Monday, 2 October 2017

Steam train to Whitby

I recently went on the steam train from Pickering, North Yorkshire, to Whitby on the Yorkshire coast going over the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors with my lovely friend, Stef (who is so like me in so many ways that I call her my daughter from another mother! See pic below - no idea who the woman was in the shot to the right!) You can just see the steam train coming in (this was actually in Goathland).

It was certainly a blast from the past going in old 6-8 person rail carriages like this one (these days trains are all open carriages – in the UK at least, I don’t know about other places).

The moors were stunning.

We stopped half way at a place called Goathland for lunch – Goathland is the setting for a long running UK tv show called Heartbeat (pics courtesy of Stef).

Then back on the train to Whitby crossing under this fabulous viaduct (Stef's pic)

And into Whitby where I dragged Stef up all 199 steps to the gorgeous ruined abbey on the clifftop.

Then afterwards we went down to the harbour and the pier where we ate chips (proper thick English ones – and I am not talking about the American chips which we called crisps!).

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