Friday, 10 October 2014

Weekend Reading

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Sexy aliens, BDSM clubs and sex in the office – that’s what’s featured in today’s weekend reading!

Title of book: Zane’s Choice 
Name of author: Mardi Maxwell

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Description of main characters:

Zane Ramsey, 29 and 6’4” of hot, sexy man. Black hair that he wears a little shaggy, beautiful hazel eyes with a touch of blue in them. He’s an Assistant District Attorney and part owner of Club Mystique, the BDSM club he and his four brothers built on their Texas Ranch.

Ravyn Templeton, 26, and 5 feet 7 inches of curvaceous, lush woman. Long, curly black hair and soft grey eyes. She’s sassy and tricky and runs circles around Zane.

Setting: Dallas, Texas and the Ramsey Ranch outside of Rendezvous, Texas.

Length: 228 pages


Ravyn Templeton saw Zane Ramsey in a club three years ago and he’s haunted her dreams ever since. When they finally meet, Zane finds Ravyn irresistible. Their passion is burning up the sheets until Ravyn is accused of laundering money for a drug cartel. Zane leaves her when she refuses to answer his questions. Ravyn can’t tell him the truth although he’s the only one who might be able to save her.
What's hot?: Zane playing the irritated Headmaster to Ravyn’s naughty school girl.

Title of book: Unexpectedly Yours

Name of author: Michelle Roth

Genre: Erotic Contemporary

Description of main characters: James Conroy, 6'3" and built! Short dark hair, dark brown eyes, mocha skin.

Elle Thomas, 5'4" and curvy. Brown eyes, medium length wavy light brown hair, pale complexion.

Setting: Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas.

Length: 49k

Blurb: What starts out as a single spark of attraction between Jim Conroy and Elle Thomas quickly burns out of control. As they settle into the beginnings of a relationship, one moment will change their lives forever. Is their relationship strong enough to survive when reality sets in?

What’s hot? Ever fantasized about having sex at the office? Well, let's just say that Jim won't have to any more.

Title of book: Starfall (Warriors of Dareen 3)

Name of author: Sara Anderson

Genre: Science fiction

Description of main characters:

Kelton and Tynan are twins with brown hair and golden eyes. Both serve in the Dareen military. Tynan is a bit more muscular since Kelton is a medic.

Megan is average height. Slightly underweight. She has straight blonde hair and brown eyes.

Setting: Canada, on an abandoned military base the Canadian government gave to the Dareen.

Length: 56,778


Kelton and Tynan both belong to an elite unit in the Dareen military that raids slavers auctions and rescues women. Megan is attacked after leaving work, and is rescued by these warriors. They both desire to claim her but she has a dark past that makes trusting anyone hard for her.

What’s hot: Erotic spanking, breath play and flogging


  1. Thanks so much for featuring me on your weekend reads! <3

  2. Zane's Choice was really good! This book had some twists that you didn't see coming. I'm excited to read Unexpectedly Yours and Starfall!

    1. Angieia, thank you. I"m so glad you enjoyed Zane's Choice. Mardi

  3. Thank you for hosting Zane's Choice on your weekend reads. >3