Wednesday, 23 December 2015

What's naughty about Naughty Christmas Wishes?

What’s naughty about ‘Naughty Christmas Wishes’?

·       A fairy that has a one night stand with four hunky elves (who wouldn’t!)
·       Four elves that want some fun and relaxation after they finish their work that Christmas (naturally!)
·       Some wicked, funny lines, like “Everyone knew Santa would much prefer a can of lager and a hotdog.” (hehe!)
·       A heroine who hates missionary (I’m with the heroine on that one!)
·       Spanking (yum!)
·       Two elves who ‘get it on’ while all of them are doing things to the fairy (why not?!)
·       Use of the mistletoe for luscious kissing (yes!)
·       Fantasizing about sex with your employer (interesting…!)
·       Blaming the cat for nearly toppling the Christmas tree during vigorous masturbation (uh oh!)
·       A fairy who goes commando (all the better for undressing quickly!)
·       Two elves in the butt of the fairy at the same time without lube! (good thing the fairy is a toy!)
·       Some appalling singing (well, don’t we all at Christmas?)
·       A snogfest with a gorgeous siren, valkyrie, pixie and nymph (phew!)
·       A daring escape to the paranormal bar (yippee!)
·       A fight between a tired older fairy and a brand spanking new angel (and the fairy comes off the victor – yay for the older woman!)

·       Blissful anal sex, delicious oral sex, magnificent vaginal sex, glorious breast sucking, and lots and lots of wonderful caressing (*fans hot face*!)

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