Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wednesday writing - Wife for Three - extract

Wife for Three is out tomorrow (Thursday)! Available to buy from .

If you look over on Tatum Throne's blog in the next couple of days I am being interviewed and talk about  'Wife for Three'.There is also a chance to win a PDF copy of this book. I want some interesting ideas for flora and fauna on this futuristic colony planet so leave a message on Tatum's blog with a description of what you have invented and the one I like the most will win the book and I will include the invented flora/fauna in a future book in the series! Look on this blog in a week's time (Weds 27 June) for the winner and if you have won let me have your email so I can send  you your book.

In the meantime, as promised here is an extract:

Bending his head once more, Curt closed his eyes to take in her aroma. Hmm, I know that smell. That is the scent of a woman aroused. Opening his eyes again, he placed his hands on the insides of her thighs to hold her apart and stop her natural instinct to clamp them shut, and moved in to lick her glistening folds. Brianna squealed, but to give her credit, she didn’t move away, so he continued his ministrations, licking around her clit, which was starting to peep from its hood, alternating between her clit and her increasingly wet pussy.
“Oh, God, Curt. That feels…”
He lifted his head. “Feels what, Bree?”
“I–I don’t know. I’ve never felt like this before.”
Curt rose and kneeled on the bed between her splayed legs, tucking an arm under each leg as he leaned forward. Her legs were tucked against her body, and he could feel her quivering. “I know you don’t, princess. This is what a woman should feel in bed. Let me show you some more?”
He waited patiently until she nodded, her eyes trusting but wary at the same time, and he breathed a sigh of relief.
Pushing her legs to either side of her body, he released them and lay down on her body, resting his forearms on either side of her head. Smiling gently, he smoothed some hair away from her face and bent to place a kiss on one side of her lips before lifting his head.
She raised her head in response as he expected, and then he did the same on the other side. Back and forth, teasingly, until finally she grabbed hold of his hair and cried, “Curt! Kiss me, dammit!”
Prolonging his tease, he tried to pull away from her, forcing her to pull him down so she could plant a kiss on his lips. All the while she was giggling at his antics.
Excellent. He had gotten her to take the initiative. It wasn’t about him forcing her to accept his touch. However, he did take advantage of the moment, having gotten her this far, and pushed his tongue into her willing mouth. He didn’t feel the electricity he had earlier, but it still felt good.
When he raised his head and winked at her, she licked her lips and smiled back. Pleased with the way it was going, he dropped his head to kiss her jaw, her neck, her shoulder all the way down to the curve of her breast. He had to force himself not to grab hold of one of them and latch hungrily onto her nipple as he desperately wanted. Instead he edged closer, placing a very light kiss on its now turgid peak.
“Ohhhhh.” Brianna started panting. “Oh, gosh, that sends tingles all the way down to—”
Curt chuckled. “Yes, Bree, down to where?”
Her voice was so quiet when she spoke, he hardly caught it. “To my—my vagina.”
“Good girl.”
His kisses continued their descent, and as he went, he started stroking her side, running his hand from breast to waist to hip. Brianna started squirming beneath him, whimpering, gripping his hair.
Finally he got to her clit, which was engorged, so he kissed around it. As he rose up over her body again, his hands on either side of her head, she arched her back. Waggling his eyebrows at her, he resisted her attempts to pull him down.
“Curt Hollis! You’re a tease. I rue the day I married you.”
“You do, do you? In that case—” and he started to move off her body.
“Don’t you dare!” Brianna finished with a laugh and hauled him back over her.
Settling back in her groove, Curt could feel the tip of his cock rest in her nice wet entrance, and while she was so relaxed, he pushed into her very gently, just the tip of his aching cock.
“Oh.” She tensed.
“Princess, don’t do that. It will be all right, I promise. Just relax and enjoy the sensations you’ve been feeling so far.” He bent his head to whisper laughingly in her ear. “The tingling you like so much.” He felt her slap him for his sassiness and laugh at him. But it worked because he felt the tenseness release, and he was able to push deeper inside her.
Slowly, very slowly, he edged inside, penetrating deeper. Knowing she was probably still too tight, despite his brother taking her virginity. He didn’t think he could get in much farther without discomfort to Brianna, so he stayed where he was, giving her a few moments to get used to his size, before he started tiny, little thrusts inside her. She felt so snug, yet it felt so right being inside her. He was astonished by how quickly he had accepted her as his wife. The thought of her leaving now was something he didn’t want to contemplate.
When Brianna began jerking beneath him, moaning and gripping his shoulders, he shuddered, relieved, and increased his movements to deeper plunges, making sure he was grinding his pelvis against her clit, determined to give her the pleasure she had been denied before.
“Oh, God, Curt.” Her voice was full of need.
“I know, my love. Reach for it. I’ll give it to you. I promise.”


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