Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Eroticon 2014 - facts, figures and stats!

Eroticon – facts, figures and stats!

Some more interesting facts from Eroticon UK that I attended recently:

  • Blog posts with good titles or opening sentences will draw the reader in, so hopefully this worked!
  • Tweets with photos have a much higher click through rate! (note to self – must tweet more)
  • Naked male flesh on the cover sells better (at least on MM books but I suspect it is true of other erotic romance books too)
  • Exercise is proven to be far more effective than Viagra within three months (they didn’t say what type of exercise though!)
  • Facebook is the biggest ‘outer’ of people wishing to keep their pen name private for whatever reason
  • Most people will read a blog on their phone.
  • 1/3 of woman in the UK aged 35-65 are incontinent (if you pee when you sneeze this counts – so I am one of them!!) and 85% of whom can be cured with 5mins of physio – must try pelvic floor exercises)
  • UK obscenity laws makes it illegal to write (even in private emails or texts) about various items including gags where the person cannot withdraw consent. Considering what I activities I write about (as do many authors who write BDSM stories) I’ll be writing my next blog from prison…..
  • The end of a blog is a good place to get the reader to engage with something else, eg, a link to something else like a new release, or leave them wanting more, eg, a follow up report or a good excerpt and they want to buy the book.
  • Female readers of gay stories get upset if condoms are not used but male readers wonder why it is necessary!
  • An average length for blog posts is 500-800 words but there’s no reason you can’t have shorter or longer post every now and then.
  • Gay books that sell under 1,000 in the first two years are low selling, 1-5,000 are mid selling and over that is high selling.

Bearing in mind the latter and considering whether those figures can be transferred to other genres here are some stats relating to my books:

Submissive Training has sold over 10k and the full two years of sales have not yet been received! So, by far this is my biggest seller. (I still think people are expecting a training manual!)

The Submission Challenge was close to passing into high selling after two years having reached 4,700 sales.

Just Good Friends was just over 1,000 at 2 years, so just into the mid selling range.

Friendly Seduction was under 1k. (Shame because this was my favourite to write).

None of my other books has been out for two years yet but The Sub Who Switched, Wife for Three and Retraining the Dom have all sold over 1,000 already.

In the light of the earlier bullet points I added this pic for the naked male flesh! This post is now 512 words and if anyone is interested in buying any of these good selling books they are all available on the following links!!



  1. Very interesting facts - you obviously took way more notes than me, lol! Phenomenal stats on your own sales - I aspire to get figures like that! :)

    1. Haha! We all take down the facts that interest us the most. You'll get there - one day!

  2. A lot of very interesting facts!! I'm glad you had a great time at the conference you sure did take a lot of good notes!!