Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Christmas presents past!

Let’s start off with the ‘bad’! I’ve had some awful presents over the years like for the ‘secret santa’ many years ago I was given ‘The Bunny Book of Suicides’ which I found incredibly distasteful. Why that person thought it was something I would like, I have no idea!

Then there was the tacky orange mobile phone case (I didn’t have a mobile phone then!) or the bottle opener (which was clearly a free gift for subscribing to a magazine!).

I was an awful child – one year (I was about 13) I badgered my parents to get me a briefcase for Christmas because it was the in-thing – all the other girls in school carried their school books in a briefcase. However, I failed to tell them that it was a PARTICULAR type of briefcase (I wasn’t aware there were others!) and, of course, I didn’t get the one I wanted. To this day I can feel my disappointment! LOL

A few years later (actually this was a birthday pressie) I got a calculator – TOO LATE! My parents refused to buy one for me while I was still at school as they wanted me to use my brain. I thought it was useless once my exams were finished. (I was so horrible!)

I am easy to buy for – really! You can buy me a 50p calendar, as long as it has rabbits on it (one that are clearly alive and not deceased!)

Now for the ‘ugly’ (apart from the orange mobile phone case!). One year I was given my own record player that fitted together like a briefcase – you took the speakers off and placed them at the side, then when you wanted to move it, the speakers fitted on top and you carried it via the handle at the top….. which, unfortunately, came away in my hand and the record player, speakers and all crashed to the ground! I was horrified. We did get the shop to replace it but it spoilt Christmas for me that year. L

‘Good’ presents have included the ‘Hamster book of English history’ – this is doubly good because I had hamsters then AND I love history. J

I can still picture my first adult bike semi-wrapped up propped against the wall behind the Christmas tree.

One year aged about 12 I got a LOT of presents and (maybe my parents influenced my thinking) I was convinced I would not get many presents the next year since I had so many the year before and was delighted that I got so many when I thought I wasn’t going to get any. I can still remember being elated.

Last year I had some gorgeous jet earrings from a friend who knew I had a previous pair that had been stolen a few years’ earlier.

And I bought my rabbit ‘Holly’ a few days before Christmas three years ago (hence her name) as my old rabbit (Lucy) died a week before Christmas. So that Christmas was bittersweet but Holly may be the naughtiest rabbit I’ve ever had, but she is the most loving. J

Happy Christmas

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