Monday, 28 September 2015

Female First interview

Female First website are featuring the ‘Men for Hire’ anthology authors at the moment. They asked us to talk about our inspiration for our individual stories in the anthology. It is really quite interesting.

I discovered Tina had an experience with an awful cable guy – so she tried to envisage her perfect ‘man for hire’ for her story Got Muscle? Michelle Roth is a feminist… but is her heroine in Calculated Risk one, too? And Bella Settarra used real life experience for her story Menage at Mealtime – no, not the menage part, the bird in the chimney bit! LOL.

As for me, I loved changing the sterotypes making the heroine the one running a business and being good at DIY while the hero is in the ‘caring’ profession and prefers doing cooking and gardening in my story Marital Duties.

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