Friday, 22 December 2017

Christmas activities 2017


Even before the Christmas hols start I seem to have been busy with tons of Christmas activities!

I had a lovely visit to Lincoln Christmas market in early December (I like to go to a different Christmas market every year and this one was supposed to be the largest in Europe) – although it was HEAVING with people! But what a lot of stalls! And I didn’t get to do it all as we ran out of time (and energy). Of course, we might have got around all the remaining stalls if we hadn’t spent an hour in the pub (having a belated lunch!).

Talking of eating, I’ve had about four or five lunches with friends to swap presents/cards and wish each other Merry Christmas.
Last week I went to the Christmas carol concert in York Minster. I always love going to this (but warning – do wear several, and I mean SEVERAL, layers of clothes and/or take a blanket if you intend going as it is freezing in this building which is the largest Gothic cathedral north of the Alps). It is a splendid building and, besides which, I love singing Christmas carols.

It's no surprise, therefore, to know I also attended a carol concert at work. I always feel sorry for those standing near me as I am somewhat tone deaf but that doesn’t stop me belting out the songs.

In addition to Lincoln, I’ve been to York and Leeds Christmas markets because I live/work there! Leeds is rather small (and can be boring because it’s the same stalls in the same places every year but York gets bigger and bigger every year and thankfully they have extended the length of time because it used to be shoulder to shoulder shuffle around the stalls).

For the first year there was a special display of lights and other things in the Museum Gardens in York (where the ruined Abbey is). Slightly overpriced I thought, but certainly splendid particularly the hologram display on the walls of the Abbey in amongst various other art installations and lots and lots of trees lit up with lights.

I adore learning about Christmas customs of the past and have been doing Advent walks for people I work with (a 30 minute walk with some origins of Christmas customs thrown in). This is something I have done for a few years but for the first time I did it slightly differently for a friend in York last weekend when I did it chronologically – a Christmas Customs Through the Ages tour (and have plans to do it again for another friend).

Went to an exhibition of Medieval Christmases (although I pretty much knew everything they said!).

And so, I am winding down now for a rest over the holidays!

Have a great Christmas.

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