Friday, 24 November 2017

Wicked Weekends


Title: Lady of Thorns

Author: Nicola M. Cameron

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Sexual Orientation: M/F

Length of Story: 75,000 words

What's hot?: first time lovemaking, some smouldering kisses, and a bit of light bondage


Love was never supposed to be part of the deal…
Lady Amelie de Clerq’s prickly demeanor and earth mage abilities have earned her the nickname “Lady of Thorns,” keeping potential suitors at bay and making her the butt of the nobility’s jokes. Determined to attract a husband who will love her for herself rather than her fortune, she decides to embark on a journey of sensual self-discovery.

Alain LaPorte, wily lawyer and toast of the capital’s social set, has been summoned to Lierdhe to oversee business negotiations with a neighboring earl. When Amelie asks Alain to tutor her in the bedroom arts, he agrees to introduce the virgin mage to pleasure. But lessons in lovemaking soon turn into a matter of the heart, forcing both Amelie and Alain to confront their fears about intimacy, loyalty, and love.

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Title: Season of Seduction anthology

Car Crash Love by Caitlyn Lynch
Snowed In and Set Up by: Whitley Cox
Winter’s Reign by Tracy Goodwin
Delivered through The Storm by Nicole Garcia
Paper Love by Aubrey Wynne
 Out of her Element by Debbie White
Finding Love by Krista Ames
My Little Secret by Ember Leigh
Slow Hand by Bonnie Edwards
Wherever Love Finds You by Laura Haley-McNeil
Finding Their Future by Sarah Marsh
The Beast In A Suit by Elena Kincaid
Accused by Carmen Fox
Venetian Holiday by Christine Donovan
Christmas at Starlight by Kris Jett
 War Of Hearts by Shelique Lize
The Snow Drift Inn by Michelle Ziegler

Genre: MF romance, various genres

Sexual orientation: MF

Length of story: 2298 pages


Ring in the holidays this year with this collection of steamy to sexy scintillating reads from today’s hottest bestselling authors. Whether you’re looking for a romance by the warm glow of the fireplace or a passionate romp on a bear skin rug, there is something for all readers, for every taste, desire, and whim.

Come and join us, won’t you? This is sure to be a Season... of Seduction.

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Title: Patience Rewarded. No 15 in the Prometheus in Chains series

Author: Clair de Lune

Genre: Erotic Romance

Sexual orientation: MF

Length of story: 32,388 words

What’s hot?: Kinbaku Table Top Tie, as pictured in Master 'K's picture on the cover


Patience Davenport isn’t best pleased when the pub lunch she is expecting turns out to be a hike in the hills. When her date injures himself in bad weather, she summons help.

Gabriel Boyden, pilot of a rescue helicopter, is attracted to Patience Davenport when he rescues her and her date from the hills. He thinks they are irresponsible to go out, unprepared and ill-equipped. He tells her so in no uncertain terms, and she responds in kind. She hopes never to see him again, but fate has other plans.

When a friend takes Patience to a games evening in Prometheus in Chains, she finds herself paired with Gabriel and soon finds out that telling a powerful Dom to do his worst is never a good idea.

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