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Naughty Christmas Wishes - excerpt

Here is an excerpt for Naughty Christmas Wishes.

A hand fondled her neck and Fay jumped.
She turned to see who was touching her and nearly fell out of her seat when she saw it was King.
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.”
Oh, you can startle me anytime!
“I saw you sitting here by yourself. No one should be on their own at Christmas. Can I get you a drink?”
For a few moments, Fay couldn’t talk—just stared—unable to believe her ears. Was the most beautiful, and sexy, creature in the room really talking to her?
King smiled down at her and her pussy flooded. “Of course, if you are waiting for someone else, I’ll leave you alone.”
No! Don’t do that.
She clutched his arm to steady herself—well, to stop him leaving, in actual fact. “W–w–what about the siren?”
As Fay said this, she glanced over to the elves’ table and saw it was just them. There was no sign of the women.
She frowned.
King chuckled. “Oh, they’ve moved on. We are familiar with those four little madams. They like to claim as many men as possible.”
Fay’s eyes boggled. “You’ve had sex with them already?”
As Fay went bright red, the elf threw his head back and laughed loudly. He wrapped an arm around her waist and squeezed.
Holy Christmas! That is soooo good.
She leaned in toward him, trying not to appear as sluttish as the nymph, but knowing exactly why the women had acted the way they had.
“Nope. They were too energetic last year. Elliott got tied to the bed and whipped, and Ringo had three of the women latched onto his enormous member at one stage. Even Harve was not immune to their brand of sexual relations.”
Fay wasn’t sure if that was good or not.
“It’s been a hard year with the recession and such like. We’re all tired and want something more relaxing, like a women who knows how to treat men sweetly. Then we saw you.”
Fay’s jaw dropped to the ground.
King raised a finger to close her mouth and kept his hand there, rubbing her lip with this thumb. Fay’s throat went dry while moisture was trickling down her thigh.
“Join us?” he said, nodding at his friends who were all waving her eagerly to come over to them.
“Sure.” Fay’s voice was very husky as King led her to his table.
Part of her mind was flabbergasted, and another part was wondering if her wish had been granted.
Surely not? Her wishes never get answered. Just in case the wish fairy was working extra time this Christmas, Fay quickly made another request.
Okay, so they are showing interest in me. I wish that it would go further than just hello and a drink.
She opened her eyes to see three elves grinning broadly at her.
King stopped at his table. “So, let me introduce you to these reprobates. I’m called Elvis.”
Fay swiftly looked up at him and frowned, not sure she had heard him correctly. “I thought your name was King?”
He chuckled. “That’s my nickname.”
“Oh!” Well, that made sense. She could see the link between the name and the well-known singer.
King indicated the bald guy. “This one who can barely speak after that encounter with the Valkyrie is Elliott. Occasionally we call him E.T. or Ellie, if we really want to tease him.”
Elliott held out a hand. “Nice to meet you, little fairy.”
Fay shook his hand. A tingle went up her arm and she smiled back at him. He was the shortest of the four but had a deep voice that was totally unexpected. She desperately wanted to cup his head, or stroke the sexily smooth chest that she could see as his bright orange shirt was unbuttoned to his waist.
“My name is Fay.”
The fair-haired one, who had been singing earlier, nodded a hello at her. “Hi, Fay. I’m Elrond. Commonly called known as Ringo—you will tell from my earlier performance I am the best singer.”
She reluctantly turned away from Elliott and gave Ringo a grin. He was very cute and seemed to be the cheeky one.
Fay was also seeing a pattern to their nicknames. Someone had a sense of humor, she thought, although it was common for elves to use monikers since their first names usually began with ‘El.’
Turning to the last one, the elf with the white hair, who had yet to be called anything, Fay speculated what his name was going to be.
He tipped his head back on one side as he studied her in return, not saying a word. Fay wondered if he disliked her or something. She wasn’t sure how to take him.
It was King who introduced them. “And that funny looking goon who was so desperate to leave he couldn’t be bothered to change, is Elwood, but for short we call him Harvey. Don’t worry if he doesn’t say anything, he’s the quiet sort—but those are usually the deadliest in bed.”
Fay nearly choked. She had to clear her throat before speaking. “Hi, Harvey, everyone. Nice to meet you.”
Okay, Santa, I’ve a wish for another prezzie. Please, please, please can I have sex with at least one of these gorgeous hunks tonight?

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