Friday, 28 April 2017

Wicked Weekends


Title of book: Training Command (Hard Hits #16)

Name of author: Tatum Throne

Genre: BDSM

Type of book: Novella

Sexual orientation: MM

What’s hot?: Hot, punishing sex between a Dom and sub

After only two days partnered together, K9 Officer Dusk Command has fallen hard for the sexy and mysterious Detective Sgt. Shane Saxton. He wants Shane as his Dom. He just has to get the courage to make the first move. Distracted by their sexual chemistry, Dusk knows he needs to make his move fast.
Shane has one job: train and protect his new SWAT recruit, Dusk Command. When they go to serve a warrant, Dusk is gravely injured in the line of duty and falls into a deep coma. Unable to leave his side, Shane waits for him to wake up. After waking from his coma, the only thing that should be on Dusk’s mind is getting back to work. But all Dusk can think about is having Shane as his Dom.
Now that they’re finally together, will Shane have him or will this submissive be without a Dom forever?

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Title of book: Shifter Woods-Howl (Esposito County Shifters Book One)

Name of author: Nicola M Cameron

Genre: Paranormal, shifters

Type of book: Novella

Sexual orientation: MF

What’s hot?: sex with a gorgeous Alpha while snowbound in a cozy cabin


Laurie wants a news story. Caleb just wants to be left alone. But when the two coyote shifters' paths cross in New Mexico’s Sandia Mountains, Fate steps in and gives them something they never expected--each other.

Reporter Laurie Rivera is on the trail of a white slavery ring when she’s forced to run for her life in the foothills near Sandia Crest. Widowed sheriff and Alpha coyote shifter Caleb Lynch comes across the exhausted reporter and discovers to his shock that Laurie is also a shifter—and his new heart’s mate.

But Caleb never expected to have another chance at love, and Laurie has a good reason to fear being claimed, especially by an Alpha. As a snowstorm traps them in the sheriff’s cabin, Caleb must find a way around the barriers surrounding Laurie’s heart, and Laurie has to confront her past—and the humans who want her dead—if she wants a chance at her very own “happily ever after.”

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Title of book: Kissing Lessons

Name of author: Susan Laine

Genre: Contemporary

Type of book: Novella

Sexual orientation: MM


A kiss is just a kiss. It doesn’t have to mean anything, does it?

At seventeen, Merry’s never been kissed. Since he doesn’t want to disappoint his prom mate, he asks his more experienced best friend, Boone, for some pointers. Surprisingly, Boone agrees to give him a hands-on lesson.

But they have no idea what they are getting into.

They explore hundreds of ways to make out, but somehow it doesn’t enough. A week later they are back together for another session. This time things go further than either of them planned, and their relationship becomes awkward and uncomfortable.

Have they learned enough to salvage their friendship and help it evolve? Their lessons have come to an end. They can either part ways forever… or share a true love’s kiss.

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