Friday, 6 February 2015

Weekend reading

Jet-set chefs, hard-rockers, wolf-shifters are the subjects of this week’s weekend reading. Enjoy!

Title of book: I Kissed a Girl in Vegas

Name of author: Scarlet Chastain

Genre: Ménage (MFF) Erotic Romance

Description of main characters: Gianna Lucini: Chef in her 30s, blonde hair, likes to be in charge

Tessa Walker: Visiting Las Vegas for a trade show, mid 20s, auburn hair, bi-curious

Mark: Lucini’s maitre d’, Tall, Dark and Muscled, in love with Gianna and will do anything to please her

Setting: The Scene, a posh Las Vegas hotel

Length: 11,000 words

Blurb: Life as a jet-set chef isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for Gianna Lucini. Like her restaurants, she insists on control in the bedroom and her tastes run anything but plain vanilla. She’s ready to give up on love until Tessa serves up an offer Gianna can't turn down.

What's hot?: Under the table restaurant scene where there’s more to eat than what’s on the menu.

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Title of book:  Flirting with Heaven (Rock Stars 3)

Name of author: Andrew Jericho

Genre: MMMMM / Contemporary

Description of main characters:  Adam Cole.  Age:  30.  Hair:  Dirty Blond.  Eyes: Dark Blue.  Height: 6'0".  Weight:  175.  Hair styled in a loose wavy perm falling four inches past his shoulders.

David (Deuce) Cole.  Age:  36.  Hair:  Dark Brown.  Eyes:  Dark Brown.  Height: 6'3". Weight:  195.  Hair styled long, straight, flowing to the middle of his back. 

L.T. Jamison.  Age:  30.  Hair:  Dark Brown.  Eyes:  Dark Brown.  Height:  6'3". Weight:  195.  Hair styled in natural curls to his shoulders.

Jamie Cain.  Age:  28.  Hair:  Light Blond.  Eyes:  Light Blue.  Height:  6'0". Weight: 175.  Hair styled long, straight, flowing to the middle of his back.

Dr. Zane Foster.  Age:  49.  Hair:  Dark Brown.  Eyes:  Dark Brown.  Height:  6'0". Weight:  195.   Hair styled in a short cut parted to the left, and he wears square black-rimmed glasses.

Setting:  Little Rock, Arkansas 

Length: 34,997

Blurb: The men of Rock Hard are flirting with Heaven, on the brink of paradise. Adam wants Zane to make decisions for the band. Jamie is intersex, and discovers he is pregnant. The unusual revelation of how the pregnancy occurred adds to their chaos. Can they finally end the hell of their chaotic lifestyle?

What's Hot?: All five men make love as a ménage à cinq.

Title of book: Moon Bound (Moon Maidens book 2)

Name of author: Michaela Rhua

Genre: Lesbian paranormal romance, erotic

Description of main characters:

Misty – grey wolf shifter, short dark hair, brown eyes

Sofya – were shifter, blonde curly hair, blue eyes, curves galore

Setting: Contemporary urban and rural

Length: 14k

Blurb: Wolf shifter Misty never thought rescuing a damsel in distress would mean finding her mate. The chemistry is so strong and feelings cannot be denied. But the path to true love is never smooth especially as danger lurks ahead. Can the moon bind them together to work out the truth?

What’s hot?: Sex outdoors and use of sex toys

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