Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wednesday writing

The last books in both the Friends & Doms series come out in May. So you may be wondering what I am writing now.

I have tons of story ideas in my list and these are from all sorts of genre not just contemporary – sci-fi, futuristic, fantasy, paranormal, historical. I know some best-selling authors stick to the same genre but I decided I didn’t want to be restrained that way. If I have an idea I will want to write it regardless of the genre. Some writers use a different pen name if they write in a different genre but I think that is just too confusing for the reader so at this moment in time I have no intention of using a different pen name.

The story I have just had accepted is a new series - a futuristic/sci-fi story called Wife for Three set on a planet that has been colonised some sixty years after they first landed and the trials and tribulations of colony life in that time – how do they make clothes, what do they eat, what work do they do, how has the community evolved and so on.

It is my first ménage story – although I did have a ménage scene in Submissive Training. This is a foursome relationship (three men and one woman) and the problems they have in a society where women are far and few between. One of the heroes advertises for a wife for them to share so when Brianna marries the guys she doesn’t know them so it takes time to build up their relationship. In the meantime, jealousy, shame, disappointment all rear their ugly heads as does desire, need, love. And it doesn’t go that easily as she is accused of already having a husband……

That book is due out in June so watch this space for more info.

Alongside this I have started on a new BDSM story, a werewolf story and a follow up (ten years on type story) to the Friends & Doms series.


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