Monday, 4 July 2016

Character Profiles - Dark Captive

Dark Captive is out on Friday! Here are the profiles of the main characters:

Character profile:

Name – Laura

Book – Dark Captive

Love interest – Has a boyfriend and a man who kidnaps her

Age – late 20s

Hair/eyes – Long hazelnut-brown hair. Blue eyes that are violet when aroused.

Height/weight – Slender
Looks – Small breasts

Other – Loves being submissive but doesn’t make it easy. Rarely leaves her house.

Maybe someone like the actress Mischa Barton – beautiful and lovely but with a feisty side.

Name – Todd

Book – Dark Captive

Love interest – Kidnaps Laura
Age – mid 30s.

Hair/eyes – Very dark hair. Brown eyes.

Height/weight – 6ft 2in. Very strong and hunky.

Looks – Dominant but doesn’t like women who are doormats. Loves the caring side of being a Dom.

Probably someone like Christian Bale – strong and hunky, but hiding a heart beneath that steely exterior.

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