Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wednesday writing

Various updates:

  • Friend or Foe is now available on Amazon. This is the story of Gina who falls in love with an adversary – Dan – as she tries to get her first erotic romance published.

  • Submissive Training was the number one bestselling kindle book for Siren Publishing on earlier this week - it looked ABSOLUTELY fab to see one of my books at the top - in fact as of Tuesday I had two books in the top ten - we'll see if it is still the same by the time this blog comes out! (Anyhow to remind you this book follows Kat as she attends a beginner’s BDSM conference in the hopes of attracting the man she is interested in).

  • Had a lovely review (below) on for The Submission Challenge (this tells the story of independent Rebecca who is challenged to be Jon’s submissive for 24 hours):

I have read so much rubbish recently! I usually prefer US writers of erotica but the last few books I have read have been by British authors. Some have been co-written and I have been wondering why it takes two people to write such drivel.

I am happy to say Jennifer has renewed my faith in UK writers. This was a lovely story and I want Jon for myself. Lucky Becca!

The book was well written and edited and I read it quickly because I wanted to find out if it was a HEA although from the tone of the story I thought it would be.

Just my kind of book. I loved it.

Thank you Celt's woman!

  • The cover for Wife for Three should be available any day so watch this space (release date for the book is 21 June)! Had some lovely comments from the editor:

This is a strong, well-developed story. The characters are all interesting in their own ways. The planet of Duoterra is an intriguing world. A lot of imagination and consideration has clearly gone into the creation of Duoterra, and it will be a pleasure to read more stories from this fictional world.  


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