Monday, 30 April 2012

Inspirational Mondays - Friend or Foe

As promised here is an extract from Friend or Foe. I hope it inspires you to purchase it!

“Okay, lady, strip,” he said, waving the water pistol haphazardly in the air.
Laughing, she responded, “And if I don’t, you’re going to squirt me?”
“Come on, Gina. Get into the gist of it. This is what your characters do. Anyway, I’m not going to squirt this into you.”
That surprised her. He really did intend going the whole way. Is this what I want? She decided after a moment that she really did, so, giving him a grin, she started to fiddle with the belt of her bathrobe. “But, Mister, I’m so innocent.”
He gave a cry of disbelief. “Huh!”
She very nearly lost it at that moment but held her laughter in and undoing the belt, she let it drop. Grasping hold of the edges of her robe, she held it closed as if in fear. “Please, sir, I’ve never been naked in front of a man before.”
“Lady, if you don’t strip now, I’m going to rip it off you.”
Her bottom lip trembled. An excellent bit of play acting, she thought. He chortled at the sight and then pretended to frown fiercely. She edged the robe open slowly, letting the shoulders fall to her elbows, clutching it tightly at her breasts.
“And the rest.” He waved the silly pistol at her again.
“Don’t kill me, please!”
“I’ll give you five seconds. One… ”
She bit her lip but did nothing.
“Two… ”
The edges of her mouth were threatening to turn into a big grin.
“Three… ”
When he suddenly stood, she scampered back a step.
“Four… ”
Just before he said five, she dropped her robe and stood there, she hoped, like someone modeling in a sexy pose for an artist. Well, as much as one could while wearing silly slippers. He dropped the pistol and flung off his hat, moving toward her, determinedly taking hold of her shoulders to pull her to him as he dipped his head and kissed her hard, his tongue demanding entrance.
She relaxed her body into his as she ran her arms across his back. His kiss softened as his tongue tangled with hers. Finally he lifted his head.


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