Monday, 11 September 2017

6th anniversary

In some ways it feels more like 10 or more years since I first became an author! It has been a fabulous six years. This is what I’ve been up to since last anniversary:

An anthology entitled ‘Love and Lust in Space’ came out in November last year. This is a sci-fi/erotica anthology that I not only coordinated reading through all the submissions and picking the stories that fit best together, but it was my first attempt at editing.

I ended up splitting the anthology into two halves – Futuristic Earth and Alien Worlds as that was how the submissions feel. I also had a story in that anthology The Sonic Dilda’tor.

The other story I wrote this last year was To Claim a Mate – a gay wolf shifter BDSM story which came out in May. This is also the first in an open series set in a gay BDSM club called ‘Balls & Chains’ which I will be co-ordinating. So, look out for more stories in that series in the next year.

In between times I’ve been busy doing some more writing on a children’s fantasy story that I am writing with my great-niece (hope to announce that it is finished by this time next year, but it will be published under another pen name).

The story I am furiously writing at the moment is a follow up to Naughty Christmas Wishes – this one entitled Naughty Christmas Present and involves the bartender and the Siren from the first story. All I will say is, BDSM is involved!

I have also done a couple of my workshops at writing events – I repeated my ‘Collaborating with a Co-author’ workshop at a Yorkshire writers’ event at my home in May and did one called ‘What Author Shape are You’ based on personality traits (or in this case writing traits) for Smut which was in Leeds in August. At the latter I also read a scene from ‘To Claim a Mate’ which had been inspired by my visit to Smut’s autumn conference held at a BDSM club at which the Doms were inundated by questions from research-hungry BDSM authors.

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