Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Character Profile

This month’s character profiles are from my second book to be published ‘The Submission Challenge’ – the first in ‘The Doms & Acquaintances’ series (which has cross-over characters to ‘The Friends & Acquaintances’ series.

Name – Rebecca (Becca)

Book – The Submission Challenge

Love interest – Jon

Age – 27

Hair/eyes – Very long straight black hair/Deep blue

Height/weight – Petite but curvy

Looks – Very attractive

Other – She runs an art gallery with Jon’s sister, Ellie. Is a Taurus – very controlling and independent

Name – Jon

Book – The Submission Challenge

Love interest – Rebecca

Age – 30

Hair/eyes – Dark hair/Grey eyes

Height/weight – About 6ft, well muscled and hunky

Looks – Handsome

Other – Brother to Ellie – he is a Dom (and a lawyer)

Blurb: When independent Rebecca derides her best friend’s brother for being a Dominant he scoffs that she could never understand the lifestyle. With money involved Jon challenges her to be his submissive for 24 hours, with all that being a submissive entails. Not one to back down from a challenge, Rebecca agrees determined to show him she could be submissive yet remain detached emotionally.

During the challenge Jon works all his Dom tricks to try to make her lose, including insisting she be naked constantly, touching her intimately and various BDSM techniques like bondage. Some she finds harder to accept than others.

As the weekend continues they realise they are attracted to each other. But just as worryingly Rebecca comes to enjoy giving control to someone else while Jon enjoys having someone who doesn’t submit easily. But things aren’t that simple.

Review from Amazon:  "I have read so much rubbish recently! I usually prefer US writers of erotica but the last few books I have read have been by British authors. Some have been co-written and I have been wondering why it takes two people to write such drivel. I am happy to say Jennifer has renewed my faith in UK writers. This was a lovely story and I want Jon for myself. Lucky Becca! The book was well written and edited and I read it quickly because I wanted to find out if it was a HEA although from the tone of the story I thought it would be. Just my kind of book. I loved it."

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  1. I also enjoyed this book and agree that there are a lot of talented British authors that I enjoy reading.