka Brief Encounter. You’ll have to guess the rest yourself. Answers at the end). Is he the tall, dark and handsome guy who attempts to help me drive my speeding bus which has a bomb attached to it? Or will I meet the love of my love when I save his brother’s life on the train tracks? Alternatively will he be a little, but fun fellow involving a car with funny doors. Indeed he might be a Victorian gentleman whose machine takes me into the future. Or sticking with the same time period but swapping countries he might wheel me around on his handlebars to a song about rain.

But no I can see this rougish charmer in a galaxy far far away saving me from the dark lord in his spaceship. But talking of dark lords who wears rings will he instead be a tall, thin fellow of great majesty who will whisk me away on his horse? Maybe instead we will chug along in his boat overcoming rapids along the mighty African rivers? Or will he save me from the fires of Atlanta and drive me home in horse and cart telling me ‘he never gave a damn’ (bad quote! That makes it sound negative…..) as he takes me in his arms against a vivid red sunset (that’s better and my fav movie of all time).

So Angela Wray and Tatum Throne if I don’t turn up at the airport you’ll know I’ve abandoned you in favour of a guy (preferably a good looking hunk under the age of 40) who has whisked me away in some form of transportation ……………….


Answers: Brief Encounter, Speed, While You Were Sleeping, Back to the Future, The Time Machine, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, The African Queen, Gone with the Wind.


  1. I guess I wasn't that lucky...I'm going to have to pick you up at the airport now! *dramatic sigh*

    1. Sorry, no white in shining armour carried me away! See you in two days