Monday, 18 September 2017

Race for Life Pretty Muddy Challenge

On Saturday I did the Race for Life Pretty Muddy Challenge with my friend, Liz! 

In case you have no idea what I am talking about, each year Cancer Research in the UK organise Race for Life events over 5k and 10k around the country, but they also organise Pretty Muddy Challenges as well, and I took part in the latter.

This involved going over obstacles over a 5k course such as up scramble nets, sliding down the other side into pools of mud (see pic), crawling under ropes through mud pits, climbing over durdles (sort of blow up fences), etc etc. All the while the marshals are squirting water or pushing mud in your direction with great (and nearly malicious) enjoyment.

Amusingly, the hardest part was bouncing around a circuit on a space hopper! And they were so easy when I was younger! LOL

It was a very worthy cause and great fun and I raised over £500 – many thanks to everyone who sponsored me and those who came and supported us.

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