Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Story extract


Following on from my blogs last week about my first book I thought you might like some extracts:

This is when Sam discovered Jessie read erotic romances:

Sam chuckled. He decided to play this one a little further. “Will it help if I also admit to reading some erotic romances?” Actually he hadn’t, but he wanted to see how far he could get her to open up about her secret desires.
Her head shot up so quickly he was surprised her neck didn’t break. Her mouth opened in astonishment. “No way!”
“Yes way… but I don’t think I’ve read any from this publisher,” he blithely lied since he hadn’t read any erotic book from any publisher. “So what’s your favorite type of ‘scenario’ and why?” he asked offhandedly, looking away from her face for a moment in case she guessed his game.
Not expecting this question, she asked hesitantly, “Um, do we have to continue this discussion? Can’t we get back to our original topic?”
“Nope, I want to know more about this passion of yours—forgive the pun.” He smiled wickedly.
“Oh, ha-ha! All right,” she said, giving up any resistance. He noticed her eyes glinting like she was about to plot something. “My favorite scenario usually involves lots of guys—preferably over six feet, fabulously good looking, and hunky—very hunky—all making love to the same woman.” She crossed her arms in defiance.
Sam sat stunned. He would never have imagined in his wildest thoughts that Jessie would be a woman who fantasized about having a ménage.

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