Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Getting dressed up for Lord of the Rings

Last weekend I went to Leeds to a special Lord of the Rings events where they were showing outdoors screenings of the different segments of the film at Kirkstall Abbey (we went to the final segment).

We had to choose beforehand whether we wished to be elves, orcs, men of Gondor or hobbits. I went with the lovely Sadie Harvey and we chose to be Elves.

The problem was dressing up warm enough for an evening of sitting outdoors in English springtime whilst still looking the part! The elf ears I purchased beforehand helped! (And under I had on warm trousers and jumper!!) - although I had to take the ears off after a while because I couldn't hear much - it was like listening underwater!

I spent ages fussing with my hair having decided to wear some jewellery over my forehead - so out came all my necklaces to try. I will tell you know, it isn't easy pinning an necklace as it tends to slip. The one i went with was an abalone shell stone medallion with a cord which stayed tied back okay! 

However, the fringe looked stupid pinned back so I let brushed it to the side.

It was a fun evening – we had to march on the abbey in our groups beforehand – and had Ranchers Fare for dinner (sausage and potato slices!) - and the whole audience got in the mood, cheering for the goodies and booing the baddies!

Great fun!

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