Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Baring it all....

Baring it all….
Tattoos? Yep, one, a rose on my leg. Very proud of it.
Piercings? Only ears.
Jumped out of a plane? No, but would like to.
Been drunk? Oh yes. I am the cheapest date in town and can get drunk on half a glass of wine. I get very giggly and lose all my inhibitions!
Marriages, divorces, kids? None of the above (but I’m no nun! LOL)
Used a weapon? Other than at a funfair, I took part in an archery lesson once.
Lied to parents? Yep. Pretended I wasn’t wearing my trainers to go to a disco but forgot I still had them on when I got home and mum saw them! (Apart from that I was a good girl!)
Set fire to anything? Not to hurt or harm others but was involved in a house fire when I left a pan of oil on the cooker and it set alight. I am lucky I only ended up with a scarred hand.
Nude photos? Yep. Had them done professionally! Exceptionally proud of myself considering my middle age body issues.

Tried drugs? Nope. Too much of a control freak.
Stolen anything? Only a friend’s pencil as a kid (I was jealous of her pencil! LOL)
Ever smoked? Yes, I tried maybe a couple of packets when I was about 19 but didn’t enjoy the taste. As both my parents died of lung cancer I have become very anti-smoking.
Sex outdoors? Yep, in a ruined windmill, a car and a hot tub.
Been arrested, put in jail? Neither.
Told family what you write? Yes, but if my late father had been alive not sure I would have told him as he was something of a prude. Mum, on the other hand, would have been the first person to read my books!
Been on a zipwire? Oh yes! Great fun.

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