Monday, 21 August 2017

Holidays 2017

I had a lovely holiday this year which included a week with my great niece - now 11! (her favourite activity this year as York Dungeon! The women in my family are made of stern stuff – particularly as we passed a boy sobbing his heart out as we arrived!). 

She is growing up so much. Here is a pic from her first visit four years ago and this year's obligatory photo with the bear outside the Teddy Bear shop.

We also went to an outdoor performance of ‘Robin Hood’ at Bolton Abbey despite it pouring with rain in the morning. A friend took this great picture of Faith.

Another indication of how extrovert she is showed itself when we went to a water park and she was excited to go down the water slide which was pitch black! (I did it just the once!)

I wonder what she will become when she grows up – ghost hunter, snake handler or debt collector maybe?

(She is actually a lovely child – very well mannered and intelligent. And also excellent at English. We had a great game booing or cheering bad and good apostrophes in road signs!)

Quote of the holiday, "Auntie Jen, you know SOOO much. You are like a superhero!"

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