Wednesday, 15 March 2017


I said I would let you know my exciting news linked to my latest WIP ‘To Claim a Mate’ due out mid May – and that is….. *DRUM ROLL*………


I proposed to Luminosity Publishing an open submission series this time (instead of an anthology), so anyone can submit at any time, there is no deadline.

‘To Claim a Mate’ will be the first in the series that is set in ‘Balls & Chains’ a gay BDSM club. But the difference is that shifters with a penchant for BDSM also set foot, but have to keep their animal nature secret from the humans. Here is the series blurb:

Welcome to Balls & Chains, a BDSM Club for gay men. Where humans walk, shifters are wary of treading in fear of their secret nature being found out. But cross the threshold, and they go into a world where alphas dominate and betas submit. In such a place, two worlds collide.

Submissions will come to me to read as I am the series coordinator. Here are a few details:

Length is anywhere from 10-80k.

MM or MM-Menage only

Stories must have at least one shifter as a main character from a dominant species, eg, wolves, bears, etc, no rabbits (sorry!) but the other(s) could be human or from another shifter species and must be over 21.

I’ve put lots more info on Luminosity’s website, eg, background to the club and the shifter world building. I am very open to changes to this background, for instance, in Book 1 the club owner is Master Andy – but he could be away on leave and someone else take over, or you could open a franchise of this club elsewhere in the world and so on. As for the world building for being a wolf shifter (the first book has wolf shifters) I have said, for instance, that silver doesn’t kill but irritates, but your wolf shifter could have a mutation that makes silver exceptionally dangerous. Of course, this is for wolf shifters – if you choose to write about bear shifters you can have a different world build. Just give me a good reason for the changes you make.

Hope there is enough info but – alternatively drop me an email to with any queries.

I’m really excited about this series so hope to have some great stories.

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