Monday, 12 December 2011

Inspirational Mondays

My inspiration today is what you can find on the internet these days. I had seen on another writers’ blog that she had a word count meter showing what stage she was at with various stories.  So I found (after a bit of searching) this website which gives several different and FREE word counters. I particularly liked the cartoon one which you can change the mood of from frustrated to joyful.

However, I am a very un-techy person (I don’t even have a mobile phone!) and it took me quite some time to work out which ‘gadget’ on my blog I needed to add the link to in order to generate the picture. It was the ‘picture’ gadget which makes sense (Duh!) but I couldn’t work out then how to change the word counts. I realise that I have to remove the picture, change the count (and/or mood of the cartoon) in the link and upload again.

BUT I DID IT! Yeah!!!!! Watch my word counts to see how I am progressing on the next stories.

(PS The competition is still open as per last Monday's blog I am interested to hear from readers from around the world. So email me a paragraph about yourself: your first name, male/female, age range, job, where you are from, if you have read my books and what did you like. And in return I will give the first five people from different countries a PDF copy of one of my books - or the new one in January if you have read both of them).


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