Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday writing

I had a terrific review a few weeks ago for my latest book Submissive Training:

Well written, sexy and even quite humorous at times. A weeks training seminar for new submissives and Kat certainly gets her eyes opened. Very enjoyable reading’

Many thanks to the reviewer, but what made me take a step back was the fact that they found it humorous.

Now, as many of you will know if you have read any in my Friends’ series, I like writing humour into my stories, but I would have said with my hand on my heart that the characters in Submissive Training were the most humourless ones I had ever written. I hadn’t intended them that way – that is how they came out. But for the reviewer to mention humour in their review makes me realise my natural instinct to find humour in situations must have come out in my writing after all!

You might like to know that this book is now available to buy on Amazon.


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